How to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face?


    OnlyFans is appealing to everyone, but only some choose to be on OnlyFans as they don’t want to be recognized by the people they know.

    If this resonates with you, I have good news for you. 

    You can be on OnlyFans without revealing your identity. Yes, you heard me right!

    Can you earn money on OnlyFans by hiding your real identity? Yes, absolutely! That’s possible. 

    If you are a content creator but concerned about the privacy? If yes, this blog is a guide on how to make money on OnlyFans without revealing your real identity. 

    I have uncovered the best tips and tricks to make money as an anonymous model on OnlyFans. Let’s begin.

    Can you earn money on OnlyFans without showing your face?

    OnlyFans allows content creators to create any type of content in whatever way they like. 

    That said, creating content by being anonymous has its own challenges.

    Subscribers prefer creators with faces!

    Yes, people like to see the real you, but that doesn’t mean an anonymous onlyfans account doesn’t work. There are creators who are successfully running anonymous OnlyFans pages.

    But how’s that possible?

    Create content that doesn’t require you to show your face.

    For example, if you are an adult content creator, you can focus more on your body. Choose a niche that works around specific body parts and build your OnlyFans niche around it.

    OnlyFans has an inbuilt Geoblocking feature to restrict people in a specific location from accessing your OnlyFans account. But keep in mind that Geoblocking can also make the process of attracting fans more difficult as it blocks a lot of people from a specific location who could be your potential buyers in the future.

    If you are looking to make money, you can start a subscription-based creator platform like OnlyFans using the whitelabel solution Fanso to build your platform.

    Tips to Make Money on OnlyFans by Staying Anonymous

    It’s not common that OnlyFans might be your sole job, especially when you start out. It takes time to build a good following for you to make enough money. 

    So you might be running OnlyFans around your existing job, and you don’t want it to interfere with your personal life. Whatever be the reason, you can always manage an OnlyFans and make money with it by staying anonymous.

    So here’s how you can start making money on OnlyFans anonymously:

    Begin with a stage name

    Everyone has different reasons to stay anonymous on OnlyFans. OnlyFans being popular for its adult content doesn’t impart a reputation, unlike other careers. Some like to own it, but most don’t.

    Whatever your reasons are, it could be you want to hide it from your peers and family, while others want to stay secure while maintaining their privacy.

    If you reveal your real identity on OnlyFans, it takes just a few seconds for anyone to find you. 

    Hence, if you want to sell your content on OnlyFans, the first thing you need to do is a stage name. 

    Use the stage name not only on your OnlyFans profile but also on all your social media accounts or any other platform where you promote your OnlyFans.

    Pro tip: Never use your nickname instead! It’s still a bad idea. To remain unknown as an OnlyFans creator, use a stage name that no one knows.

    Use a different email address for your OnlyFans account

    Do you want to add an extra layer of security to your anonymous OnlyFans account? If yes, don’t use your regular email address to create your OnlyFans profile. Instead, create a new email address with your stage name.

    This helps you to stay anonymous by all means and avoid getting tracked by your fans.

    You must use the same email address to create social media accounts to promote your OnlyFans.

    Create new social media accounts in your stage name

    Yes, this is another important thing. Do not use your regular social media accounts to promote your OnlyFans. As you are staying anonymous on OnlyFans, you need new social media profiles in your stage name. 

    You can use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc., to promote your OnlyFans.

    Do not forget your Tattoos

    Do you have a tattoo on your body that is visible when you post your photos or videos? It could be tattoos, birthmarks, or unique scars that might help people identify you.

    If you are unable to hide your birthmarks and tattoos, you can use photo editing apps to remove them. 

    Most photo editing apps come with tools to blemish, bend, crop, or blur tattoos.

    Do not show your face

    It might seem obvious that you should not show your face when you want to stay anonymous on OnlyFans.

    But once you decide not to show your face, you should go on the same path.

    When you decide not to show your face, you are spiking your fans’ curiosity. But do not let the pressure from your fans change your decision.

    If you want to reveal your face, never do it on your main feed; instead, make it a paid content upgrade where your fans can pay you extra to see your face. 

    But keep in mind that once you show your face, you aren’t anonymous anymore, as anyone can leak your real pace and associate it with your OnlyFans account.

    Run a subscription

    While you can make money on OnlyFans through pay-per-view content, paid DM’s, live streams and through tips, the most lucrative way to monetize your content while staying anonymous is to provide a subscription service. Leverage the monthly or annual subscription service of OnlyFans to provide valuable recurring content to your loyal fans.

    Use a voice changer if required.

    If you use your voice in your videos or send audio messages to your fans and subscribers, never forget to change your voice. This could help people recognize you from your voice and start invading your privacy. 

    How To Create a Website Like OnlyFans?

    Do not post your home shots or outdoor photos.

    If you choose not to reveal your face and identify on OnlyFans, make sure you don’t post any indoor or outdoor images that help people recognize backgrounds. 

    This means beaches, restaurants, popular places, noticeable landmarks, and so on.

    You must also be careful with windows, sunglasses, or anything with a reflective surface.


    So, can you generate revenue by being anonymous on OnlyFans? Yes, you can. And you have all the tips and tricks to help you succeed. 

    It might not be as easy as it sounds, as not all anonymous people are genuine or real, so you have to work really hard to establish your personality to your fans.

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