Anime Adventure Codes September 2023 – Updated!


    We've got the full list of all the new anime adventure codes, working codes that will get you free rewards in the Anime Adventure game!

    Gomu released the Anime Adventures game for Roblox on December 21, 2021. It is a tower defense game. This game is all about the stories and characters from Japanese animated movies. You can defend Namek, the Hidden Leaf Village, or other well-known locations. Some of your troops are the anime heroes Krillin, Sasuke, and Sakura. With the money, you can buy better gear for your soldiers or add more of them to your hotspots.

    You can find Gems and Summoning Tickets codes in our list of Anime Adventures codes. 

    What Is An Anime Adventure?

    The game Anime Adventures is a tower defense game with an anime look. Outside of the levels, the most interesting part is traveling through the city. You can make money by improving your anime soldiers and selling duplicates. Before each level starts, you can switch out your teams.

    In this experience, you’ll find heroes from different anime series to help you fight off the enemy. Get the best fighters and see if you can beat all the levels in this game to prove you are the best tower defense player.

    What Are Anime Adventures Codes?

    The developer, Gomu, tends to add new ones every time a milestone is reached. Starting, you’ll want to protect your base by calling on the most powerful heroes and villains from the most popular anime of all time, like One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Dragon Ball. Some codes are stronger than others, so you’ll need many of them to get the most out of the game. 

    Gems alone give you the boost you need to move forward since getting both gems and summoning rewards is hard. Gems do the same thing that Summoning Tickets do: to let you get more playable characters to use in levels. Let’s look at all the codes for all the anime adventures that still work and those that don’t.

    Please type the codes exactly as they are written, including any capital letters. It’s only possible to know when they’ll stop working once they do, but a good rule of thumb is that with every update, some old codes will inevitably stop working.

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    All Anime Adventure Working Codes

    Here is the list of Anime adventure codes that are working now.

    Anime Adventure Codes – WorkingRewards
    SUMMER2023500 gems (new!)
    AINCRAD500 gems
    MADOKA500 gems
    DRESSROSA 250 gems
    BILLION12 mythic world jumpers and 2,500 gems
    HAPPYEASTER500 gems
    VIGILANTE250 gems
    GOLDEN500 gems
    SINS2250 gems
    SINS500 gems
    UCHIHA250 gems
    SUBTOSNOWRBX1x Summon Ticket
    SUBTOBLAMSPOT1x Summon Ticket
    NOCLYPSO1x Summon Ticket
    CXRSED1x Summon Ticket
    SUBTOMAOKUMASummon Ticket
    FICTIONTHEFIRST1x Summon Ticket
    SUBTOKELVINGTS1x Summon Ticket
    TOADBOIGAMING1x Summon Ticket
    KINGLUFFY1x Summon Ticket

    Anime Adventure Expired Codes

    Here is the list of all anime adventure codes that are expired now. 

    Anime Adventure Codes – ExpiredRewards
    KARAKORA2500 gems
    KARAKORA2300 gems
    UPDATEHYPE250 gems
    GRAVITY250 gems
    CHRISTMAS2022250 gems
    NEWYEAR2023100 gems
    CHAINSAW250 gems
    HERO250 gems
    GOLDEN500 gems
    CLOUD250 gems
    SINS2250 gems
    SINS500 gems
    UCHIHA250 gems
    CLOVER2250 gems
    CLOVER500 gems
    HALLOWEEN250 & 500 gems
    CURSE2250 gems
    CURSE2350 gems
    FAIRY2250 gems
    FAIRY250 gems
    ANDROIDLimited Mecha Freezo Skin
    SERVERFIX250 gems & 2500 gems
    HUNTER250 Gems
    GHOUL250 Gems
    FIRSTRAIDSFree Rewards
    DATAFIX200 Gems
    MARINEFORD250 Gems
    RELEASE50 Gems
    GINYUFIX100 Gems
    TWOMILLION400 Gems

    How to Redeem Anime Adventures Codes

    Follow the instructions below to get your Anime Adventures codes quickly and easily.

    • Launch an Anime Adventure game.
    • Go to the CODES circle to start. Off to the left, you can see “CODES” written in big, floating letters.
    • Once you’re inside, a field to type into will appear.
    • Fill in the code in the text field.
    • Click the Redeem button to get your prizes.

    The redemption area is next to the lobby’s big RAIDS room. Don’t bother going upstairs; it’s in the courtyard below.

    If it’s a brand-new code that doesn’t work, try quitting the game and starting it up again. This will send you to a different server, which may have a newer game version with working code.

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    How Can You Get More Anime Adventures Codes?

    If you want to know about the newest Anime Adventures codes, save this page as a favorite. We update it often. You can also join the Discord server, where new codes will be posted. In the Announcements Channel, you can see what the current codes are. You can copy and paste the whole block of code into your game.

    Why Aren’t My Anime Adventures Codes Working?

    Your Anime Adventures codes might not work for a few different reasons. Most of the time, it’s because the code was entered wrong or has already run out. Please let us know in the comments if you need help finding coupon codes so we can try them out.

    How to Get More Gems Apart From Anime Adventure Codes?

    You can get gems through story quests, daily challenges, and codes. If you turn on “infinite mode,” you’ll get a cap at each wave count. If you play the game daily, logging in will give you free ones.

    How Many Active Users Do Anime Adventures Have?

    You should find out how many people are playing these games. If you are going to put in that much work, you should be around people who can help you.

    At the moment, 42,473 people are playing Anime Adventures. This is important to know before you jump in, especially if it’s a multiplayer game.

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