How to Upload VRChat Avatars

Learn how to upload avatars to VRChat effortlessly. Follow our simple guide and share your unique creations with the VRChat community.

VR enthusiasts who have explored VR for some time probably know about VRChat and VRChat avatars. While VRChat is a social platform, in VRChat, players can express themselves, gain the attention of other players, and more by using their avatars.

If you ever made a custom avatar for your VR Chat profile, you will want to flaunt it. Before you can show your avatars to your friends on VRChat, it is necessary to upload the avatar. The right guidance can make uploading an avatar for the first time quite simple, even though it may seem intimidating.

Once you prepare your avatar’s files, start the upload process. Most player-created content for games requires you to install some additional software. Players can easily create and share their unique avatars in VR Chat, encouraging creativity and self-expression.

But before doing so, let us know how we can change avatars in the VRChat.

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So, let’s get started!

How To Change Avatar In VRchat?

  • To make changes to your avatar in VRchat, access the Avatar Menu.
  • First, open the Quick Menu. You must have a dedicated button on your controller for this purpose.
  • Select the corresponding button to access your avatars. You can choose from many different options to select an avatar here.
  • You can select any of the available avatars. In VRChat, you can use premade avatars or create your own.
  • Find the avatar you want to use going forward by browsing the available options. Select an avatar using your standard method of selecting an item from a list.
  • Clicking “change” displays a 3D model of the avatar for selection.

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Can we Make Custom VRChat Avatars?

In the past, designers had to design a 3D model, give it a rig, and import it into a game engine to make a virtual character. Making your avatar takes a lot of time and expertise with 3D modeling software.

But nowadays, creating your own custom VR avatars is comparatively simple. To do so, there are plenty of VRChat avatar generators available online. In our recent article, we have shared a guide to creating custom VR avatars. Check our guide and create your awesome avatars.

Now, you know how to make your unique VRChat avatars. Let’s see how to upload VRChat avatars easily.

How to Upload VRChat Avatars

To upload your avatar to VRChat, you need to run Unity 2019.4.29f1. Sign up for VRChat and click this link: to get the SDK3 Avatars.

You need a user account with a “New User” Trust Rank or a Premium account to upload content.

Unzip the file you downloaded from your secure user area containing your avatar. 

The guide to uploading your avatar to VRChat

  • Start a new Unity project and select the 3D Template.
  • Go to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package on the VRChat downloads page to import the Avatar SDK3 package.
  • Select the VR Chat SDK, display the admin menu, enter your login information, and log in. 
  • From Unity -> Assets -> Import Asset – Select all the files you unzipped into the folder and click “Fix Now” if you saw the Materials message.
  • Go to the Assets menu and select the picture to access your Avatar.
  • Click the model and then choose “Import” on Blend Shapes Normal in the inspector.
  • In the Rig tab of the inspector, choose “Humanoid” as the Animation Type, then click “Create from this model an Avatar Definition” and “Apply.”
  • Under the Materials tab, set the “location” option for the “Use External Materials (legacy)” setting in the inspector.
  • Set the Hair object’s Rendering Mode to Fade.
  • Drag the Avatar from the Assets panel into the Project Scene.
  • Add an animator component through the inspector if it doesn’t already have one.
  • Select VRC Avatar Description from the Add Component menu in the inspector.
  • Choose “Inspector Options” from the menu of the inspector and then select “View.”
  • Drag the selection near the head to adjust the height of the head view.
  • Go to VRChat SKD – Show Contro Pannel
  • Press the “Builder” button.
  • Select Autofix to correct the problem when an error occurs.
  • Click the Windows Build and Publish button.
  • Give your VRChat Window a title and description there.
  • In the VRChat Window, add a name and description.
  •  Navigate to Avatars, pick your most recently created avatars, and hit the Change Avatar button.

Reasons to Not Be Able to Upload An Avatar

You may have also encountered the issue of not being able to upload your custom avatars to VRChat. This could be due to your rank on this platform.

You need the New User rank to upload content and use avatar pedestals in private worlds. You need to be a User or higher to upload your worlds to Community Labs.

What is New User Rank, and How to Earn Trust?

VRChat assigns “trust levels” to users based on criteria such as their service usage frequency. VRChat calculates a user’s trust score based on the time spent on the platform, the content they provide, and the number of friends they make. VRChat assesses a user’s reliability to determine their trustworthiness, regardless of their outcome, level, or “experience.”

Exploring new worlds, making new friends, and creating new content on VRChat can increase your “Trust Level.” When you grant someone the Friendship rank, you’re indicating to VRChat that you trust them more than the Veteran rank suggested. Adjusting the default shield level for friends is possible, just like any other trust level, and it will display all of their avatar statistics. Users can enable communication, avatars, and avatar features by setting their trust thresholds.

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How to Rank Up in Vrchat

VRchat assigns a color to each user that represents their relative status. You will find a table below that corresponds to all the ranks with their respective colors.

  • Visitor (gray)
  • New User (blue)
  • User (green)
  • Known User (orange)
  • Trusted User (purple)

VRchat will rank you as a visitor for the first 12 hours because many people try it but need to like it more to return. We hope you’re sociable because 12 hours is a long time.

You can block voices, avatars, and other forms of content from specific users based on how long they’ve been using VRChat and the history of their interactions with you. Players can only upload avatars and worlds to VRChat if they have a VRChat account (not a Steam or Oculus account) and are at the new user level or higher to prevent spam. Once you’ve reached a certain level as a new user, you can begin adding your avatar and world to VRchat. The new user is Blue. Players can upload their worlds and avatars with compatible Unity and VRChat SDK versions.

VRChat grants new users (blue) access to the platform’s software development kit (SDK) so they can upload their content. New users can regain access to the world and the avatar creation tools if they spend more time on VRChat and abide by the community guidelines. VRChat will send users in-app and email notifications once they spend time chatting with other users on the platform. The notifications will inform them that their new VRChat account can now access the world and create avatars. When signing up for a brand new VRChat account, users won’t have access to the content creation tools.

Trusted User

The system prevents users from uploading anything (custom worlds and avatars) until the VRChat world deems them “trusted.” The developers are implementing this system. At system startup, the system will inform every VRChat account holder of their place in the Content Gating queue. To gain users’ trust, spend time on VRChat, add friends, upload content (avatars, worlds), and let users try your uploads.

People tend to trust users who have been around VRChat longer. The developers have been implementing new “trust” systems to make VRChat a more welcoming place. The developers of VRChat will continue to improve the trust system for the benefit of all users.

Check the Trusted Rating of a user in your Quick Menu if you have any doubts about whether or not they are a member of the VRChat development team if they have the “DEV” tag. VRChat assigns a white username plate to new users and a purple one to seasoned users. The highest visible rating in VRChat is currently the purple Trusted User badge. A user can achieve the highest VRchat status, Treasured Trusted User.

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How Long Do You Have to Play VRchat to Be a Trusted User?

Playing VRChat regularly will help you rise through the ranks and become a trusted user. The community’s most trusted members estimate that earning their respect requires a year of consistent VRchat play. This ranking is heavily influenced by trusted users spending over a thousand hours per year on VRChat.


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