AI Generated Beer Commercials


    Learn all about the AI-generated beer commercial “Synthetic Summer” and discover how to create better AI beer advertisements.

    Innovation knows no limits, which has been demonstrated once more with the growing interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether it’s creating fashion or composing resumes, AI is being employed for a wide range of tasks, often yielding surprising and unconventional outcomes. For instance, a recent AI-generated beer commercial has astounded internet users.

    Synthetic Summer – AI Generated Beer Commercials

    In May 2023, a 30-second AI-generated beer commercial named “Synthetic Summer” was introduced on Instagram handle @privateinslantv. This ad was crafted by Helen Power and Chris Boyle, who work for a London-based production company known as 

    This AI-generated beer commercial, although not real, was produced by the mixed-media agency Private Island. It was crafted as a satire, poking fun at both American beer advertisements and the field of AI art. They harnessed tools like Stable Diffusion, Control Net, and Runway Gen 2 for its creation.

    The beer commercial showcases no actors. The video’s caption states, “No real people are featured in this video. You can’t fight the future – but you can probably drink it.”

    In one scene, a woman eagerly sips from the side of a beer can while two men use a floating glass beer bong. Strangely, a severed hand hovers in a beer glass, and nobody seems to pay it any mind. Another man appears to be sipping beer from thin air, and an eleven-fingered hand extends a cold brew to a guest. It’s bizarre and unsettling, but this AI-generated absurdity is oddly captivating.

    The rapid cuts and edits intensify the commercial’s tempo to the point of frantic, beer-fueled chaos. It’s undeniably frightening, yet it also holds a captivating allure. This chaotic creation results from an unrestrained AI perspective, and we may be stepping into a new era of computer-generated aesthetics.

    The video commences with a tranquil BBQ scene but takes a drastic turn towards an explosive, fiery spectacle akin to a scene from Terminator 2. “This is what hell looks like,” remarked one Twitter user. “Well, now we’ve got an idea.” Another Twitter user humorously quipped, “Does the LSD come with the beer, or do we have to bring our own?”

    The viral video has amassed over 52,000 views. It features a youthful house party relishing chilled pints of beer. In the opening moments, people are seen posing and laughing with their blue beer cans. However, as the video progresses, things take a surreal turn. Faces become distorted, proportions go awry, and people’s reactions and conversations appear unnatural.

    The advertisement, created for a fictional beer brand, displays all the typical features we’ve grown accustomed to in AI-generated images and videos: elongated, spaghetti-like hands, alien-like mouths, exaggerated grins with teeth, and objects suspended in mid-air. AI technology still struggles to generate lifelike human figures or even realistic beer cans. In this case, the beer cans appear to float and deform, resembling sticky, buttery cylinders.

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    Let’s Take A Look At How The Internet Reacted To This AI Beer Commercial

    Upon each subsequent viewing, the absurdity only intensifies. The AI-generated voiceover attempts to maintain a semblance of coherence but fails spectacularly, resulting in a commercial that is both loud and bewildering.

    According to the comments, the video is disappointing and seems like a nightmarish experience. Many users found it quite disturbing and “in poor taste.”

    Audiences’ reactions to this AI-generated beer commercial have been quite diverse. Some find the ad’s absurdity and unpredictability highly amusing, with every watch revealing new layers of unexpected hilarity. They eagerly share it with friends, family, and colleagues, igniting conversations about the peculiar world of AI-generated content. On the flip side, some viewers find the commercial deeply disconcerting, as the amalgamation of bizarre visuals and the uncanny AI-generated voice creates an eerie and unsettling viewing experience. Reviews and comments have varied, including responses like:

    • “This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.”
    • “I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry.”
    • “This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.”
    • “This is the most creative and original commercial I’ve ever witnessed.”

    The Real Power of AI Video Editors

    AI video editors, as demonstrated by the viral AI-generated beer commercials examples, have gained significant attention on social media due to their unique creativity. However, these examples don’t truly represent the full potential of AI video editors. Genuine AI video editors harness the power of machine learning algorithms and deep learning models to analyze vast data sets, enabling them to create compelling visuals, narratives, and music. By training on existing content and patterns, AI can mimic human creativity, generating unique video content. These AI video editors also offer a wide range of automated features that substantially reduce the time required for video editing.

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    Key Features of AI Video Editors Include:

    1. Automated Editing: AI can analyze video footage and make intelligent decisions regarding cuts, transitions, and pacing, saving time and effort for editors dealing with extensive footage.
    2. Object and Scene Recognition: AI algorithms can identify and track objects or people in videos, enabling automated tasks such as object removal, background replacement, and applying effects to specific elements in the scene.
    3. Facial Recognition and Tracking: AI video editors can recognize and track faces in videos, allowing for tasks like face blurring, face tracking for effects or animations, and facial expression analysis.
    4. Automatic Color Correction: AI algorithms can analyze the color grading of a video and automatically adjust it for a more visually appealing result, ensuring consistency across different scenes.
    5. Speech and Audio Recognition: AI can transcribe speech and identify video audio elements, enabling features like automatic captioning, audio enhancement, noise reduction, and audio-visual synchronization.
    6. Content Analysis and Tagging: AI can analyze video content, identify key elements, and automatically tag them, simplifying the organization and retrieval of specific footage.
    7. Smart Templates and Presets: AI video editors provide a library of templates and styles that can be automatically applied to footage based on content or genre, achieving professional results with ease.
    8. Workflow Automation: AI video editors offer automation features like batch processing, auto-logging, and file organization, streamlining the editing process and improving productivity.

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    Benefits of AI Video Editors

    The benefits of AI video editors include cost-effectiveness, rapid content creation, and targeted marketing. They are increasingly popular for brands aiming to make an impact on social media platforms like TikTok or reach a wider audience through streaming services like Netflix or Amazon. As AI tools continue to advance, we can anticipate more innovative commercials that challenge traditional advertising norms and captivate global audiences.


    Is There Any Another AI Generated Ad?

    Another AI-generated advertisement has made waves on the internet earlier in this year, and this one was designed for a make-believe pizza joint called “Pepperoni Hug Spot.” The images for the pizza commercial were created using Midjourney and brought to life through animation with Runway Gen2. Even the script was authored by an AI—ChatGPT.

    Is AI-generated beer commercial real?

    No, the fake AI-generated beer commercial, which is not real, was produced by the mixed-media agency Private Island. It was crafted as a parody, poking fun at both American beer advertisements and the field of AI art. They utilized Stable Diffusion, Control Net, and Runway Gen 2 for its creation.

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