How to Create a Metaverse Game from Scratch? : Step-by-Step Guide


    Metaverse games aren’t just fleeting fascination. They are the colossal tidal wave of innovation that leaves an unerasable mark for everyone in the gaming industry. Metaverse is dominating every industry and gaming is at the center. The reason is: it catapults users and investors.

    According to Statista, the metaverse gaming market size is expected to reach US$13.8 Billion in 2023. With a CAGR of 42.29%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$163.4Billion by 2030. And this proves that metaverse opens a floodgate of enthralling experience into the world of gaming. 

    Now, the main question arises: how come Metaverse turns into a blazing comet of innovation in the gaming industry? Explore this substantial connection of Metaverse & Games. This is also for those who are interested in integrating metaverse with other technical areas like Augmented Reality, virtual reality, Blockchain and  Artificial Intelligence.

    Tools & Technologies used to create Metaverse Games

    Tools and technologies is a trail to create innovative metaverse games. And this is a no brainer. But there is a fusion that needs to be created amongst these two highly significant facets. And by this we mean that: to have a distinct metaverse game developed. You need to fixate your attention towards this dynamic duo. 

    So let’s start with the tools first: 

    • Games Engines: Unity, Unreal Engine
    • VR SDKs: SteamVR, Meta SDK, Windows Mixed Reality SDK, Sony’s PlayStation VR SDK, WebVR/WebXR APIs, Pico VR SDK, Unity XR SDK
    • AR Tools: ARkit, ARCore
    • VR/AR Development Platforms: SpatialOS, ROBLOX
    • 3D Modelling & Design Tools: Autodesk maya, Blender, Substance painter, Photoshop, Unity, Autodesk 3Ds max
    • Decentralized Platforms: Decentraland, CryptoVoxels
    • Spatial Computing and Mixed Reality Platform: Magic Leap
    • Networking & Multiuser System: Photon Unity Networking, Agora SDK

    So these are the tools that will help you and your users to enjoy a swift shift into a parallel world which meets reality. Almost removing that non-existent line and giving a feel of belonging in the game itself. But that’s not a full stop. We let you enjoy gold points and a profitable ROI while you combine both tools and technologies that can streamline your game development process. 

    Here you go: Let’s unravel the metaverse gaming with the top-notch tech-facets.


    Blockchain is ubiquitous in multiple sectors and gaming is at the core. Fusing metaverse with blockchain can generate unparalleled features. It can empower your gaming platforms to an unreal level. But, the most intriguing part is that the metaverse is powered by a powerful trio, that is digital ownership, interoperability, and transfer of value. 

    Now, these come to show in more ways than you can possibly think of. 

    An example for you– from creating your own avatar to traveling from one country to another and trading digital assets using cryptocurrency can be quoted as the foundation of metaverse games. 


    Metaverse is the hybrid of Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR). The incorporation of AR and VR creates an igniting hype in the gaming industry and thus curates an engaging and immersive environment for the players. Now what this does is, it exhibits more realistic visual elements and characters, exactly how your users would prefer.

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI is emerging as a crucial cornerstone from games to art to music to e-commerce and the list can go on. But the fusion of metaverse games and artificial intelligence is a pioneering duo! This creates an immersive 3D first-person experience that puts the user aside, creating a new pseudo-world. Not just that. It even curates behavior in non-playable characters similar to human-like intelligence. This can create a new and unique experience for players every time they play.

    What are the stages for metaverse game development?

    The adeptness to interact with the virtual world, which gives you a spontaneous and immersive experience, is at its crest. As a result metaverse gaming remains unexampled. And, the steps for creating a metaverse game is not a piece of cake. But, it is surely promising for high ROI. So, let’s decode the triad stages that form a crux for metaverse game development.

    Step1: Pre-production

    Assume you are a client and we are a team of developers. Here, 

    Formulate an idea – Client can connect with the project manager and envision his game idea, what will be the story about, the concept, the environment, the genre, the audience, will it be multiplayer or single-player, etc.

    Opt for discussion/pitch-tech – Now we will make a simplistic variant of the game, explain how the game mechanics will work and the technology we will use, the budgeting will also fall under this sales pitch phase.

    Documentation is must – Encompass a pool of immersive gaming taste. At once, the client gets done with the paperwork and the most vital factor, i.e., cost. (Tap on to the cost to discover factors influencing metaverse game development.). The developer now proceeds to step 2.

    Step 2: Production

    Sketch the blueprint: The design segment is pivotal for the development process of the client’s game. Moreover, the client’s game should be designed with a persuasive storyboard, realistic character and a dynamic environment which would remove the blurry line of real and virtual world. 

    Hire a team of developers: This is brainstorming. 

    • This conversion metric includes visual content, adding audio, bestowing & incentivized levels and the game play mechanics. 
    • The game developers must create captivating visual content which would keep the players hooked. As visualization and sound are the elemental point of keeping the players in pace. 
    • The gameplay mechanics and levels, balance the developmental stage. But it’s not just about creating a hyper-realistic physical bandwidth. It’s more about integrating Web 3.0 in the crypto wallet. This will help your players to purchase, develop, and sell parcels of land. From buying skins and accessories to virtual currency, you can trade in every possible way. 

    Step 3: Post-production

    Run Debugging/Performance Check – To enjoy a beautiful gaming verse, skimming out technical glitches, bugs, errors and mishaps before final launch is no brainer. The Quality Analyst(QA) runs the game on the platform you have chosen. Now, you can let yourself relish in the satisfaction of removing loopholes and bugs. 

    Launch in the market: Once the game is ready after checking its performance. Launch into the market and catapult the users. But this is not the end. It’s a series.

    • In the pre-launch, be a pro and remember to release some sorts like teaser breakers, holding beta tests, for creating quite a buzz in the market leaving players drooling.
    • Now, launch into the market that will turn heads with the unique gameplay.
    • In post-launch, gather the feedback through social media, email marketing etc. and engage the audience, forging them to come back for more.
    • Last but not the least comes, the marketing strategy. And this is essential to drive a larger audience and stand out from the crowd, leveraging in-game events, in-game rewards, and referring friends to play. 


    A near future frontier with endless possibilities in the gaming industry: Metaverse

    Metaverse is already spreading across industries of all genres. And on the peak of it is the “Gaming Industry”. It has captured the entire trajectory of the gaming ecosystem, breaking the physical and virtual barrier, aiming to build an umpire. However, let us tell you that this is high time for you to plot a metaverse game of yours, grabbing the untapped opportunities. And for that all you need to do is, connect with a renowned game development company who would catapult you with a sea of users. This would be a golden opportunity for you to leap on with high ROIs. 

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