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    Discover Metaverse Facts, Market Trends & Adoption Rate with our comprehensive Metaverse Statistics. Stay informed and ahead in the virtual world.

    You may already know what Metaverse is, but if you are unaware of the concept, you may find the “metaverse” to sound fantastical and out of place, like a sci-fi movie. This new technology has a thriving economy and is proving transformative for entertainment and commerce.

    A 3D internet merges our physical world with virtual and augmented realities in Metaverse. The more you learn about the Metaverse, the more you will be prepared and promote your understanding.

    Tech giants like Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook), Epic Games, and Nvidia will continue to drive its popularity and growth.

    Metaverse Facts and Figures

    This section will present some of the most interesting statistics and data about the Metaverse in 2023.

    • People worldwide searched for the term “metaverse” on Google an average of 1.9 million times in January 2023. 
    • Experts predict that the global market for the Metaverse will grow to $1.5 trillion by 2030.
    • However, 38% of adults in the United States agree that the Metaverse improves their quality of life.
    • Epic Games, Unity, and Meta (formerly Facebook) are investing in the Metaverse.
    • Meta Reality Labs has already invested $10 billion into the virtual world.
    • Meta will create 10,000 new jobs within the European Union (EU) within five years. 
    • Decrentraland introduced a new service that allows tenants to rent virtual properties from landowners. 
    • The global augmented, virtual, and augmented reality market will reach $250 billion by 2028.
    • North America is expected to lead the global metaverse market in 2023.
    • Several major tech firms see the Metaverse as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to expand their operations. 

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    Metaverse Adoption and Awareness Statistics

    What is Metaverse Adoption Rate?

    The statistics indicate that 400 million users are active in the Metaverse, and analysts predict that by 2026, one in every four people will use the Metaverse for at least an hour a day.

    Let us explore more statistics about metaverse adoption.

    • Users under 13 make up more than half (51%) of all metaverse users.
    • Users under 18 comprise the vast majority of users (83.5%) in the Metaverse.

    The Metaverse surpassed 400 million monthly users in 2022.

    The Metaverse’s monthly active user (MAU) count rivals that of Reddit and Pinterest, indicating its flourishing state. To provide some context, the United States and the United Kingdom have a combined population of nearly 400 million. Metaverse users have a low average age, which suggests that the number of Metaverse monthly active users (MAU) will continue to increase.

    Over 50% of all metaverse users spend their time in the Roblox universe every month. On Minecraft, 165 million users are active monthly, while Fortnite has 85 million. Substantial user bases exist on both of these platforms.

    The Metaverse’s user base comprises 51% teenagers.

    The previous figure rises to 78.7 percent if we include users up to the age of 16, and an astounding 83.5 percent of the total metaverse user base is made up of only those users who are 18 or younger. According to metaverse user demographics, the popular virtual worlds have an average user age between 12 and 13.

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    Nearly three-quarters (74%) of American adults are already considering or have joined the Metaverse.

    41% of American adults said they joined to have experiences they couldn’t have in the real world when someone asked them why they joined. People believe that interacting with others in virtual settings (40%) is second only to serving as a unifying force for society (38%).

    Twenty-three percent of American adults want to become someone other than who they are, so they are either already participating in or seriously considering participating in the Metaverse.

    Forecasts predict that by 2026, 25% of the population will spend at least an hour per day in the Metaverse.

    People are expected to prominently use the Metaverse for work, shopping, learning, meeting new people, and having fun. This will help the emerging digital economy that relies on digital currencies and NFTs.

    Interest in virtual events is rising, and statistics predict that 30% percent of the world’s businesses will optimize their products or services for Metaverse.

    Meta’s Metaverse only interests 68% of adults in the United States.

    Meta’s (formerly Facebook’s) newest venture interests men more (39%) than women (27%). People between the ages of 35 and 44 show the most interest in Meta (48%), followed by those between 18 and 34 (43%).

    27% of people between the ages of 45 and 64 and 14% of those 65 and up have shown interest in Facebook’s Metaverse, indicating they are the least curious about it.

    10.7 million users attended the Fortnite concert featuring Marshmello.

    8.3 million players were online simultaneously during the November 2018 Fortnite event, but the early 2019 event surpassed it. 

    Minecraft hosted the Coachella music festival last year, and before that, the platform featured a live charity event with Canadian electronic music group Monstercat.

    Roblox users played the game for over 11.8 billion hours in the first quarter of 2022.

    Fascinating metaverse data shows a rise of over 2 billion hours from the 9.6 billion hours recorded in the previous year’s first quarter. When we compare the current figure to the first quarter of 2020, we can see that user engagement has increased even more impressively, surpassing 4.8 billion hours.

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    Metaverse Market Size in 2023 and Predictions for 2030

    The Metaverse is clearly becoming a more talked-about topic in the business community. What is the current value of the Metaverse? How rapidly do you anticipate it will expand in the future? 

    • The Metaverse received a total investment of $58.5 billion worldwide in 2021.
    • Analysts expect it to reach a staggering $1.5 trillion by 2030, with a CAGR of 43.7% between 2021 and 2030.
    • By 2030, experts predict that the global metaverse market will surpass $49.4 billion in value, over 300 times larger than the cryptocurrency market. 

    Understanding of the Metaverse 

    Over time, metaverse technology is gaining more and more adopters. However, the benefits of it are likely to be limited in the common person’s grasp. At what ages do people most likely understand this technology? Let us try to understand with a Protocol and The Harris Poll survey.

    They showed their survey results of 1,060 adults in the United States. 

    • The point of the Metaverse eludes 62% of adults in the United States.
    • Millennials and Gen Zers (55%) claim to possess some knowledge of the Metaverse.
    • 60% of the Millennial generation agrees even more.
    • However, Generation X claims that 35% of them are Metaverse savvy.
    • Only 17% of Boomers claim to be tech-savvy.
    • The study found that over half of U.S. adults (52%) still find the idea of the Metaverse confusing, despite receiving an explanation.

    Attitudes Towards the Metaverse

    Users will revolutionize many fields by utilizing the Metaverse to work together on projects and solve problems in more immersive environments. Do people generally consider the Metaverse practical? 

    • One survey reported that 37% of American adults believed virtual worlds, or “metaverses,” would be more enjoyable than real ones.
    • 38% say access to the Metaverse would make them enjoy their lives more. 
    • Millennial respondents stated that the Metaverse would improve life or is more fun than real life, making them the most likely to have a positive outlook.

    Virtual Reality Hardware Sales

    We have seen that the virtual reality (VR) and Metaverse (Metaverse) communities hold a promising future. However, with these innovative technologies and advancements, manufacturers could create the user-facing devices necessary to take advantage of them. What is the market outlook for virtual reality hardware in 2023?

    • The global virtual reality headset market is expected to expand from its 2020 valuation of $7.81 billion, with a projected CAGR of 28.2% between 2021 and 2029. 
    • In 2022, manufacturers shipped 9.6 million virtual reality and augmented reality devices worldwide.

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    Most people search for virtual reality headsets at the end of November and between Christmas and New Year’s, when they shop for gifts and Boxing Day sales.

    The online demand for virtual reality headsets has increased annually over the past five years, except for 2022. We determined the following about the demand for VR headsets and the most popular brands in that market.

    • In January 2023, people search for “VR headset” an average of 556,000 times per month globally. 
    • Around the world, people searched for Oculus Rift the most among virtual reality headsets online in 2023, with an average of 341,000 searches per month.
    • Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and Valve Index follow that order. 
    • Internet users conduct upwards of a hundred thousand monthly searches for virtual reality headsets such as PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Meta Quest Pro, and PlayStation V2. 
    • The top 10 most-wanted lists regularly feature Samsung Odyssey+ and Pico 4 headsets.
    • The top 20 includes brands such as Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, and HP Reverb G2.

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