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    Metaverse is not yet fully developed. While we wait, you can enjoy some amazing VR games on the Oculus/Meta Quest 2. Check out our list of the best games to play right now. All the games on our list work on Meta Quest 2. Let’s start the oculus quest 2 games list with our top 3.

    Explore diverse Oculus Quest 2 games in our extensive list, featuring free options. Discover Meta Quest 2 games and a variety of Oculus 2 games. Find favorites in the Oculus Quest 2 free games list and start playing now!

    Top 3 On Our Oculus Quest 2 Games List That You Can Try Today

    Our top three are Superhot VR with excellent gaming visuals, Half-Life: Alys with stunning gameplay, and Moss: Book 2 with a distinctive concept. You can explore the Oculus Quest 2 Games List with this list, but rest assured, as you move forward with the list, you will find more and more exciting games on it, both: free and paid. So, let’s get you started! 

    Superhot VR, Half-Life: Alyx, Moss: Book 2 are the popular Meta quest 2 games to play fro free. Also see the list of all Oculus meta quest free game.

    Superhot VR

    Originally released in 2016, Supershot has to be one of the top 3 Oculus Quest 2 games lists due to its large fan following. This thrilling VR adaptation takes the game to a new level of immersion and truly showcases its full potential.

    Superhot VR oculus game
    Superhot VR oculus game

    One of the most satisfying aspects of Superhot VR is the opportunity to perfect each level through repeated play and speedrunning. Once players have completed the campaign, they can access the endless mode and continue to enjoy the game’s exciting challenges. 

    The game’s unique concept revolves around the idea that time only moves when you do. To progress, players must use the various items found in their environment – such as guns, swords, and everyday objects – to overcome the oncoming enemies. 

    The gameplay allows for a range of exciting maneuvers. Maneuvers include dodging (or even catching) bullets, throwing shurikens, and engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Overall, Superhot VR is an outstanding addition to VR gaming. And it will provide hours of entertainment for all who play it.

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Half-Life: Alyx game
    Half-Life: Alyx game

    If you want to see the potential of VR gaming, try out this game. Not only is it one of the top 3 on our Oculus 2 games list, but it’s also one of the most-played games on Oculus Quest 2 games. The game is known for its meticulous attention to detail, immersive interaction, captivating storytelling, and intricate setting, among other aspects.

    One of the things to note about this game is that Half-Life: Alyx is not exclusively a Quest 2 game. Also, it is unavailable on the Oculus store, which has since been rebranded to Meta. But that doesn’t mean you can’t access it. 

    Gamers can still access this exceptional VR game by utilizing the PC link cable to connect the Quest 2 to a gaming PC. As a result, Half-Life Alyx is rightfully recognized as the top game on our list of the best Meta Quest 2 games, thanks to its unparalleled gameplay experience.

    EngineSource 2
    ReleaseWindows March 23, 2020 Linux May 15, 2020
    Genre(s)First-person shooter

    Moss: Book 2

    Moss: Book 2

    One of our absolute favorite virtual reality games and one of our top 3 is Moss. There are several reasons to include this game on the list. First, it’s been a classic on the Quest platform for quite some time now, and it’s easy to see why. Recently, a sequel was released, and it’s even more visually stunning on the Quest 2 headset.

    Secondly, the gameplay is similar to its previous version, with players controlling a mouse hero named Quill, who wields a sword and embarks on a mission to save her world. Thirdly, the game involves navigating vast miniature landscapes while solving challenging puzzles along the way, making the game even more exciting. It’s the perfect sit-down-and-play game that is enjoyable to share with family and friends.

    I Expect You To Die 1 & 2 

    When you always wanted to be a top secret agent in James Bond, you can’t say no to I Expect You To Die. This game lets you experience what it’s like to be in the shoes of a secret agent. The game is filled with various escape room scenarios, each packed with convoluted traps and obstacles, making each passing minute more exciting.

    I Expect You To Die VR Game

    I Expect You To Die VR Game

    As you navigate these scenarios, you may die a few times before figuring out how to complete the mission. What makes this game special is its well-paced storytelling, accompanied by a unique sense of humor and adventure. The game offers unique set pieces, each featuring interesting new puzzles and locations. 

    Through it all, you’ll find yourself experiencing a range of emotions as the game challenges you. All in all, I Expect You To Die is an incredibly engaging and thrilling game that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. If you want to satisfy your adventurous soul, this game will test your wits and challenge your mind.

    Beat Saber

    If you have been a Star Wars fan, this entry on this Meta Quest 2 games list is for you. As a player, you must match the color of your saber to the color of the corresponding blocks and slash them at the correct angle. As you progress, the game increases speed, and you must physically dodge hazards such as bombs and walls. 

    The result is a full-body workout accompanied by an electrifying EDM soundtrack. New players can turn on a bonus multiplier helper to make the game easier, while expert players can limit themselves to a single mistake before failing to increase the challenge. 

    Additionally, Beat Saber recently added a multiplayer update. It allows players to compete head-to-head against friends. So, if you want to see who your group’s most skillful swordsman is, you can play multiplier helper. 

    However, if you love to play in single mode, the game will challenge you for hours, with increasingly specific requirements needed to beat the campaign. On top of it, In free play mode, you can pick any song to jam out to, with togglable modifiers that can either support or challenge you.

    ForeVR Bowl

    It’s yet another exciting game with an exciting name: ForeVR Bowl. A huge list of things makes this game worthy of your time. Firstly, it provides the best of both worlds ( real and virtual ) through its incredible simulation. 

    Secondly, with the option for online play or solo challenges, this game offers a diverse range of realistic and quirky environments to explore. What’s more, the ball physics is so precise that it gives you high accuracy. 

    Yet, the game is also forgiving enough to ensure the fun never stops. Remember, however, that you’ll need ample arm room in your home play area to fully enjoy the experience – more than you might initially anticipate.

    The Climb 1 & 2

    The Climb 1 & 2 is another captivating virtual reality rock climbing game compatible with the Oculus Quest 2 platform. The game designs increase its realism and difficulty, providing an exhilarating climb for the player. Each map comprises three progressive difficulty levels, Easy, Medium, and Hard, and also includes two bouldering maps. 

    As players navigate each level, they must manage their stamina while surmounting various environmental hazards that add to the thrill of the game.

    When it comes to the environment, the gameplay is set in multiple stunning locations worldwide, each presenting distinct challenges to the player. The Climb is a relaxing and visually pleasing virtual reality experience that captivates and challenges players.

    Until You Fall 

    If you’re looking for a challenging VR game, then Until You Fall is the perfect choice. This game features an immersive neon aesthetic and a banging synth-wave soundtrack. These elements will keep you hooked for hours on end. Armed with dual-wielding weapons such as swords, maces, or knives, you must strike, dodge, and counter your enemies to emerge victorious.

    Also, stay prepared to spend considerable time falling in battle. But each death provides valuable insights and upgrades to help you turn the tide of battle in your favor. These upgrades range from maximum health to damage buffs. So, you will have more rewards with each successful run. The gameplay loop is similar to the feeling of playing one last round in the Civilization series, making it difficult to put the game down.

    In addition to the challenging combat, Until You Fall features difficult boss fights. In case you want to challenge your mind, try out those fights. With improved gear and preparation, you will find those games fun. If you’re a fan of the sweet torture of playing Soulsborne games, then Until You Fall is a must-play.

    Blade & Sorcery

    Blade & Sorcery is now finally available on the Oculus Quest 2. This game offers a unique combat sandbox experience that seamlessly combines magic and melee combat. 

    However, the game doesn’t feature a story mode or pre-made narrative content. With Blade & Sorcery, your imagination is the only limit to your gameplay. You can create storylines and scenarios to play out in the game world. 

    This doesn’t detract from the overall experience, as the game’s true strength lies in its ability to showcase the full potential of VR technology. With its incredibly immersive combat mechanics and stunningly realized environments, this game is an excellent addition to any Oculus Quest 2 library.

    Resident Evil 4 VR

    For all the Resident Evil franchise fans, we have found one of the most suitable games for you. Resident Evil 4 is a game that has gained much popularity in the zombie-centric series. It was also rated as the game of the year in 2005 and is widely considered one of the best games you can play on the Oculus Quest 2 list.

    Its motion controls and tracking make Resident Evil 4 VR even more exciting. It offers a more interactive and engaging gameplay experience. It impresses everyone how the game, originally designed for traditional gaming, has successfully fitted in VR technology. This adaptation has resulted in being fresh and exciting to play the game. Fans of the series and newbies alike are having fun playing this game. 

    If you’re looking for a game that will provide a unique and immersive experience, then Resident Evil 4 VR is worth checking out. It offers a fresh perspective. And you will have a more interactive way to play the game, making it a must-have for any Oculus Quest 2 owner.

    Rec Room 

    This game is a must-try for those seeking the oculus quest 2 free games list. The Rec Room has an incredible world to explore. Also, it lets you create your unique rooms and jump into fully-replicated video games and exciting activities. With so many options, you’ll never run out of things to do. 

    Plus, if you’ve got friends you don’t get to see as often as you’d like, this game is perfect for keeping in touch and having a blast together. While the community can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, the community-focused approach means there’s always something new and exciting to discover. So why wait? Try the Rec Room and prepare for non-stop thrills and entertainment!

    More 10 Oculus Quest 2 Free Games List

    1. Rec Room: A social platform that offers a variety of multiplayer mini-games and experiences.
    2. Echo VR: A zero-gravity multiplayer sport set in outer space.
    3. VRChat: An expansive social platform that allows you to interact with others in various virtual environments.
    4. Bait!: A relaxing fishing game set in beautiful locations.
    5. First Steps: An introductory experience by Oculus that helps new users become familiar with the VR environment.
    6. Beat Saber Demo: A sample of the popular rhythm game where you slash through blocks to the beat of music.
    7. PokerStars VR: A virtual reality poker game where you can play Texas Hold’em with others.
    8. Waltz of the Wizard: A fantasy-themed experience where you can mix magical ingredients and interact with your environment.
    9. The Under Presents: An experimental social adventure that blends single-player and multiplayer experiences.
    10. AltspaceVR: A social VR platform for events, meetups, and hanging out with people from around the world.

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