Cookie Run Kingdom Code Redeem – September, 2023


    Check latest Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes 2023 & Get Items for Free in Cookie Run Game. We update our list containing code of Cookie Run: Kingdom on regular basis.

    The developers combined a role-playing game (RPG) and a city-building battle simulator to create this sixth installment in the Cookie Run series. Players have to collect Cookies, characters who can fight battles on behalf of the player while also constructing structures and expanding their land.

    You can acquire bonus items and move through the game more quickly with Cookie Run: Kingdom codes.

    If you’re feeling low on crystals and need more crystals or in-game currency, this blog is perfect. This piece covers you with tips on redeeming in-game currency that takes time to obtain regularly. The list of Cookie Run: Kingdom codes offers a variety of free crystals, experience, sugar gnomes, and more that you can find. Please bookmark this page and come back often if you share our passion for crystals; we update the guide regularly to remove any outdated coupon codes.

    GameCookie Run Kingdom
    AboutRedeem Codes
    Developed byDEvPlay
    Game CurrencyCrystal
    Redeem CodeAvailable
    Article categoryNews

    In Cookie Run: Kingdom, players can enjoy a free-to-play mobile game featuring a diverse and extensive cast of characters. Eventually, the characters will exhaust their supply of useful items. But not everyone will willingly part with their real money in exchange for virtual goods.

    In Cookie Run: Kingdom, you will need a variety of Crystals, Horns, Tower Keys, and Sugar Gnomes along the way. Depending on the code, these items can be obtained for free in a set amount to contribute towards this goal.

    However, it is important to know that you can only use each code once, so if you enter the same code repeatedly, it will yield no results.

    As of September 16th, 2023, Cookie Run: Kingdom has only one redeemable code available. If you use the secret word “CRKINDONESIA,” you will receive three thousand times more Crystals.

    This discount code will no longer be valid on December 31st.

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    CRK CodesRewards
    CRKINDONESIA3,000 gems

    In the table below, you’ll find all of the expired coupon codes and the rewards they were once good for:

    CHERRYSPRINGGIFT20x Time Jumpers
    BLOSSOMINGGIFT1,000x Crystals
    BRAVESPRINGGIFT300x Rainbow Cubes
    HERBSPRINGGIFT100x EXP Star Jellies (Level 5) / 100x Stamina Jellies
    CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD1100x EXP Star Jelly Lv.6
    2NDBIRTHDAYPARTY3,000x Crystals
    CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD23x Aurora Compass / 3x Aurora Brick / 3x Aurora Pillar
    CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD3100x Topping Pieces
    CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD4500x Rainbow Cubes
    CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD530x Time Jumpers
    CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD610x Treasure Ticket
    CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD73x Special Cookie
    CRKALWAYSLOVEYOUFree rewards, including 1,500x Rainbow Cubes / 3,000x Crystals / 1,000x Radiant Shards / 250,000x Coins 30x Time Jumpers & more
    CRKINGDOMWITHBTS1,000 Army Bombs / 3,000x Crystals
    POCKETGAMERAWARD3,000x Crystals / 1,000x Rainbow Cubes
    FOLLOWINGINLATAM2,500x Crystals
    MEETSORBETCOOKIE1,000x Crystals / 500x Warmth-imbued Wind Flower
    THANX200MPLAYERS2,000x Crystals / 2,000x Rainbow Cubes
    1015CKCOOKIELIVE2,500x Army Bombs
    NEWUPDATEISAHEAD3,000x Crystals / 1,500x Rainbow Cubes
    CRKWELCOMEDISNEY400x Radiant Shards / 5x Treasure Ticket / 50x Topping Pieces / 80x EXP Star Jelly Lv. 6 / 3x Aurora Compass / 3x Aurora Pack / 3x Aurora Pillar / 3,000x Crystals
    0728CKCOOKIELIVE1x 30-min Speed-up / 3x Treasure Ticket / 300x Rainbow Cubes / 1,500x Crystals
    CRKBEHINDNFUTURE8x Aurora Compass / 8x Aurora Pillar / 8x Aurora Back / 250,000x Coins / 5,000x Crystals / 130x EXP Star Jelly Level 6/ 10x Magic Cookie Cutter / 1,200x Radiant Shards  / 1,500x Rainbow Cubes / 30x Time Jumper / 120x Topping Pieces
    FOLLOWUSINEUROPE2,500x Crystals
    TIKTOK1MFOLLOWER1,000x Crystals
    2022PPLSCHOICETY3,000x Crystals, 1,000x Rainbow Cubes
    DEVNOW40MKINGDOM80x Topping Pieces / 30x Time Jumpers / 30x 10-min Speed-up / 8x Aurora Compass / 8x Aurora Brick / 8x Aurora Pillar / 250,000 Coins / 1,500 Rainbow Cubes / 5,000 Crystals
    COOKIELIVECOUPON3,000 Crystals
    0224CRKDARKCACAO3x Treasure Tickets / 3x 30-minute Speed-ups / 2x Magic Cookie Cutters / 2x Special Cookie Cutters / 30 EXP Star Jellies (Level 6) / 300 Rainbow Cubes / 1,500 Crystals
    CK1STANNIVERSARY5,000 Crystals, 3,000 Rainbow Cubes
    CRK1STBIRTHDAYD11,000 Crystals
    CRK1STBIRTHDAYD23 Special Cookie Cutters
    CRK1STBIRTHDAYD3100 Level 6 Star Jellies
    CRK1STBIRTHDAYD430 Time Jumpers
    CRK1STBIRTHDAYD53 of each Aurora item
    CRK1STBIRTHDAYD63 Magic Cookie Cutters
    CRK1STBIRTHDAYD7500 Rainbow Cubes
    WEMADECKTOGETHER3,000 Crystals
    2021KRGAMEAWARDS1,000 Rainbow Cubes, 1000 Cold Crystals, and 5,000 Crystals
    30MILLIONKINGDOM3,000 Rainbow Cubes and 3,000 Crystals
    KINGDOMWITHSONIC1,000 Crystals
    GETUR1SUGARGNOMEOne Sugar Gnomes
    RUSWKGMLKINGDOM6300 Crystals
    OPENSILVERBUTTON1,000 Crystals, 20 Tower Keys & 200 Horns
    KINGDOMSWAMP0130500 Crystals
    KINGDOMSUNBA0128500 Crystals
    KINGDOMLILKA2021500 Crystals
    TK2PO5GA87DBJALQ500 Crystals

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    You don’t need to worry about the difficult or time-consuming process to claim these items. To receive your free stuff quickly, follow the instructions provided here.

    • Load up Cookie Run: Kingdom.
    • Click the three horizontal lines icon in the top right corner of the screen to do this.
    • Click the ‘Settings’ button now.
    • Now, press “Info” to go to the menu, and then find “Player ID” in the “User Info” section.
    • Please visit the coupon site for Cookie Run: Kingdom.
    • Please type the redemption code and provide your DevPlay ID information.
    • Click the button provided to claim your reward.
    • After claiming and using all of your freebies, you can return to Cookie Run: Kingdom.
    How to redeem codes in the Cookie Run Kingdom?

    You’ll need to go to the Cookie Run Kingdom website to receive these codes. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see them in your account. Once you’re on the network, you should follow the directions until you can put each code. We gave you the codes, so you have to put them exactly as we told you.

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