All Star Tower Defense Codes For February 2024


    Check our list of the latest working all star tower defense codes. Redeem to get Gems, Gold, & Mega Rare Towers!

    All Star Tower Defense is a tower defense game where you control a team of anime heroes to defend yourself from waves of enemies. Looking for cheat codes for All Star Tower Defense? Here are all the ASTD codes. If you’re new to the game or trying to use ASTD codes for better units and more rolls is a great idea. Using these codes, you will usually get 100–150 Gems, which is enough for two or more Hero Summon spins.

    You can obtain new playables by spending gems to “summon” them. Several methods exist to acquire gems, but All Star Tower Defense codes are the most straightforward method. You will gain access to a substantial amount of free gems with each of the codes listed below, enabling you to immediately start summoning a wide variety of new and potent characters.

    What Are All Star Tower Defense Codes?

    All Star Tower Defense codes grant you free gold, free gems, and other benefits.

    The codes shared below will grant free gems and gold for you to use for hero summon spins, which will come in very handy for new players.

    All Star Tower Defense Codes (Working)

    Here is the list of all working All Star Tower Defense Codes with the rewards associated with each code.

    ASTD CodeReward
    TheDrumsOfLiberation250x Stardust
    TheDrumsOfLiberation2500x Gems, 150x Stardust (Available on 40+ level)
    6billionvists2500x Gems, 200x Stardust (Available on 40+ level)
    sorryfordelayupdate22000x Gems, 200x Stardust (Available on 40+ level)
    july4threalupdate150x Stardust, 2500x Gems, July 4 Code Unit Ganryu
    abouttimesnowrbx2023 1x Ice X-Marine (Available on 40+ level)
    NavyXFlameOtherCode50x Stardust (Available on 40+ level)
    happylatemothersday150x Stardust, 2000x Gems (level 50 required)
    navyxflamelate200kcodeomg 100x Stardust, Zamasu Evolve Token Ultra SSJ3 Rose Goku Black Unit, (level 50 required)

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    All Star Defense Codes (Expired)

    All the below listed codes are the expired codes of All Star Defense Game.

    july4threalupdate2000x Gems, 150x Stardust (Available on 40+ level)
    NavyXFlameOtherCode50x Stardust (Available on 40+ level)
    abouttimesnowrbx20231x Ice X-Marine (Available on 40+ level)
    rolerewardcode250 Stardust (Available on 50+ level)
    happylatemothersday150 Starudst, 2000 Gems (Available on 50+ level)
    Chainsmoke91Free Stardust when you are in World 1
    ASTDEggOpenedFinally100 stardust, 2,750 gems, and 1,000 gold
    melonmen11500 Gems, and 150 Stardust
    youtubekingluffy350kdoneWhite Star Ball
    newupdcode2150 Stardust
    newupdcode3100 Stardust, and 1000 Gems
    blamsponge240 Stardust, 3000 Gems, and 1000 Gold. (Available on 50+ level)
    diablo12Omega Rare Pet
    maintenacecode15100 Stardust, 4 Exp IVs
    sorryforlongdelay150 Stardust, and 3000 Gems (Available on 40+ level)
    navyxflame170kyoutubereal100 Stardust, 1000 Gems, 1000 Gold, XP (Available on 75+ level)
    thankyoufor5bvisits500 Stardust, 10000 Gems, XP (Available on 100+ level)
    delayp150 Stardust, 3000 Gems, 4x XP 6 Stars
    lvlreqny150 Stardust, 2023 Gems, XP (Available on 60+ level)
    happyholidays89 Stardust,  2022 Gems
    world3ishere50x Stardust, 10x Exp IV, 4000 Gems (Available on 115+ level)
    winterguy19105 Stardust, 250 Gems
    bigwinterupdatesoon90 Stardust, 90 Gems (Available on 40+ level)
    2milfavoriteup150x Stardust, 10x Exp IV, 8000 Gems (Available on 70+ level)
    2yearanniversaryduo95 Stardust, 10 EXP IV, 5000 Gems (Available on 40+ level)
    2yearanniversary10,000 Gems, 100 Stardust, 10 EXP IV (Available on 40+ level)
    timechamberfix100 Gems, 20 Stardust
    newstarcode90 Stardust
    mbshutdown50 Stardust, 10x Exp
    stardustupdate5000 Gems
    ASTDDragonoidBakuganDragonoid Mount
    1millikes650 Gems, Omega Rare IV
    summerwoo2022750 Gems, Omega-Rare EXP IV
    changesjune450 Gems
    owouch400 Gems
    Halloween2022Ice Queen (Hollow)
    Hooray50k400 Gems
    astd1millikes1,250 Gems
    newaprilupdate450 Gems
    allstarspring450 Gems
    NavyXFlame130kNoLeakEXP IV, 500 Gems
    ticketupdate400 Gems
    congratulations2kingluffy300ksubscribersonyoutube300kMega-Rare character
    ultramoveUltra Capsule
    superwoop400 Gems
    1mgroupmembers800 Gems, 800 Gold
    themadao1000 Gems, 750 Gold, 1 EXP IV
    -ASTDDevs500 gems, 500 gold, EXP IV 
    world2ishere500 Gold, 300 Gems
    world2comingsoon250 Gold, 250 Gems
    astdx20221000 Gold, 500 Gems, Omega-Rare
    merrychristmas2k211000 Gold, 1000 Gems, EXP IV
    winterbreakwhen250 Gems, 250 Gold 
    KingLuffyFan200kUltra Rare King Ruffy 
    december2021500 Gold, 300 Gems 
    thecityofangels250 Gems,  250 Gold
    igot2look250 Gems, 250 Gold
    eatlotsonthanksgiving300 Gems, 500 Gold
    novemberupdate300 Gems, 500 Gold
    100ksubnavyxflame300 Gems, Mega Rare Super Koku Black (SSJ3)
    fromastd500 Gems, 500 Gold, Omega Rare EXP IV 
    starshipwayGems, EXP IV
    navyxflame80ksubsEXP III, Gems
    anniversaryastd1500 Gold, 1200 Gems, Omega-Rare 
    fruit100k300 Gems, Exp III 
    robloxyay300 Gold, 800 Gems, EXP III
    longwait450 Gems
    goldgemgold650 Gold, 250 Gems 
    4partyrocking250 Gems 
    wowshutdown200 Gems 
    happyhalloween2021300 Gold, 200 Gems, Pumpkin Capsule
    navyxflameyt60k200 gems, EXP III 
    longmaintenance450 Gems
    2bcodeswagmodeblazeit400 Gems, Mega-Rare Kakashi
    addnewunitstobannerfix150 Gems
    lovetobrazil 150 Gems
    Update5302150 Gems, 300 Gold, EXP III
    2021memorialday2021x150 Gems
    fruit550 Gems, 500 Gold, two EXP III
    bigtim50 Gems
    rainmen50 Gems
    pert50 Gems
    epicnew50 Gems
    updatebelike50 Gems
    incredibledayum50 Gems
    subinferman50 Gems
    subtome80 Gems
    thisisthenewestcode150 Gems
    lovetofightastd150 Gems
    gameon2021500 Gems
    quickshut100 Gems
    hchgaming150 Gems

    How To Redeem All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) Codes?

    Redeeming ASTD codes is very simple. All you have to do is follow some simple instructions.

    1. After launching the game, you will see the Setting/Gear icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

    2. After clicking this icon, a new window will open. There you will see an area called “Enter Code”.

    3. Copy one of the working codes listed here in this blog and paste it. The code will be applied. But remember, certain codes come with particular game situations. So, we always recommend checking the conditions too. Like some codes are available only when you are at level 40 or above, and others are available at level 60 and above.

    4. You will get the associated rewards immediately if the code is working.

    If a code doesn’t work, you might be playing on a server created before the code was released. Try using VIP servers; they are free.

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    How To Get More All Star Tower Defense Codes?

    Unlike other Roblox games, ASTD developers release codes randomly. So, to get up-to-date about All Start Tower Defense codes, bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+D on your browser. We update codes regularly, whether working or expired when the new code is released or the old one expires. You can also join ASTD Discord and ASTD Twitter account. You can also check official social media sites for new code updates.

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