Top Metaverse Development Companies in Dubai & Saudi Arabia – June 2024


    If you are planning to get onto the decentralized platform of the Metaverse world, then here are the best Saudi Arabia-based companies helping startups and enterprises grow with Metaverse technology.

    Metaverse is a robust technology making a great impact in the business world. The demand for the Metaverse application is spreading like a fire in the jungle. If you are planning to get onto the decentralized platform of the Metaverse world, then here are the best Saudi Arabia-based companies helping startups and enterprises grow with Metaverse technology.

    Top Metaverse Development Companies in Dubai And Saudi Arabia

    1. Risingmax Inc

    The very first company in the list of Metaverse development companies is RisingMax Inc. The company is developing the best possible solution for Metaverse. RisingMax Inc. has been in the industry for the last 13 years and serving the IT industry with top-notch solutions. While conducting in-depth research for the listing, we found an excellent service result. RisingMax Inc. is the leading IT consulting company and has a retention rate of more than 75% till now. They delivered more than 1000+ IT projects and 400+ decentralized projects for startup projects and enterprises. 

    Apart from the Metaverse development services, they also provide solutions for blockchain-based applications, metaverse platform development, crypto wallet development, etc. are also their expertise. For Metaverse app development, they can be a reliable and trustable choice.

    • Manpower: 250-500
    • Location: Saudi Arabia 
    • Estd.: 2011
    • Hourly Rate: $25-$49

    2. Suffescom Solutions

    For Metaverse development, the next reliable and advanced company is Suffescom Solutions. The company has been among the leading IT consulting companies since 2013 and has delivered more than 500+ projects. The company has a team of 150+ developers and designers for Metaverse development. They have also won multiple awards for serving the best possible solutions in the industry. In 2021, one of the reputed press media, “Hindustan Times” the Fifth largest economic country ‘India’ awarded them as the “Emerging Blockchain Development Company.” Apart from this, they have also won awards in the US and UK. 

    Suffescom Solutions provides the service of enterprise blockchain services, Metaverse solutions, IoT blockchain development, crypto wallet development, etc., and covers the industry of healthcare, automotive industry, education, hospitality & travel, fintech, ecommerce, real estate, etc. 

    • Manpower: 250-499
    • Location: Saudi Arabia 
    • Estd.: 2013
    • Hourly Rate: $25-$49

    3. Best Web3 Development

    Best Web3 Development Company is one such company that joined the industry at the earliest of blockchain technology, with their services and a team of experts. They are on the list of the best Metaverse development companies. They joined the marketplace in the year 2011, and since then, they have been delivering excellent projects. If you are a startup company, then hiring them could be a good option for you as they have a low Metaverse development cost. 

    The company has a team of more than 100 developers with an excellent blend of youth and energetic minds with 10+ years of experienced developers. They make sure whatever they are delivering to their clients should be error-free and user-friendly. 

    • Manpower: 250-499
    • Location: Dubai
    • Estd.: 2013
    • Hourly Rate: $25-$49

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    4. Appinventiv

    Appinventiv is one of the leading mobile app development companies that have a record of delivering the most intuitive, enthralling, and eye-ball-grabbing Android and IOS games for various businesses globally. Appinventiv offers end-to-end game development services, including Web 3 game development, mobile game development, AR and VR game development, metaverse and 3D game development, and lots more. By utilizing advanced mobile programming techniques and advanced technologies, the game development experts here create high-resolution mobile games that run smoothly on the targeted interfaces, platforms, and devices.

    • Manpower: 200+
    • Location: Saudi Arabia 
    • Estd.: 2013
    • Hourly Rate: $20-$45

    5. Rather Labs

    Rather Labs is next on the list of the best Metaverse development companies. The company is mainly situated in Argentina and provides services around the globe. The company offers the services of NFT development, Metaverse-based applications, blockchain development, etc. Rather Labs is one such development company that provides services with excellence and makes sure to deliver the complete project on time and error-free. The company is with highly experienced developers and designers that make sure of the quality of the application.

    • Manpower: 100-250
    • Location: Argentina
    • Estd.: 2020
    • Hourly Rate: $50-$99

    6. Chimpare 

    It’s a digital agency that provides peer-to-peer solutions to big bulls and startups. The company offers Mobile App Development, Web development, Software Development, AR/VR Development, Game Development, and Blockchain Development.  The company acquires highly-skilled developers and QA testers. The company is one of the leading Metaverse development companies with multiple offices at various locations.

    • Manpower: 250
    • Location: UK
    • Estd.: NA
    • Hourly Rate: $200-$300

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    7. Systango

    Systango is one of such metaverse development companies in dubai that adopted Metaverse technology at the earliest. The company makes sure to deliver the project with perfection and with 100% transparency to its clients. They have quite good retention rates and reviews on the internet. The company also provides the service of AR/VR development and UI/UX development, mobile app development, data science, blockchain development, etc. 

    • Manpower: 250-999
    • Location: London
    • Estd.: 2007
    • Hourly Rate: $25-$50

    8. SpaceDev

    SpaceDev Metaverse Development is a company that is truly committed to its projects and constantly strives to complete work on schedule and with complete correctness. The online reviews that are available for them are generally favorable. You can contact them for Metaverse development services in Saudi Arabia or on a global scale. Although the team is smaller than those of many other organizations, the company’s passion for providing the service is the reason they are on the list of Metaverse development companies. The company has a workforce of 10+ committed employees.

    • Manpower: 10-49
    • Location: Uruguay
    • Estd.: 2017
    • Hourly Rate: $100-$149

    9. EtherParty

    The organization, which has its headquarters in Vancouver, is a well-known metaverse development company in uae that aids clients and companies in developing Metaverse solutions. With more than 500 users who had already joined, they conducted a beta test of their “contract wizard” and provided them with pre-made, editable templates. The nice thing about Etherparty is that they immediately assist their customers in understanding the concept of Metaverse. Delivering decentralized peer-to-peer Metaverse solutions is the top business.

    • Manpower: 10-49
    • Location: Uruguay
    • Estd.: NA
    • Hourly Rate: <$25

    10. Magneto IT Solutions

    Magneto IT Solutions is also one of the metaverse development companies in dubai. They are reputable firms in strategy, IT consulting/design, blockchain, and digital marketing. Using their management and development team to provide peer-to-peer platforms to start-up businesses is advisable. More than 100 skilled resources are available from Magneto IT Solutions to assist their clients in developing software and creating a business roadmap.

    • Manpower: 50-250
    • Location: US
    • Estd.: 2009
    • Hourly Rate: $50-$99

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    11. SparxIT

    SparxIT delivers the best possible Metaverse app solutions. The company delivers projects to multiple industries like Fintech, Edtech, Healthcare, Automotive, Ecommerce, Logistic, entertainment, logistics, etc. The company makes sure to deliver the project on time, with excellent user-friendly features and advanced technologies. They are a NASSCOM-recognized ISO:9001, which has been serving the IT industry for the last 13 years with excellence. 

    • Manpower: 500+
    • Location: US
    • Estd.: 2007
    • Hourly Rate: <$25 

    12. StartupCraft Inc.

    The company StartupCraft Inc. is based in the US. It has extensive expertise solving the needs for Blockchain development that are driving significant uniqueness in the market today. Offerings from StartupCraft Inc. encourage innovation across industries and are perfectly suited to the global scale that businesses need. To maximize their benefits, their services cover a wide range of blockchain technologies, including Smart contracts, Metaverse development, Hyperledger, Exchanges, Wallets, and more. To meet the evolving needs of business and society, StartupCraft Inc., a leading blockchain development company in the United States, employs a sizable team of blockchain designers and developers.

    • Manpower: 10-49
    • Location: US
    • Estd.: 2015
    • Hourly Rate: $50 – $99/hr

    13. Codiste Pvt. Ltd

    Codiste is a newly joined metaverse development company in dubai that majorly provides Metaverse-based applications and services for its clients. They have a reputation for delivering Metaverse applications and technology assessments for many organizations seeking a digital consumer environment. Codiste has been giving its services to blockchain technology and web 3.0 companies from hackers to save their data and money. Codiste uses its key program, darknet monitoring, that gives an immediate alert for any security issue, theft alert, or in case of a compromised password.

    • Manpower: 10-49
    • Location: India 
    • Estd.: 2019
    • Hourly Rate: $25 – $50/hr

    14. DX Software

    DX Software one of leading metaverse development companies in dubai aims to rethink ways to connect with blockchain and Metaverse, employ immersive learning in manufacturing, teach workers about workplace safety, run AR/VR marketing campaigns to increase sales, and render 3D models to display real estate. It has a skilled, interdisciplinary, detail-focused management staff whose assistance redefines metaverse development to captivate audiences and fortify communications. 

    • Manpower: 10-49
    • Location: Romania
    • Estd.: 2018
    • Hourly Rate: $50 – $99/hr

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    15. 3Advance

    The next company on the list of the best metaverse development company in dubai is 3Advance. They make sure to deliver error-free Metaverse applications with advanced features and technologies. The company has quite good reviews on the internet and a client retention rate. 3Advance although have a small team but with an experienced team. They can be a good option for Metaverse and blockchain development. 

    • Manpower: 10-49
    • Location: US
    • Estd.: 2010
    • Hourly Rate: $100 – $149/hr

    16. Cubix 

    The next company on the list of Metaverse development companies is Cubix which is among such companies which delivers the best possible solution for the blockchain and Metaverse. The company has a team of more than 50 experienced developers and a good work structure. They offer a cost-effective development cost for the decentralized platform. If you are planning to build the platform on the Metaverse platform, then they can be a good partner for the development. 

    • Manpower: 150+
    • Location: Saudi Arabia 
    • Estd.: 2008
    • Hourly Rate: $20-$45

    Wrapping Up

    Metaverse is a robust technology and keeping its toes into the market at its earliest will open the gate to generating revenues positively. The metaverse development companies in dubai mentioned above are the reliable ones that you can trust for Metaverse development. 

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