How To Make Custom VRChat Avatars


    Create your own unique VRChat avatars with our step-by-step guide. Learn how to make custom avatars and stand out in the virtual world.

    Many avatar options are available in the VR chat, but are you still looking for the available VRChat avatars? Want to stand out in an online virtual community with a unique individual avatar? We recommend that you design your VRChat characters. Many websites now enable users to create an avatar using their tools.

    Developing a personalized VRChat avatar provides endless opportunities for self-expression and is a fun challenge. This article teaches you everything you need to know to make your VRChat avatar.

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    So, let’s get started!

    What is VRChat and VRChat Avatar?

    VRChat is a virtual reality platform where users can interact with each other in a virtual world. Avatars are the digital representations of users they use to navigate and communicate within the VRChat environment.

    Users create and interact in a 3D virtual world with other users on the VRChat platform. Users construct virtual identities and environments in VRChat, allowing them to assume any appearance they like, which has led to a large following.

    Users can access VRChat’s “desktop” mode with a regular computer mouse and keyboard, although it is optimized for use with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift.

    How to Make a VRChat Avatar

    Creating a unique VRChat avatar may be difficult for those unfamiliar with 3D modeling and animation.

    The process requires time and concentration. If you want to make a VRChat Avatar quickly, follow these instructions.

    • Choose the appearance of your virtual self.
    • Create or gather 3D models of your character’s gear.
    • Import the models into a 3D program such as Blender or Unity.
    • Give color and texture to your 3D models now.
    • Animate and move the 3D models.
    • Create facial expressions and lip sync.
    • A variety of visual tweaks can enhance the presentation of the game.
    • Adjust your character’s appearance in VRChat to look good, and make any necessary tweaks.

    In this post, we’ll illustrate how simple it is to make a virtual-reality character using Ready Player Me. Before we dive into the process of making an avatar, let’s define Ready Player Me.

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    Upload a photo of yourself to create a digital representation using this service. Change your avatar’s hair, eyes, wardrobe, and accessories to create a unique look.

    Making your own Ready Player Me avatar for VRChat takes only a few minutes.

    Step 1: Choose the Gender of Your Avatar

    Visit and then choose “Create Avatar.”

    We proceed to the page where we select our body type. There are three potential options to choose from.

    • Masculine
    • Feminine
    • Don’t specify

    On the next screen, we can take a selfie, upload an existing photo, or skip the photo altogether. 

    Step 2: Style Your Avatar

    Take a snapshot or upload one. Please take off your glasses and focus your attention solely on the camera. Adequate lighting is involved in creating the most effective conditions. You may move on without uploading an image.

    After selecting the gender, we personalize our Avatars. The setting in Ready Player Me feels like a shopping mall due to the endless clothing options available. Whether you prefer cosplay, casual, or athletic wear, you can dress in the latest fashions. Everyone can find something at this store, from girls to guys. You don’t have to worry; it will fit perfectly. Choose from various sets and proceed to the next section here!

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    Step 3: Choose the Hairstyle

    Pick the cut and dye job you want! Prepare to sparkle like a star by grabbing your preferred option.

    Step 4: Add Some Facial Hair (Optional)

    Now, you can give your male VR Avatar a full beard, mustache, and scruff. You can customize a female character in the same way. Why? Run wild with your imagination and create whatever you want! Relax and make yourself at home! Getting your haircut at a salon is the same. Trust the experts and put up your feet! Pick, click, and use.

    Begin by selecting from an abundance of different facial hair options. Secondly, you can color them as they are blank and ready. Try it on and visualize! You don’t need fingers, arms, mathematics, or physics to convey your desired modifications to your head and face. You won’t be sorry if you take the plunge.

    Step 5: Change the Color of the Irises

    Irises! Take off your glasses! Choose your irises easily. Believing is done by seeing. Looking into someone’s eyes can evoke a wide range of emotions or completely immerse you in them without ever emerging. From now on, avoid staring downward, straight ahead, or too deeply into another person’s chest.

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    Step 6: Choose a Suitable Eyebrow

    Eyebrows! Choose your form and color! Fashion is also a topic of interest. You can customize them to be hot, ugly, bad, good, or anything in between! This website offers users a lot of options, making it special. Enjoy!

    Step 7: Wear Some Accessories

    Do you prefer to shield your eyes from the rays of the Sun with sunglasses, prescription eyewear, or just a hat? Make your call and pick them out, then slip them on! Remember to glance around; your actions will shock, amaze, and surprise people. 

    Step 8: Add a Bit Makeup

    The next-to-last process is applying makeup. Apply a devil’s horn tattoo to your virtual self or transform into a scary face monster by applying lipstick, highlighter, foundation, and underlining your eyes.

    Step 9: Get a Cool Headwear

    A suitable cap or hat adds the final touch. Choose the one that works best for you! Shake that place!

    Step 10: Save and Import

    Next, select “Import to VRChat,” enter your VRChat credentials, and authorize the Ready Player Me app. VRChat will sync with the avatars in about 10 to 15 minutes. Under the “Other” subheading, navigate to the “Avatars” menu to find it. 

    Check out this YouTube video if you’d like some help:

    Where You Can Get VRChat Avatars

    Several options are available if you want to personalize your VRChat experience with an avatar.

    You can search for avatars that suit your taste in places other than VRChat. However, avatars for VRChat are also available. Below are some listed great resources for VRChat avatars.


    Artists on Fiverr can create a 3D model of any character you choose when you hire them. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $350, depending on how intricate the design is. Ask the vendor to ensure that the design works with VRChat.

    Unity Store

    You can use the ready-made 3D character models from the Unity Asset Store as VRChat avatars. Ensure that the asset you upload has fewer than 70,000 triangles (10k for the VRChat game if you use Oculus Quest).


    Sketchfab allows artists to share and sell their 3D creations. You can examine the appearance of hundreds of avatars in any genre using their 3D model viewer, which allows you to look at them from all directions.

    VRC Traders Discord Server

    The VRC Traders Discord server offers customized VRChat items, 2D artwork, logos, and more that you can order. Check out ratings to locate a competent designer.

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    How to Add an Avatar in VRChat

    Ready Player Me now supports many virtual reality applications, including VRChat, making it a breeze for users to create and use their unique avatars while chatting. Click the “Import to VRChat” button after finishing your creation and clicking the “Done” button in the upper right. A pop-up will appear.

    Your interest and time are appreciated. I hope you have learned something new and enjoyed reading this!


    Practicing is necessary to get good at making a VRChat avatar, even though it can be a creative and entertaining hobby.

    You can use resources like VRChat’s documentation and platforms like Ready Player Me, Fiverr, and Sketchfab to create the perfect avatar. Improving your VRChat experience is possible by using a custom avatar you can make yourself or have someone design for you.

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