How to Get Married in Metaverse – How Does Metaverse Wedding Work?


    Marriage in the metaverse refers to a virtual wedding ceremony that takes place in virtual reality, either in a virtual world or online gaming platform. Here’s how you can get married in the metaverse:

    Technology has expanded its presence in people’s daily lives over the past few years. The potential of virtual reality (VR) technology is huge. The promise of virtual reality technology to address pressing modern problems has fueled its rapid development and widespread adoption.

    While many of us have been there (for example, to participate in a virtual concert, collaborate with coworkers, or see what the hype is about), one couple recently decided to take things to the next level by getting married there!

    So now the question is how to get married in Metaverse.

    1. There are several virtual metaverse platforms where a marriage can be hosted. Signup and subscribe to have a virtual wedding ceremony.
    2. Choose a venue: Choose a venue in the metaverse that suits your wedding plan. You can choose from a variety of virtual locations such as beaches, gardens, or even castles. Metaverse has all locations of our choice. ❤️ Except for the honeymoon, you can plan anything here. ?
    3. Hire a virtual wedding planner: Many metaverse platform offer fully customization. Metaverse offer virtual wedding planners who can help you plan your wedding and handle the logistics.
    4. Choose your attire: Pick out virtual attire for you and your partner. You can choose from a variety of virtual clothing options, ranging from traditional wedding attire to more unique, creative options.
    5. Invite guests: Invite your friends and family to your virtual wedding ceremony. They can participate in the ceremony from the comfort of their own homes.
    6. Exchange vows: Exchange vows in front of your guests, just like in a traditional wedding ceremony.
    7. Celebrate: After the ceremony, you can celebrate with your guests and enjoy your virtual honeymoon.

    What Is the Metaverse?

    Metaverse is a 3D online world where users can “live” and interact with one another using digital avatars. The technology incorporates several components, including AR, VR, and blockchain. Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, and Somnium Space are examples of platforms developed to facilitate user participation in this virtual environment. In addition, it will continue to expand. By 2024, the Metaverse could be worth over $800 billion, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

    What are Metaverse Weddings – How to Get Married in Metaverse

    A virtual space designer creates the virtual space for a Metaverse wedding. You can invite people to a wedding on the cloud who you would not be able to invite to a traditional wedding because of space constraints. The bride and groom’s wedding attire and avatars can be personalized to reflect the individuality of the happy couple. Furthermore, the avatars can dance and communicate with one another.

    The first known online wedding took place in 2020 with a U.S.-based couple using Zoom’s video conferencing service. In February 2022, Candice Hurley and Ryan Hurley wed in a virtual ceremony on the Decentraland property. Planning their wedding in the Metaverse required the presence of the bride, groom, their son, and the officiant.

    To some, having their weddings in the virtual world of the Metaverse is a refreshing change from traditional, more formal ceremonies. Even if they live a thousand miles away, more people will be able to celebrate the couple’s union.

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    Pocket Pinch

    A wedding in the Metaverse can cost anywhere from $500 to $50,000. Depending on the digital venue, decor, theme, guest participation, and avatars’ outfits, the cost of designing and developing a wedding in VR can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.


    Even though two humans legally can’t wed in the Metaverse, weddings are increasingly commonplace in that setting. A formal wedding must accompany the ceremony. The majority of experts agree that it will eventually catch up. Considering that the law governing marriage is quite dated in many nations, how long will it be before the wedding reception moves from the garden gazebo to the world of avatar brides, and how far society and technology will have come in that time?

    No Bar on Themes, Outfits, Menu, Etc

    Outfit yourself as a character from a favorite show, an alien, a member of a band, or a model wearing a designer label. In March, during Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland, designer Elie Saab showed off some noteworthy couture. No rules exist regarding the style of the wedding either. Objects can be made to levitate, food can appear magically, and Dumbledore could be brought back to life to give a toast if you want a Harry Potter-themed wedding.

    No Guest Limit

    You can have thousands of guests if you’d like. Everyone’s welcome, from your far-off aunt to your go-to barista.

    Use of NFTs as Party Favors

    You should give your guests a memento of the wedding as a parting gift. What is a better “token” of your appreciation there than an NFT? Make your own NFTs and hand them out to the guests at the wedding. Tokens can’t be duplicated or stolen because they’re linked to the blockchain, so each one will always be unique.

    Planning the Perfect Wedding Scene

    If you want to build any environment, the Metaverse is a seamless technology with almost no restrictions. To take it one step further, a couple can design their 3D avatars and their ideal wedding scene within an immersive 3D environment. Metaverse platforms also have unlimited space, which is a huge plus compared to traditional wedding venues’ constraints. Never worry about storage space again with Metaverse.

    Getting married in the virtual world has yet to be recognized by the law. The meta-marriage certificate serves as proof that the marriage took place. The Web3 meta-marriage certificate is not legally binding but rather a novel idea. When two people declare their love for one another and have it recorded in the blockchain, they can do so independently of any government, religion, or other institution. Further, in situations where public disclosure is not appropriate or safe, one’s marital status can be hidden on the blockchain.

    Advantages of Wedding in Metaverse

    • Want to get married while dressed as a princess and riding a unicorn? If you have ten thousand guests at your party, why not give them NFTs as a take-home gift? When you’re in the middle of a metaverse ceremony, anything goes. A beach, mountain, or even Venus can be the scene of your fantastical adventure.
    • A wedding in the virtual world is a destination wedding that, provided guests have access to the internet, can be attended by anyone. The couple can choose to hold the ceremony wherever they happen to be and invite as many people as they like. No way for Grandma to go? That’s not an issue, though!
    • You can have your dream wedding at a reasonable cost by having it in the Metaverse, where you can customize every aspect of the ceremony and reception. Couples who are concerned about their budgets and interested in new technologies are most likely to embrace these types of weddings.
    • A wedding in the Metaverse allows you to let your imagination run wild as you plan and design every last detail.
    • Zoom can’t compare to the immersive, emotionally satisfying experience of exploring a virtual world as an avatar, an idealized version of yourself. Digital brides are all the rage among today’s brides. You can maintain a flawless appearance and a size 4 frame.
    • In the Metaverse, the sky’s the limit if you want to flaunt your lavish spending habits. A Dolce & Gabbana tiara will set you back $300,000, while a PUMA digital wedding dress will run you 1 ether, or roughly $3,400.

    Challenges in Metaverse Wedding

    There are difficulties in this modern, technological world. Problems with the technology could cause the ceremony to be cut short or the avatars to stop moving. The server may crash if too many people try to join at once.

    How Much Does a Metaverse Wedding Cost?

    It depends. It will cost more to add additional customization options. However, if you want to keep things basic and do the bare minimum, you can save money. As an example, the Gagnons spent $30,000 (USD) on their wedding. If they had limited the customization, they could have saved around US $10,000. Hosting a wedding in the Metaverse may be much cheaper than a traditional one.

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    What Does The Future Look Like for Wedding in Metaverse?

    It has been reported that many prestigious hotel chains are setting up shops in Decentraland. Some event venues, like New York City’s Plaza Hotel, don’t exist in the real world, but virtual design firms like Virbela make replicas of these venues. When it comes to legal matters, there may come a time when the law is revised to adapt to the development of virtual life.

    In the Metaverse, you can experiment to your heart’s content without consequences. Do you have any space weddings planned? Would you rather have your morning session in Italy and your evening session in Australia? Your ideal wedding location can now be fully realized in the Metaverse. You can go anywhere, from the Moon to New York’s Plaza Hotel. You can customize the universe to suit your preferences and travel to any part of it.

    Using the Metaverse, we can form connections between people in ways we could never have imagined.

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