How to Earn Ethereum by Playing Games


    Despite the ebb and flow of the market, the top play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain games have established user bases of dedicated players who log in frequently to make real money through the virtual platform by playing games.

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    What is Ethereum?

    With its release in 2015, Ethereum set out to enhance the capabilities of the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin (BTC). Smart contracts, which facilitate transactions between parties without needing a third party or centralized authority, were developed on this platform, solidifying its position as a decentralized computing system.

    Ethereum’s transaction records are verifiable, distributed securely across the network, and immutable, providing users with a trustworthy and transparent platform. 

    In addition, the Solidity scripting language and the Ethereum Virtual Machine allow programmers to create decentralized applications (dapps) on the network (EVM).

    Early decentralized applications (dapps), such as play-to-earn games, were created on the Ethereum network. When compared to other blockchain networks, Ethereum currently has the most dapps and blockchain games available.

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    Top Games to Play to Earn Ethereum 

    1. Axie Infinity

    Imagine a cross between Pokemon and NFT, an ancestor to Cryptokitties. With over 500 different body parts and a unique genetic imprint, the possible combinations of the creatures known as Axies are practically endless. You can engage in interpersonal conflict while breeding, trading, and selling your wares (player versus player). Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is a form of in-game currency that can be earned by playing the game, as well as an ERC-20 token that grants a player a vote in the game’s governance.

    2. Gods Unchained

    The same developers who brought you the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Immutable X also made the game Gods Unchained.

    This means that dApps can engage in feeless, peer-to-peer trading on Ethereum’s Immutable X network, where up to 9,000 transactions per second can be processed (TPS).

    Chris Clay, who is a former game director for Magic the Gathering, is now leading development for Gods Unchained. As a trading card game, Gods Unchained pits players against one another using a combination of standard playing cards, expansion packs, and rare mythic cards known as genesis.

    These “core cards” are the ones you get simply by playing the game. However, if players would rather not spend time grinding, they can also purchase card packs. These were sold out well in advance of the release of the game and are no longer available.

    The only way to get your hands on them is to buy them from another player. In the unchanging X market, players can buy and sell any of the game’s available cards.

    You will need a MetaMask wallet, or a wallet that supports Ethereum, to make purchases in this marketplace. The value of a collection of cards is based on their rarity and individual statistics.

    The GODS token is an ERC-20 token and the game’s proprietary cryptocurrency token. As well as being used in the Gods Unchained Marketplace and for purchasing packs, GODS tokens can be used to make NFTs and held in Immutable X to earn additional rewards.

    3. Evolution Land

    Property is sold at auction, and careers range from farming to mining to prop-making, all not dissimilar from their real-world counterparts in Evolution Land. Collectible Apostles (again, some more rare than others) can also be traded for these items. Ethereum-based Atlantis and Tron-based Byzantine are just two of the 26 continents created by developers using these elements.

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    4. Mirandus

    For those unfamiliar, Mirandus is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where the players create and control their own universe. The term “player-owned” refers to the fact that a player has the ability to acquire and profit from in-game assets such as land, ships, and docks through the use of NFTs.

    Each player takes control of an avatar that undertakes missions and engages in combat with the game’s antagonists. Exemplars are the in-game term for these characters, which can be acquired through the game’s store. Different exemplars serve different purposes and have varying abilities. They are all represented as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, from elves and dwarves to orcs and humans.

    Keep playing to earn tokens and take part in the game’s economy. The primary token in the Miranda economy is called GALA, and it is used for in-game purchases in games developed by the company that owns Miranda, Gala Games. In Mirandus, GALA can acquire anything from land to weapons to Exemplars.

    Materium is another token used for in-game transactions in Mirandus. You need an Exemplar to acquire Materium. Materium is gained proportionally to the number of Exemplars one possesses. Additional Materium can be acquired and gathered with each mission your Exemplar(s) complete.

    5. Battle Infinity

    The Binance Smart Chain is the foundation for Battle Infinity, a multiplayer battle game where players compete for rewards. The Metaverse Multiverse is what we call it. The game’s battles are a lot of fun for players.

    In addition, players are given full access to the metaverse, meaning they can communicate with one another and roam the IBAT virtual battlefield. Fantasy sports are the focus of the gameplay.

    6. Benji Bananas

    Benji Bananas was already in the market before developers began making games for the blockchain. But now, thanks to recent changes, Benji Banana’s developer, Animoca Brands, is turning the hit game into a play-to-earn one.

    A player’s goal in the game is to guide the protagonist, Benji, through a series of challenging platforming levels to collect bananas without getting hurt or falling off the screen.

    Current Benji Bananas players must purchase ‘Benji Passes’ as part of the game’s transition into a P2E game on the Ethereum blockchain. These tickets are NFTs that can be redeemed for PRIMATE tokens, which can be used to buy ape coins (APE).

    ApeCoin is one of the most well-known NFTs because of its association with the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), one of the largest NFT collection communities. ApeCoin’s ERC-20 governance and utility tokens are built on the Ethereum network.

    Players of Benji Bananas can earn ApeCoin, which can be spent in the real world, by collecting rewards as they make their way from the vine to the vine.

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    7. F1 Delta Time

    There can only be games if there’s a racing game. The intriguing aspect of this system is that parts, whether for cars or drivers, are represented by discrete tokens, each with its own set of statistics that can be used to modify the overall performance of the vehicle or the individual. Through staking NFTs, users can earn the ERC-20 token currency known as REVV in F1 Delta Time, which can be used to construct much larger crypto amounts. There’s a Trial mode for composing and a Grand Prix mode for racing.

    8. MoonCatRescue

    Help bring MoonCats to the Ethereum blockchain and save them from the Moon. Launched in 2017, the game MoonCatRescue has this as its primary goal.

    MoonCat figurines were originally distributed without cost to collectors through the MoonCat website. Only the gas price was required of them, and they had yet to learn which MoonCat they would get. Due to the players’ excitement at rescuing’ the MoonCats, they forked over $600,000 in fees that day.

    The MoonCats are one of the first NFT collections on Ethereum, and they can be purchased and sold on the OpenSea NFT marketplace and the game’s official website using Ethereum (ETH).

    9. Age of Rust

    Age of Rust is an excellent choice if you want to play a Play-to-Earn crypto game focusing on narrative interaction.

    Let’s say you wake up in the disastrous year of 44 AE, where artificial intelligence and machines have taken over. You must now explore this mysterious world and solve puzzles to collect tokens.

    As an ENJIN Protocol-based post-apocalyptic role-playing game, Age of Rust features a bleak and desolate setting. The game’s initial goal was to pique people’s interest in the blockchain technology world, and it was built on the Ethereum blockchain to do so.

    The game’s developer buried over 24 Bitcoins (BTC), and their current market value is over USD 1,000,000 (or 370,000 ENJ coins, a utility token in the world of the ENJIN Protocol).

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    10. NFT Worlds

    With its 10,000 voxel-based, infinite worlds, NFT Worlds gives Minecraft players a’multi-metaverse’ and crypto experience. Polygon (MATIC), a blockchain platform compatible with Ethereum, allowed this to be accomplished on external Minecraft servers.

    Owners of Minecraft accounts can purchase plots of land in the virtual world from OpenSea, develop them, and collect WRLD tokens as rent. Plans are in the works to allow players to “port” from one NFT World to another, which would be a boon to creators who have put a lot of effort into building out their respective NFT Worlds. By doing so, NFT Worlds contributes to the expansion of Minecraft’s virtual economy.

    Final Note

    Games like those mentioned above are only a few options for gaining Ether.

    However, it may be complicated to get Ethereum through gaming, as users are typically required to convert or sell an item before receiving Ethereum as a reward. Due to the game’s design, most of these titles need tokens unique to the system on which they are played.

    Regardless, playing these games is entertaining, and doing so is an excellent method to get Ethereum.

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