Chief Metaverse Officer Job Description


    To be ready for the metaverse, your company might need a chief metaverse officer (CMTO), someone who has both vision and technical expertise. Know with us the chief metaverse officer job description.

    Web3 has built a mind-blowing world for people to explore, where endless opportunities exist, and technology takes a new avatar every day!

    It can be a bit overwhelming, but with guides like Meet Cathy Hackl, the Web3 strategist, we can easily navigate through this digital labyrinth. 

    Meet Cathy Hackl, tech futurist, and the first Chief Metaverse Officer changing the game for some of the biggest brands out there.

    As the founder and Chief Metaverse Officer at Journey (formerly Futures Intelligence Group), she helps businesses looking to expand into the virtual world with the help of captivating technology like NFTs, gaming, virtual fashion, virtual worlds, and more. 

    Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg, this article will explore everything about the Metaverse chief office’s job description in detail further, and we will also look into the steps using which you can join the ranks of visionaries like Cathy Hackl. So, let’s get you started! 

    Chief Metaverse Officer- What Is The Role All About

    Hackl defined her job as a “professionally qualified futurist and strategist, who has worked with AWS, Magic Leap, and HTC VIVE, and helps brands understand how this new paradigm will impact their businesses.” In her role as CMO of the Futures Intelligence Group, Hackl helps top brands understand how the Metaverse will impact their businesses. She achieves this by developing growth strategies for the Metaverse, using NFTs, gaming, and virtual fashion, and providing guidance on expanding brands into virtual worlds.

    So analyzing her job profile, we can get the idea that the role of a Chief Metaverse Officer is incredibly dynamic and exciting! They possess a wealth of knowledge in technology, video games, and the Web 3.0 ecosystem. With their expert skills in recruiting individuals with development platform skills, they’re able to build a powerhouse team.

    Their proficiency in cryptocurrency, cloud computing, blockchain, and gaming engines is unmatched, making them an invaluable asset to any brand. They can help businesses navigate the Metaverse landscape and implement innovative strategies such as NFTs, gaming, and virtual fashion. With their guidance, brands can thrive in this new, thrilling digital world.

    Chief Metaverse Officer Job Description- What Responsibilities Do The CMTO Job Role Include

    Typically, a chief metaverse officer (CMTO) will be responsible for a lot of things, includes:- 

    Development and Maintenance

    As an individual with vast experience in the web, a CMTO guides the business to establish a strong foundation in the Metaverse. They will infuse their deep knowledge of video games and the web3 ecosystem to find the right place for a business in the Meta. Besides using their technical knowledge, a chief metaverse officer will also use the market’s creativity to drive an organization’s metaverse efforts. They will recruit individuals well versed with meta technology and development platforms to build an identity for the business and further mine it. 

    Manages Organization’s Brand, Image, Mission, And Vision Across Various Virtual Platforms

    The very first the CMTO helps businesses is to rev up their Metaverse strategy. By building a unique and effective Meta strategy, they make a big impact in the virtual world. To create an impressive strategy, CMO starts their work by understanding their organization’s brand, image, mission, and vision in the physical world. 

    From there, they’ll translate these elements into the metaverse context, considering the unique opportunities and obstacles that come with virtual platforms. Working hand-in-hand with the leadership team, the CMO will align the organization’s metaverse strategy with its overall objectives for maximum success. 

    They move on further and keep business branding consistent across all virtual platforms, making a lasting impression. The CMTO will establish guidelines for visual identity, tone of voice, and messaging that align with the organization’s brand guidelines. 

    Establishes Stable Leadership And Management

    Because the Metaverse is still in its initial state, only a small portion of the C-suite fully recognizes what it is. CMTO is one of them. A Chief Metaverse officer learns, explores, and prepares for a business’s Metaverse, even in limited implementation. 

    To maintain effective leadership and management, they help businesses navigate emerging trends and find what works best for their specific needs.They build a perfect team of effective leaders, pulling their teams in the right direction to go head-to-head with the Metavers’ need for innovative ideas. 

    Further, they aid the business in exploring the wider landscape of Metave and how they can take advantage of the endless possibilities present in this digital world. 

    So, Do Businesses Need To Hire A CTMO? 

    Now that we know what the Chef Metaverse officer job description is, the real question is whether businesses need to hire the CMTO. The answer is yes, CMTO helps a new business to play, test, and research what works best for them. 

    Even though Metaverse is in its initial stages, it has many businesses establishing themselves in it. This means if a business doesn’t build itself better, it will lose its grip somewhere in the competition. Hiring the CMTO is the first step to prevent that from happening. They build a complete roadmap and execute it in a way that suffices the current demands of the metaverse market, eventually helping your business stand out. 

    Additionally, if an already established business wants to move into the Metaverse, CMTO can help figure out what use cases for the Metaverse are best for their company. They will help businesses find the best platform, tools, and development to simplify the physical-to-virtual transition.

    Can You Become A Chief Metaverse Officer? What Does The Path You Need To Become One?

    It is worth considering a job as a Chief Metaverse Officer (CMTO), especially since major organizations like Disney, P&G, and LVMH have invested in this position to navigate the future of the internet. While the job role does belong to people with strong technical and soft skills, it doesn’t mean that people from the non-tech industry can’t try for it. In fact, the first chief metaverse office, Meet Cathy Hackl, came from a non-technical background. So, here are some things that you can do to become a chief metaverse officer: –

    Technology is evolving at a fast pace, so you want to stay on top of the latest developments in the Metaverse. Read as many articles as you can. Attend webinars and industry events to broaden your knowledge. Additionally, you can also follow the CMTOs like Meet Cathy Hackl to know what they are doing with the fusion of technologies to help the business.

    Sharpen Your Expertise

    According to an article published in Bloomberg, the Chief Metaverse officer should have a proper skill set to attract good compensation packages. You want to build a dynamic skill set, combining technology, strategic thinking, and user-centricity. Additionally, hone your skills in virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, user experience, and data analysis.

    Have Good Sort Skills 

    Having good soft skills in this profile is as crucial as having good technical skills. You will build the metaverse strategies for a business, making investments, partnerships, and content on behalf of clients while also ensuring the entire 3000+ person agency remains on the same page. You can’t do all of these without having good soft skills!

    Connect and Collaborate

    Connection is a crucial aspect of this job profile. So, you want to link up with metaverse professionals, attend conferences, and engage with forward-thinking communities exploring the potential of Web3. Make sure to forge valuable relationships with like-minded individuals that can help you grow further into becoming a CMTO. 

    Try Seeking Out Some Projects

    Always stay ready to dive into the world of the Metaverse. You can’t do this job just for money. It’s a job where you need passion and a skill set to grow. So, from the very beginning of your journey, try to engage in exciting projects and organizations exploring their future in the Metaverse. There might not be that many companies investing in this profile right now, but seeing the trends, soon, every company will think about hiring the CMTO as their priority. 

    Take The Responsibility

    Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The Metaverse requires creative minds and those willing to challenge conventions. As a metaverse pioneer, it’s up to you to champion ethical practices and advocate for inclusivity. So, help a brand ensure a positive and equitable digital future while doing the same for you. 


    The rise of the Chief Metaverse Officer is a game-changer in the world of digital experiences. The Metaverse is quickly becoming the future of transformative potential, and the CMTO is the driving force behind it all. From strategic initiatives to immersive experiences, the CMO’s multidisciplinary approach is essential in making businesses thrive in this dynamic digital landscape. Also, being a CMTO is an exciting role. With the right knowledge, skills set, passion, and experience, anyone considers this as their possible next career and enjoys the high paying compensation packages in the industry. Thank you for reading this guide. We hope you have liked this guide and enjoyed reading about CMTO, a Chief Metaverse officer. 

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