NFT Printing – Know All About Printing Your NFTs


    Print your NFTs as physical products, including: framed prints, canvas art, tote bags, t-shirts, puzzles, and more. But how? Let us learn today with our blog on nft print on demand service.

    Selling NFT prints is a great side business idea that can bring in significant extra income. Tokens denoting non-fungible assets or unique experiences are called NFTs. Due to their digital nature, they can be bought and sold without difficulty on the open market. You can make money and spread your art to the world at the same time by making and selling NFT prints.

    What Are NFT Prints and How Do They Work?

    Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) prints are digital images encrypted with a private token. This token can be used to indicate the image’s ownership and other metadata. Due to their digital nature, NFT prints lend themselves well to online commerce.

    NFT prints function by dividing the image into tiny cubes. After that, a token is distributed to each individual. You can use the tokens to recreate the image when you want to view it.

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    What Are the Benefits of NFT Printing?

    The use of NFT prints has many advantages.

    • Improved confidentiality and safety: Due to the unique encoding of each tile, an NFT print is much harder to forge or steal. Because personal information like phone numbers and addresses can be encoded, the owner’s privacy is better protected.
    • Increased portability: Display or distribute your NFT prints online with ease. Therefore, they are perfect for showcasing digital artwork or other media.
    • Better availability for collecting: The uniqueness of each NFT print makes them highly sought after. Putting your collection on display like this can be an excellent way to boost its worth.
    • Greater longevity: NFT prints are more resilient to wear and tear than conventional digital files. For this reason, they are superior options for permanent archiving and storage.
    • Better availability: NFT prints are accessible to anyone with the right decoding software. Because of this, they are a great option for reaching a wide audience with your message.

    How to Create Your NFT Prints

    In order to make an NFT print, the image is first tiled into small squares, and then each tile is encoded with the necessary data. In addition to the image and the owner’s name and contact details, additional information may also be included. After being encoded, the tiles can be used in a printable or shareable digital file.

    Tiled and Bitmap are just two examples of the many websites that let you make NFT prints. You can begin using the service immediately by selecting the desired image, and it will automatically encode and print the image for you. Alternatively, image editing programs like Photoshop and GIMP make it possible to make your own NFT prints. 

    Making your own NFT prints is a fun and easy way to share your work. They draw attention to your work and make it easier to distribute it.

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    1. Pixels

    Pixels is the largest NFT printing service provider in the world. Since 2006, they’ve been a home for hundreds of thousands of artists, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, and iconic brands to sell wall art, home decor, apparel, and other products. Pixels make it easy to print your NFTs on t-shirts, puzzles, framed, and canvas prints. Convert your NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain into any tangible goods they offer. 

    2. Prodigi

    When it comes to NFT print on demand platforms, Prodigi is unrivaled. They simplify logistics for businesses selling NFT-printed products and increase revenue. With Prodigi, you can quickly transform your NFT designs into printable goods. This marketplace is the NFT print of choice for NFT holders. The following are the three simple steps required by this marketplace to print NFT artwork on any physical product:

    • Select the product you’re interested in purchasing or selling.
    • If you’re selling online, add your NFT artwork by uploading an image of your design.
    • Once your order is placed, they will fulfill it immediately by selecting, printing, packaging, and sending it to you.

    They also offer hundreds of templates to use when printing NFT artwork. Check your NFT creations on various adaptable mediums, from canvas and framed prints to museum-quality posters and exhibition banners.

    3. PrintiFy

    Use Printify to Create Custom NFT Products on Demand. When it comes to variety and coverage, they are miles ahead of the competition. As more vendors and distributors join the network, the catalog grows. People are strongly interested in products like these because they always want to upgrade their collections with new innovations. PrintiFy allows you to have your nft printed on various products, including clothing, accessories, bags, stickers, and more. They promise top-notch output and round-the-clock service.

    4. NFTY INK 

    Your NFTs can be brought to life with the help of NFTY INK, a group of NFT fans. Working with people who appreciate your NFT and its significance will make the transition from “mint to print” much smoother. So that you get the quality you expect from your NFT, they use only the best archival ink and museum-grade substrates. 

    Prints on canvas, acrylic, metal, or high-end archival paper can be purchased. Coasters, totes, and other swag can also be purchased from them. Canvas prints, metal prints, framed NFT wall art, and more can all be easily printed with NFTY INK.

    NFTY INK Offer: 

    Using NFTY INK to upload your NFT images is quick and simple.

    Their ink and paper are museum-quality, meaning they will last for generations.

    NFTs can be resized to your specifications, so you can get exactly the size you need.

    Quick turnaround time and no hidden fees for shipping and handling.

    5. PrintFul

    PrintFul makes it simple to transform NFT files into printed artwork. Over three hundred fifty premium goods are available on their site. The website requires no upfront payment to use. If you use Printful, you won’t have to worry about keeping inventory or sending out packages. Printful supports 28 different connection methods, and users can also request a custom integration.

    What You Can Print NFT Art On

    An NFT token can be printed on the below-shared items easily:

    • Hoodie 
    • Mug 
    • Cups 
    • Towel 
    • T-Shirts 
    • Bags 
    • iPhone Covers 
    • Stickers 
    • Hats 
    • Bag, Bean, or Bean Bag 

    Before buying a Print, it’s a good idea to check out digital mockups of your NFT artwork to see how it will look. 

    How to Sell NFT Prints?

    As a creator, you can sell NFT prints in a few different ways. 

    One option is using a POD service, such as TeePublic or RedBubble. These businesses will handle printing and shipping your NFTs to buyers.

    You could also open a shop on one of the many online marketplaces, such as Shopify or Etsy. You can sell your prints to customers directly through these sites.

    Last but not least, you can also sell them on auction sites like eBay or retail sites like Amazon. Using this method, you can expand your customer base and offer international shipping.

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    What Makes NFT Printing So Resilient 

    There will always be a market for what was popular in the past, just like there will always be a market for newspapers. Traditional newspapers are reliable news outlets because they have learned to evolve.

    Even as we increase the amount of digital content in our lives, we will still have a strong desire for tangible goods.

    Collectors are no different; many still take pleasure in having tangible objects to handle and show off. Adding physical objects improves our surroundings and grounds us in the real world.’ 


    Can an NFT be printed and sold?

    You may sell physical prints of an NFT if you are the original artist (and have not sold or given away the rights) or the owner (with the original artist’s permission).

    Is there an interest in NFT?

    Interest in owning and trading digital assets has grown alongside the proliferation of e-commerce and online marketplaces.

    In what ways do the most popular NFTs differ from one another?

    The most widely practiced form of NFT is the arts. That’s why creative NFTs like paintings and sculptures do so well in the marketplace. With the advent of NFTs, creators finally have a legitimate way to make money from their best works without storing or shipping anything. Many of today’s most pricey NFTs are unique artistic creations.

    Where to Buy/Sell NFTs?

    Tokens that cannot be exchanged for cash are available on several exchanges. The vast majority of existing NFTs are Ethereum-based tokens, so ETH is the currency of choice for most transactions. OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, Rarible, SuperRare, etc., are the most widely used exchanges for buying and selling NFT.

    After selling an NFT, do you still own the copyright? 

    When selling an NFT, the copyrights are transferred to the buyer and are not retained unless otherwise specified in the smart contract. You should consult a lawyer before selling an NFT to ensure the sales contract covers your bases and doesn’t violate essential provisions.

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