List of Best 20 Metaverse Coin & Token – October, 2023


    Discover top new metaverse tokens, prices, market cap, metaverse projects, charts, volume, and more. Here is the list of top metaverse coins to buy.

    As the digital world continues to evolve, the popularity of the Metaverse has piqued the interest of investors and technology enthusiasts. Some tech companies envision the Metaverse as a new frontier that could transform everything from shopping and entertainment to learning and gaming, just like the internet did a generation ago.

    Cryptocurrency is emerging as a game-changer in some areas of this brave new world. This blog will look at the list of top 20 Metaverse coins and tokens leading the drive to change how we view and interact with the digital world. 

    From virtual gaming experiences to real estate, these coins are changing the digital future and how we interact and unify online. 

    Top Metaverse Coins & Tokens List

    1. The Sandbox (SAND)

    Players can buy and sell digital assets in the Sandbox using in-game tokens. Users can earn and spend SAND to buy, vend, stake, and use virtual real estate and digital offers. The Sandbox is a vibrant metaverse with numerous possibilities for cultural expression and profitable gain. It has large investors such as SoftBank backing it and ties to well-known gaming and theatre firms similar to Atari and Lionsgate. 

    2 . ApeCoin (APE)

    ApeCoin, created by Yuga Labs in 2022, is available today as one of the most popular and newest metaverse coins. The expanding business community surrounding the trendy Bored Ape Yacht Club conceived it for a growing ecosystem.

    Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most popular NFT art collections. APE serves as a governance and service token, furnishing access to several boons like exclusive mints, games, events, particulars, and services and participation in DAO governance.  

    3 . Star Atlas (ATLAS)

    ATLAS, the native metaverse token of the play-to-earn metaverse game Star Atlas, drives the Solana metaverse blockchain and allows users to buy virtual particulars, including spacecraft, real estate, crew members, and outfits. Also, ATLAS can be used to purchase POLIS, the in-game governance token needed for governing varied elements of the gaming universe. Although the dual-token system appears confusing, it serves as a means of exchange for asset exchanges( ATLAS) and voting on game upgrades( POLIS) to deliver an intriguing and dynamic gaming experience.    

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    4. Decentraland (MANA) 

    Decentraland operates an independent virtual universe (Metaverse). The platform backs its native token, MANA, with the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain to facilitate economic activity within its virtual worlds.

    MANA, the native cryptocurrency, is the key to unlocking interactive applications, funding various immersive experiences, and venturing into other virtual universe investments. 

    Users can buy various items on the Decentraland marketplace, including land, avatar clothing, and accessories. You can also make money off of in-game content and software.

    The goal is to popularize Decentraland as a destination where people want to hang out, shop, and engage in other daily activities.

    5. Axie Infinity (AXS)

    Axie Infinity’s AXS metaverse token was one of the best performers in 2021, rising from $0.141 to a mind-boggling high of $164.90 in a single transaction, a spectacular rise of $116,850. Users of this game platform can battle NFT characters known as Axie and receive Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token rewards. AXS token holders can stake their tokens and generate more Axie to accept larger prizes. Axie Infinity sells LUNA tokens on the Lunacia platform, a metaverse that provides a variety of land acquisition categories for various applications.  

    6. Enjin Coin (ENJ)    

    Enjin(ENJ) is a metaverse platform that allows for creating, storing, and trading virtual things. ENJ metaverse coin allows users to buy, sell, or utilize as appropriate. Users can keep ENJ in the platform’s wallet with a restricted supply of one billion tokens, providing access to jobs similar to joining games, trading details, and dealing digital commodities. Even though ENJ runs on Ethereum and provides a one-of-a-kind business experience, it lacks asset backing and an open-source wallet for speedy verification.  

    7. Floki Inu (FLOKI) 

    Earn-to-play game powered by NFT FLOKI is the Valhalla Metaverse’s native utility asset. Vera, the player-created special NFT character, can be utilized to fight, cultivate crops, and explore the realistic Floki Island. FLOKI is a metaverse coin for buying in-game products like dishes and potions.  

    8. WAX (WAXP) 

    WAXP, the Metaverse’s most innovative design, creates NFTs and ecosystems for virtual games on a cost-effective and ecologically sustainable blockchain. WAX metaverse token holders can trade and own virtual goods using the network. It’s worth noting that WAX is home to well-known brand NFTs such as Sony, Marvel’s Spiderman, Funko, and Hot Wheels. 

    9. MAGIC (MAGIC)   

    The Treasure ecosystem, which runs on the Arbitrum blockchain and employs Proof of Stake consensus, enables players to participate in play-to-earn games and investigate all elements of game creation, from design to marketing. Treasure’s in-game money is MAGIC, which can be obtained and used in eleven games, including the series’ flagship titles Bridgeworld, battleFly, and Beacon. 

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    10. Illuvium (ILV)

    Illuvium( ILV) is an exciting game in which players go on adventures, meet strange creatures known as Illuvials, and uncover the mysteries of the Illuvium world. Players can upgrade and store over 100 distinct Alluvials in their wallets as NFTs by gathering Alluvials. ILV, a native ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network that uses a sophisticated tokenomics technique to reduce inflationary pressure, powers the game’s decentralized exchange, IlluviDex. 

    11. Wilder World (WILD)

    Wilder World (WILD) is a complex 5D metaverse powered by Unreal Engine 5 and the Zero Protocol. WILD provides numerous chances within the Metaverse, from claiming a unique Wilder ID to engaging in governance, trading, and accessing many resources. Every asset has a cryptographically secure Wilder ID, including people, houses, clothes, and property. New features similar to multiplayer support, upgraded wild incorporations, and new charging station dynamics will be introduced in future Dev Log 1 updates. 

    12. DeeLance (DLANCE)

    DeeLance revolutionizes the freelance industry with its decentralized platform, featuring its cryptocurrency, $DLANCE, and an integrated metaverse. This platform enables businesses to find freelancers with the skills they need easily.

    DeeLance’s metaverse functionality allows freelancers and clients to meet and work together in virtual waiting rooms and offices. You can pay for space rentals, service promotions, and marketplace purchases with $DLANCE tokens.

    You can purchase $DLANCE tokens for as little as USD 0.025 each during the current crypto presale phase. The token’s value will increase to $0.035 per token in six phases.

    13. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

    The Recycle2Earn platform by Ecoterra provides token rewards to users who engage in environmentally responsible behavior. Users can use Ecoterra tokens in a virtual marketplace and join virtual environmental initiatives to interact with others who share their values.

    Interested investors can purchase $ECOTERRA tokens for just USD 0.004 apiece during the initial presale period.

    14. Gala Games (GALA) 

    Gamers have further control over their gaming experience because of Gala Games’ gaming environment. For certain games or the ecosystem, players can enjoy NFTs and sell, trade, or give products like the CraneBot. Gala Games uses its native token, GALA, which is defended by cryptography and acts as the main form of payment. Players have unparalleled authority over the creation and content of games thanks to their capability to share in governance. 

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    15. Netvrk (NTVRK) 

    Access to virtual fortune like real estate, houses, and cars is made possible through NETVRK tokens, which also induce unresistant profit from announcement space. The network grants set interest payments based on the volume of invested tokens, and users may also buy stakes in it. The Netvrk metaverse provides measureless original material, measureless guests, and prizes for involvement. Still, because the platform uses the Ethereum network, its use may need to be improved by high gas prices and other charges. 

    16. Tamadoge (TAMA) 

    If you’re an investor seeking to diversify your portfolio into the play-to-earn gaming industry, consider buying Tamadoge (TAMA), one of the best metaverse cryptos available. Players in this gaming ecosystem can create their own NFT virtual pets requiring attention, food, and training to develop their unique skills.

    Players go to this crucial part of the game to fight and try to win TAMA tokens. The whitepaper for Tamadoge also states that players can create a new pet that is entirely theirs to keep by breeding their NFT pets.

    17. Flow Blockchain (FLOW)   

    The blockchain network Flow is geared toward developers and offers several DApps, games, and digital assets. Throughput and performance are increased by its multi-node design, which scales without sharding and concentrates on individual node operations. Flow offers digital assets for open market trading and guarantees the accuracy of user data. It also has built-in tools, fast payment on-ramps, and smart contracts created in Cadence. Flow employs a proof-of-stake consensus approach with distributed validation.

    18. Mooky (MOOK)   

    The Mooky platform advocates for protecting natural resources by using the virality of the meme crypto. Platforms like Mooky can play a pivotal role in the long-term health of the Metaverse by prioritizing sustainability in the face of rapid growth.

    You can purchase 136.054 MOOK tokens at the current USD presale price of $1, which makes their price USDT $0.00000735. The price will increase as the presale progresses until it reaches $0.00003125 USDT at the very end. 

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    19. Metahero (HERO)   

    Metahero is a project that transports real-world people and stuff into the metaverse using ultra-realistic 3D technology. It offers the meta-scanning process, which scans and translates real-world objects into functional avatars in the metaverse. By 2030, bullish Metahero (HERO) price expectations range from $0.01375 to $0.025973. Analysts predict that HERO will be worth $0.010695 by 2025.

    20. Epik Prime (EPIK)   

    Epik Prime, a global pioneer in blockchain technology, seeks to make digital in-game assets widely accessible. Epik Prime produces premium digital goods and NFT collectibles in collaboration with well-known game firms. Across digital platforms and metaverses, the platform provides in-game NFT marketplaces and items, providing unique experiences. The network of video games, metaverses, and virtual reality environments created by Epik Prime promotes interconnection and innovation in gaming and metaverses by enabling shared experiences.


    With popular tokens and currencies like High Street, Illuvium, Axie Infinity, and The Sandbox, the metaverse is a quickly growing universe. These digital resources have a lot of promise for establishing virtual worlds and immersive experiences. Investors and enthusiasts should thoroughly investigate and evaluate the distinctive features and uses of different tokens to make wise choices in this rapidly changing environment.

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