How to Enter the Metaverse Without Headset – Watch VR Videos, Play Games, and More


    Discover the Metaverse without a headset! Immerse in VR videos, gaming, and more. Explore limitless possibilities today. No equipment needed.

    You will have an unforgettable experience when you try virtual reality (VR) for the first time. You can enjoy VR without a headset and still have a fun and exciting experience.

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    Is a Virtual Reality Headset Important in the Metaverse?

    Simply put, No. Users engage in collaborative activities in a digital setting in any online community described as a “Metaverse.” Virtual reality and the Metaverse can work together this way, but it is unnecessary. You can explore and enjoy numerous online environments.

    Enter the Metaverse: Headset vs. No Headset

    How do you differentiate using a virtual reality headset from not using one? Wearing a virtual reality headset blocks your field of view, allowing you to concentrate only on the virtual environment displayed on the screen. You immerse yourself in a virtual world and use the controllers in your hands to move around and interact with virtual environments and other players’ avatars.

    Your experience will lack immersion without a headset. You control your avatar from a computer and have limited interaction with the digital environment instead of fully “becoming” them using a headset. You can still accomplish much of the same, despite the increased distance between you and the world and the less immersive controls.

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    Alternatives To A Virtual Reality Headset

    Virtual reality (VR) headsets have vast potential, but not all feel comfortable using them. 

    Here are three options to scale with viewers’ requirements. 

    There Are Three Recommended Alternatives to a VR Headset:

    • Use a Cardboard Headset
    • Access a Mobile Version
    • Complete a Desktop Version

    Cardboard Headset

    Use your smartphone and a cardboard VR set to enjoy virtual 3D worlds. Virtual reality headsets have a high price but a high cool factor. Consider picking up a Google Cardboard VR set for a satisfying virtual reality experience. It will only cost you a few dollars. You do not need a personal computer. Insert a smartphone into a Cardboard viewer to experience virtual reality.

    This low-priced headset is compatible with your Android or iOS device. With a compatible phone and a Cardboard headset, you can experience virtual reality by viewing any 360-degree photo or video. The immersion is excellent, similar to what a Samsung or Oculus 

    VR headset would provide.

    On Smartphone

    You don’t need to bother with the Cardboard to get a VR-like experience. You can watch 360-degree videos using your smartphone and many of the above apps. You can only access YouTube on an iPhone this way. Simulate panning the Cardboard by tilting your phone left, right, up, or down. You can navigate a video by sliding your finger across a touch screen.

    You can upload 360-degree videos to Facebook using this method. Make sure you label your posts with “360Video.” Samsung partners with Facebook’s virtual reality (VR) business to produce the Gear VR, but Cardboard doesn’t use Facebook’s video. Users can view Facebook’s 360-degree videos directly on the app’s interface.

    How Do Mobile VR Activities Work?

    Accessing the same content intended for VR headsets for smartphones doesn’t require a VR headset or a smartphone. Hold your phone or tablet, physically move side to side, and look up and down (3DoF) to see the same actions and interactions as your peers. By tapping the screen, students choose without using a handheld controller.

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    On PCs

    If you don’t have a smartphone, you must use this method, which is the least ideal. You use the mouse to move the viewpoint left, right, up, or down. Few web browsers are compatible with it, but Google Chrome is one of them.

    How a VR experience is accessed differs between the mobile and desktop versions. With just a computer’s mouse and keyboard, learners can interact with virtual reality content in two ways.

    • Users can navigate their surroundings by clicking and dragging the screen in four directions – left, right, up, and down.
    • Navigate and select options from available content using the mouse.
    • Those who don’t have access to headsets can still participate in the VR as those who do because the content remains the same. The desktop version allows viewers who prefer not to use a cardboard headset, a mobile device, or physical navigation to still benefit from the technology.

    How Do Desktop VR Activities Work?

    You can make the virtual reality (VR) experience available online, in an LMS, or via email. The user can move their view in any direction (including left and right) by clicking and dragging the mouse when they enter the game. Users can use the interactive features of the game to achieve the set goals. 

    Can We Use Oculus Controllers Without Headsets?

    Remember that you can use the Oculus Touch controllers without the headset, but there are some restrictions. Using the Oculus controllers independently of the headset will restrict your field of view. The headset is necessary to experience the full effect of the controllers, as they were designed to work together. The controllers won’t track as precisely without the headset, reducing the precision of your gameplay. However, the Oculus controllers have advantages when used independently of the headset. Using them is fun to introduce people you care about to the Oculus Touch controllers. You don’t need the headset to use the controllers for a quick game or two.

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    How to Play VR Videos Without Headset

    A headset enhances the experience of virtual reality videos, but apps that support the format allow viewing 360-degree VR videos. Currently available are a few of the best 360-degree video-viewing apps.

    Facebook: You can view virtual reality videos and 360-degree photos in the Facebook app. To view the entire video, tilt your device or slide your finger left and right. Facebook fully supports 360-degree videos, so you don’t need additional software to enjoy them.

    YouTube: YouTube offers complete 360-degree video support on mobile devices on its video-sharing platform. Rotate your phone to see a video from a different perspective. Unfortunately, the video’s playback still cannot be controlled using fingers.

    PC: You can view 360-degree videos on your desktop or laptop computer. Use your touchpad or mouse to browse videos on YouTube and Facebook.

    How To Play VR Games Without Headset

    Some VR games don’t require special equipment, so that you can play them without a headset. 

    How to Tell if a Game Has Both VR and Flat Play Options

    You can divide virtual reality games into VR and VR Only.

    Typically, game developers optimize games labeled as “VR Only” for virtual reality headsets, making it impossible to hack them on traditional displays.

    Game developers specifically designate a category of games as virtual reality. Typically, using a headset, you can choose between playing “flat” and “fully immersed” in the game’s world. Games of this type are more adaptable.

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    VR Games You Can Play Without a Headset

    The Playroom VR: Players can play a variety of different minigames in The Playroom VR, which is a virtual reality game. Someone reimagined Nintendo’s Mario Party series for the PlayStation in a far-future setting. The PS VR social screen in the Playroom VR allows players without headsets to join in the fun.

    Bound: You guide a dancer through a broken and constantly shifting fairy tale world in Sony’s stunningly abstract and beautiful game, Bound. The game also allows you to choose between playing in VR or flat, so you can experience this breathtaking adventure even if you don’t have a headset.

    Half-Life: Alyx’s visual style differs from Resident Evil in another survival game. Players have been using mods to make the game playable on non-VR devices, even though it is technically a VR-only game.

    Fallout VR: The virtual reality adaptation of Fallout, a post-apocalyptic, open-world extravaganza, also holds. You can purchase and view a different flat version on a computer screen.

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