How to Host Concerts in Metaverse? How VR Concerts Work in the Metaverse


    Unlock the future of entertainment! Discover how to host mind-blowing VR concerts in the Metaverse. Explore the immersive world of virtual reality concerts.

    Is the Metaverse the right place for your concert? Virtual spaces are triumphing in fields ranging from musical concerts to prestigious conferences due to their unlimited capacity, lack of physical infrastructure needs, and global accessibility. One Times Square hosted a massive New Year’s celebration event in 2023. The event industry should focus on Metaverse to reap the most benefits from this emerging market.

    What are Metaverse Concerts?

    Online performances called concerts in the Metaverse take place in a living, breathing digital world. Attendees can range from a few people to thousands at these performances, varying from small gatherings to massive festivals.

    Virtual events allow users to join from any location, so concerts in the Metaverse can attract fans worldwide. Virtual event attendees can explore virtual environments, communicate with other participants and presenters, and participate in impossible activities and games at a formal event. If you are reading about it here, you already know what a metaverse is. Let’s move on to the next step and learn how to hold concerts in the Metaverse.

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    How VR Concerts Work in the Metaverse

    Blockchain technology powers the Metaverse, where virtual reality concerts usually occur. Watching a concert in a metaverse involves getting outfitted, logging in, traveling to the concert location, and enjoying yourself, much like playing a virtual reality game.

    Online games in the Metaverse provide live, augmented reality. You can communicate with other players in real-time using a shared keyword, universal controllers, or virtual reality (VR) equipment.

    Typical Metaverse Attributes Include

    • Digital setting controlled by the gamer.
    • Players can create, own, and construct the game’s environments and objects instead of the developers.
    • Metaverse offers various minted, tradeable, usable NFTs.
    • Players can host parties, art exhibits, mazes, and concerts in the Metaverse and invite their friends to join them for these events.

    How To Host A Virtual Concert in Metaverse?

    Before planning the event, you should determine what you want to accomplish with it. Do you want to spread the word about a new offering, increase your company’s visibility, or gather everyone in one room for a good time?

    Choose the Platform for Your Metaverse Concert

    You can host Metaverse events on platforms like Decentraland, Somnium Space, AltspaceVR, Minecraft, Adobe Aero, and social VR apps like VRChat. To ensure the success of your event, you should ensure that the platform you choose is suitable for your intended audience.

    Think about implementing some of these features after you’ve chosen your platform.

    • NFT tickets: Tokenizing NFTs for your Metaverse concert can streamline entry procedures and reduce ticket scalping.
    • Avatars: Their avatars will represent the audience members while they watch the show. Design unique avatars that reflect the spirit of your occasion.
    • Marketplaces: Metaverse events can welcome virtual marketplaces. These shops can sell NFTs, virtual goods, and physical goods.

    Assemble What You Require

    Once you find the perfect location to hold your event, ensure you have everything you need for a successful event. You’ll require a microphone, camera, interface, or mixer to hook your gear to your computer or phone. However, the type of show you’re hosting will determine the specific equipment you’ll need. 

    A company like iRig makes an adapter that musicians can stream directly from their phones. Learn your equipment’s ins and outs and launch any required software before the gig. Having a selection of cover songs ready to play is a good idea if you plan on taking requests from the crowd. Preferring to be overly prepared is always better than being unprepared. 

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    Work on Set Design

    Keep in mind that you need to present yourself effectively. Keep your audience interested by using visual elements such as lighting and clothing. Remember that virtual concerts don’t have the same energy as live sets, so it pays to spend more time and effort on your virtual performance. 

    Promote Your Show

    You must promote your concert regardless of the type of performance you’re hosting. Ensure that you send your audience social media invites, direct messages, and teasers so that they know what to expect. Attend other virtual concerts to show support for other performers and make connections for the future. 

    Test Your Stream

    Prepare yourself before entering your set. Set up multiple test streams to lessen the likelihood of technical issues. Maintain your confidence even if you encounter difficulties! Consider preparing a few talking points to keep the crowd entertained while you and your team figure things out. 

    After hosting your show, evaluate how things went so you can make changes the next time. As you prepare to host your next virtual event, keep your chin up because building momentum from your audience can take a while, just like in a live performance.

    Ensure that the event’s content is interesting and relevant, regardless of whether it’s a virtual concert, a gaming tournament, or a product launch. Organise activities, content, and audience participation for the event.

    • When you set up everything and get ready for your event, it’s time for you to spread the word. 
    • Organizing and running a successful event in the Metaverse requires putting much time and effort into planning, coordinating, and communicating. 
    • Collect feedback from attendees and evaluate the event’s success to make adjustments for next time. Use this data to create better, more interesting, and more successful events in the future.

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    Hosting a Metaverse Concert: Why You Should Do It

    (i) The virtual show will enable you, as an artist, to connect with more people. Virtual concerts allow the audience to be from anywhere in the world.

    (ii) Putting together a Virtual Concert is as simple as opening a program on your computer. You can create your show in any medium you like without the constraints of a live performance. Going to a live show offers fewer options than attending a virtual concert.

    (iii) In the Metaverse, digital creators can do anything at any time. An artist can manipulate the virtual world around them to easily switch between costumes and stages during a virtual concert. 

    (iv) A Metaverse concert holds the attention of attendees for the duration of the performance because they can move freely around the stage and experience it from multiple vantage points. Epic Games hosted a Travis Scott concert in Fortnite, their smash hit game. Travis Scott’s giant skyscraper 3D avatar leads the concertgoers’ avatars through space and even underwater during the concert.


    The virtual 3D world Decentraland allows users of the metaverse cryptocurrency MANA to purchase land parcels. Atari, Adidas, and Sotheby’s have already purchased plots of land in Decentraland to use as their virtual headquarters.

    Musicians like Grimes and Deadmau5 have performed virtual concerts hosted by Decentraland. Furthermore, the Metaverse Festival attracted over 50,000 virtual attendees last year and is expected to do so again this year.

    The Sandbox

    Users can experiment in the Sandbox, a metaverse based on blockchain. Players can purchase LAND, which are virtual plots of land, and use them to create content for the game. The Metaverse has multiple game tokens, including the non-fungible token (NFT) LAND, the game currency (SAND), and asset tokens (also NFTs).

    The Sandbox collaborated with Snoop Dogg to introduce his SnoopVerse in music. Warner Music Group declared that it would use its newly established outpost in The Sandbox as the venue for a series of online concerts.

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    Since 2006, Roblox has existed as a gaming platform and Metaverse. In his first virtual concert, Lil Nas X splashed the music industry by introducing his song “Holiday” to Roblox users. Twenty-One Pilots released an interactive concert experience on the platform, following suit quickly, and Zara Larsson celebrated her new album by throwing a virtual party.


    Industry powerhouse Epic Games is rapidly propelling the online game Fortnite to true metaverse status. Its popularity speaks volumes, as it has become the de facto standard for virtual concerts. The legendary Travis Scott concert attracted over 12.3 million players, setting a model for other virtual concerts.

    Horizon Worlds

    The virtual reality game Horizon Worlds is compatible with the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest 2. It was formerly known as Facebook Horizons. Meta has merged its Horizon Worlds social VR platform with its Horizon Venues event experience. Hosting more online shows and concerts became possible due to this change. Post Malone performed on Horizon Worlds, joining many famous musicians.

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    Who has Hosted a Virtual Concert?

    Here are some examples who have hosted a virtual concert in the Metaverse.

    1. Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber debuted as an avatar in his virtual world and performed a live concert for the first time on November 18, 2021. The show featured fans in real time, and Justin collaborated with the WaiverCam team.

    2. Travis Scott

    Travis Scott’s virtual concert attracted over 12 million Fortnite players. During the Fortnite concert, a giant version of Scott emerged from the crater created by an asteroid and performed “Sicko Mode,” his number-one hit with Drake. Shortly after the concert ended, Kid Cudi and he debuted their new song “The Scotts,” which included underwater and space segments.

    3. Ariana Grande

    Epic Games invited pop star Ariana Grande to perform in Fortnite, and she performed for multiple days in the game’s virtual world. Season 7, appropriately titled “Moment of Togetherness,” resonated with her concert’s overarching message and theme.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Concert

    How to promote your virtual event?

    Pump up your fans for your virtual concert by posting updates and promotional material on social media. Publish content as the event day approaches for optimal results. Ensure you enable easy sharing so your followers can help spread the word.

    What are some tips for a successful virtual concert?

    Frequently promote your event in advance to build anticipation. Choose and incorporate an idea that resonates with your target market into your advertising. Assume the worst and prepare to assist your fans if the technology malfunctions.


    Experiencing live music at a virtual concert is one of the best ways. Communicating with your audience and keeping them abreast of your latest efforts is fantastic through this channel.

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