Roblox Codes – Anime Adventure Codes And Anime Story Codes


    With our all Roblox Anime Adventures codes and Roblox Anime Story Code list, you don’t have to worry about being short on gems and rewards.

    Save the world alongside heroes and villains in an action-packed Roblox game called Anime Series. As you progress through the game’s challenges, new companions will be unlocked to help you fight off increasingly difficult waves of enemies. You can purchase these with Gems, but acquiring enough of them can take some time, which is where this guide comes in handy.

    Anime Adventure Codes Demo
    Anime Adventure Codes Demo

    You can acquire many free gems by entering a code. Pick and choose which rare character you want to buy from the shop and bring it on your travels. The more gems you stockpile, the more allies you can attract and retain, and the more foes you can conquer.

    Anime Adventures Codes – Get free gems, summon tickets, and other rewards! Here are all the working Anime Adventures codes for October 2023:

    • MORIOH – 500 Gems
    • UNBREAKABLE – 500 Gems and 1,000 Pearls
    • BILLION – x11 World Jumpers (Mythic)
    • subtomaokuma – Legendary Summon Ticket
    • subtokelvingts – Legendary Summon Ticket
    • subtoblamspot – Legendary Summon Ticket
    • noclypso – Legendary Summon Ticket
    • toadboigaming – Legendary Summon Ticket
    • kingluffy – Legendary Summon Ticket
    • fictionthefirst – Legendary Summon Ticket

    What Are Roblox Game Codes?

    Gomu, the game’s creator, regularly updates Anime Adventure with new codes for in-game rewards as players unlock new achievements.

    Anime Adventures codes can unlock gems, summons, and world jumpers.

    You can claim rewards by entering the working codes shared below. The game’s developer regularly releases new codes, so it’s worth checking back, even though they only last for a while.

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    List Of Codes For All Roblox Based Anime Adventures

    Working Codes For Roblox Based Anime Adventures – Working July 2023

    All the below-listed codes are working.

    MADOKA500 Gems
    AINCRAD250 Gems
    BILLION400 Gems
    DRESSROSA250 Gems
    VIGILANTE250 Gems
    SUBTOBLAMSPOT1x Summon Ticket
    NOCLYPSO1x Summon Ticket
    CXRSED1x Summon Ticket
    SUBTOMAOKUMA1x Summon Ticket
    FICTIONTHEFIRST1x Summon Ticket
    SUBTOKELVINGTS1x Summon Ticket
    TOADBOIGAMING1x Summon Ticket
    KINGLUFFY1x Summon Ticket
    SUBTOSNOWRBX1x Summon Ticket

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    All the below-listed codes are expired. They no longer work in the game.

    GOLDEN1k Gems
    SINS2250 Gems
    SINS200 Gems
    UCHIHA250 Gems
    CLOUD250 Gems
    HERO250 Gems
    CHAINSAW250 Gems
    PORTALFIX100 Gems
    CHRISTMAS2022250 Gems
    GRAVITY250 Gems
    UPDATEHYPE250 Gems
    KARAKORA2300 Gems
    KARAKORA500 Gems
    CLOVER2250 Gems
    CLOVER500 Gems
    HALLOWEEN250 Gems and 500 Candies
    CURSE2250 Gems
    CURSE350 Gems
    FAIRY2250 Gems
    FAIRY250 Gems
    ANDROIDLimited Mecha Freezo Skin
    SERVERFIX250 Gems and 2500 Gold
    HUNTER250 Gems
    GHOUL250 Gems
    DATAFIX200 Gems
    MARINEFORD250 Gems
    RELEASE50 Gems
    GINYUFIX100 Gems

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    What Is Roblox Anime Story?

    The Anime Story game in Roblox features an action-packed open world and showcases a strong anime aesthetic. In this game, you create your anime hero by combining abilities from different shows on your quest to become the ultimate protector of Earth.

    However, if you want to increase your character’s strength, Anime Story codes will give you additional enhancements and currencies. Purchase potent equipment and boost your skills to put them to good use. 

    The game was officially released on April 20, 2022. A wide range of popular anime series and characters influenced it, including but not limited to Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and many more.

    Players can combine the abilities of multiple anime characters to create a powerful warrior in Anime Story. Players gain access to new powers and awakenings to defeat enemies and bosses.

    Your character can level up by defeating foes and earning experience, gems, and coins. Players can mine blessed gems from the mining cave and use them to craft unique items along with the regular in-game currencies. With the game’s rebirth mechanic, you can continue leveling up your characters after the first playthrough.

    The game has a maximum of 125 levels currently. Anime Story also features a player-versus-player (PvP) mode, where you can compete against other players and test your skills and strength. Ores spawn for 10-20 minutes, while loot spawns for 1-10 minutes and disappears after 30 minutes.

    Anime Story has the following primary keys:

    • Q – Dash
    • LCTRL – Sprint
    • LMB – Equip Weapons
    • R – Charge Power
    • F – Block at the right time

    Anime Story currently has 17 million visits.

    What Are Anime Story Codes?

    The developer regularly distributes Anime Story discount codes that players can redeem for various benefits, gems, coins, XP, and dragon balls. You will need to purchase these items and level up your character.

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    Working Anime Story Codes – July 2023

    All the below-listed codes are working.

    BEGINNERBOOST2 Hour 2x Experience
    February8 Dragon Balls
    LUNAR2K Gems
    BACKTOBACK3 Hour 2x Experience 
    JANUARYY8 Dragon Balls
    SORRY20233K Gems
    NEWYEAR2 Hour 2x Experience
    STORAGE 10 Dragon Balls
    ENJOY2K Gems
    CHRISTMAS2 Hour 2x Experience
    SPIRITS6 Dragon Balls
    HOORAY1K Gems
    UPDATE62 Hour 2x Experience
    ANGEL5 Dragon Balls
    RACES1.5K Gems
    UPDATE52 Hour 2x Experience
    FINALLY9 Dragon Balls
    HUNTER1K Gems

    All Codes Anime Adventures 2023 (month)

    All the below-listed codes are expired. They no longer work in the game.

    UPDATE_TIME1231 Hour 2x Experience
    UPDATE_TIME1 Hour 2x Experience
    DUNGEONS_SOON1 Hour 2x Experience
    SORRY7 Dragon Balls
    DRAGBOOST15 Dragon Balls
    DRAGON50 Dragon Balls
    SOON10 Dragon Balls
    LIKEGOAL30K7 Dragon Balls
    REBIRTH7 Dragon Balls
    LIKEGOAL20K 7 Dragon Balls
    DELAY_TWOD2 Magic Gems
    MILLY1K Gems
    LIKEGOAL10K1K Gems
    PARTTWO2K Gems
    WAVETWO20K Gems
    BUGS1K Gems
    FIXED1K Gems
    FIXED1231K Gems
    BAN_WAVE11K Gems
    MONDAY_RIP1K Coins
    DELAY700 Gems
    DUNGEON3 Hours 2x Experience
    DOUBLEBOOST3 Hours 2x Experience
    BOOST3 Hours 2x Experience
    UPDATE3WHEN3 Hours 2x Experience
    SHUTITDOWN6 Hours 2x Experience
    UPD3SOON2 Hours 2x Experience
    UPDATE_TIME1 Hour 2x Experience
    BACK_AWAKEStat Reset
    DUNGEONS_SOON11 Hour 2x Experience
    FIXED_EXPLOIT30 minutes 2x experience
    RESETStat Reset
    STRESS_TEST15 minutes 2x experience
    NERF_CELL30 minutes 2x experience
    REVAMP30 minutes 2x experience
    FIXED130 minutes 2x experience
    RANKED30 minutes 2x experience
    SECRET2 Stat Reset
    DUNGEONS_SOON1 Hour 2x experience
    CODE5KLIKES3 Divine Gems

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    How Can I Redeem Anime Story Free Codes?

    To redeem a gift, follow these steps if you have an Anime Story code:

    • Start Roblox Anime Adventure.
    • Press the MENU button to get the menu.
    • Select the Codes option on the right side of the screen.
    • Please enter a valid code in the “Enter Code Here” field.
    • Select the Redeem button to claim your reward.

    Where Can I Find More Anime Story Free Codes?

    Follow the developer’s social media accounts on Twitter and join its official Discord server. Joining the Roblox Group page of Anime Story will allow you to receive the latest updates about new codes.

    Plus, press CTRL+D to bookmark this page, as we continuously update this list with new codes for Anime Story.

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