Quest 3 Vs Quest 2 –  Detailed Comparison And Reviews


    Wondering whether to buy Oculus Quest 2 or the newly announced Oculus Quest 3? Well, here in this blog, we have outlined pointers to make you understand all about Quest 3 Vs Quest 2.

    Oculus Quest 2 has been leading the market for the last 3 years and is the best selling VR headset of all the time. This June, the Meta released its next VR headset, Quest 3. Oculus Quest 3 is more expensive than Quest 2, but this is not the only difference. You can expect plenty of specification changes. In this blog, we will have a look at key pointers detailing Quest 3 vs Quest 2.

    What Includes Meta Quest 3?

    Meta Quest 3, released in June 2023, is considered a significant upgrade in every way. Its full unveiling will take place on 27th September at Meta Connect 2023.

    • Price: It costs $499 to buy Meta Quest 3.
    • Size: The size of the Meta Quest 3 is smaller.


    • Meta Quest 3 has a smaller build size, double processing power, better controllers and better lenses.
    • It offers a high-resolution display with better room mapping.

    What Includes Meta Quest 2?

    Meta Quest 2, released in 2020 with many surprises, was a great entry point into virtual reality. The smartphone is required to access Oculus Quest 2, or you can also access Rift titles with a link cable connecting to a gaming computer. Meta Quest 2 allows you to enjoy increased pixel density, dynamic resolution, a smoother game experience and seamless immersion. With its Six degrees of freedom feature (6DOF), the headset tracks the movement of your body and head. It offers 50% more pixels and a better display than the original Oculus Quest. There are many games available in the market for Meta Quest 2. 

    Price: It costs $299 to buy Oculus Quest 2.


    • It has a fast switch LCD.
    • Meta Quest 2’s resolution is 1832 x 1920.
    • This headset offers 3D positional built-in audio.

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    Quest 3 Vs Quest 2 – What Is The Difference

    After extensive research, we have listed some pointers stating the difference between Quest 3 & Quest 2.

    Quest 2 Vs Quest 3: Based On Design And Comfort

    We cannot deny that Quest 2 and Quest 3 have a common design ancestry. Both come in dazzling white colour, feature soft headbands, and have speaker rails on the side. The display houses the computer and battery for both headsets worn over the head.

    At first glance, they appear very similar, but there are quite a few significant differences. 

    Size: The Quest 3 is 40% smaller than the Quest 2. 

    Lenses: The updated lenses of the Quest 3 achieve a field of view, expanding the headset’s ability to observe a larger area of the virtual world. Moreover, the new lenses provide exceptional clarity and eliminate the pesky “sweet spot” that requires adjusting the headset for optimal clarity.

    IPD Adjustment: Furthermore, Meta will use analog IPD adjustment again. Adjust the distance between your eyes with the conveniently located IPD wheel at the bottom of the device. Players playing Quest for a while will recognize this as how the original game allowed players to change their lenses.

    Weight: Meta states that the Quest 3 weighs about the same as the Quest 2, but it distributes the weight more evenly using parallel head straps on either side of your head. If you have long hair, this will help you keep the weight more evenly distributed and prevent any slipping.

    Audio: Meta repositioned the USB-C and 3.5mm audio port on the Quest 3 to make the headset more compact. The Quest 3 has moved the USB-C port to the left head strap arm, making some Quest 2 accessories incompatible.

    Front: The Quest 3’s exterior differs drastically from that of the Quest 2, as it prominently displays the cameras and makes them easily visible to onlookers. The front panel doesn’t have the same level of beauty or sophistication as the Apple Vision Pro, but it does make the cameras more noticeable.

    Cameras: The Quest 3 has six cameras, unlike the Quest 2, which only has four. There are six in total: two on the bottom and four on the front, left and right “pills.” Having a clear view of the room around you and accurately tracking your controllers and hands are crucial.

    The cameras on the Quest 2 have a ten times lower resolution than those cameras, so the images should be much less sharp. And unlike the Quest 2’s poor quality black and white footage, theirs is in full colour.

    Sensors: The middle “pill” has a brand-new infrared projector and depth sensor, enhancing mixed reality experiences. 

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    Below, we will provide the table containing pointers to know in brief about Quest 3 vs quest 2.

    Oculus Quest 3 Vs Oculus Quest 2 – Table

    Meta Quest 3Meta Quest 2
    Released in 2023Released in 2020
    Much Thinner & More ComfortableDue to its heavy size, Meta Quest 2 is still daunting for longer gaming sessions.
    High Resolution Display1832 x 1920 per eye
    Edge To Edge ClarityOffer 30% greater display than the original Oculus
    Better IPD AdjustmentBuilt-In IPD Adjustment with 3 Settings
    Double PerformanceLess compared to Oculus Quest 3
    Ringless Controllers2 Controllers
    Improved Haptics
    Dedicated RGB Passthrough CamerasInside-out tracking via 4 cameras
    More Expensive – $499 (128 GB)$299 (128 GB), $349 (256 GB)
    Qualcomm SnapDragon VR ChipXR2
    Depth sensor
    True Mixed Reality Experiences
    Twice GPU processing power1/2 GPU Processing Power than Meta quest 3
    Double The Graphical PerformanceLess Graphical performance as compared to Oculus Quest 3
    6 Cameras4 Cameras

    Quest 2 Vs Quest 3: Based On Graphics, Performance, And Battery Life

    Processor: Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 dedicated line of chips powers the Quest 2 and the upcoming Quest 3, but the Quest 3 is expected to utilize a much more recent chipset. We cannot be certain about its name, but a reasonable assumption is that it will be called Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2.

    Battery: The battery life of the Quest 3 would be similar to Quest 2, lasting around two to four hours, depending on usage. Meta will be able to squeeze even more performance out of it than they were able to with the chip in the Quest 2, thanks to the chipset’s thermal management.

    Comparing Quest 2 vs Quest 3 GPUs

    Headset chipsetQuest 2 – Adreno 650Quest 3 – Adreno 740
    Process node7nm4nm
    GPU base clock250 MHz680 MHz
    GPU boost clock587 MHz587 MHz
    Memory typeLPDDR4x-2133LPDDR5X-4200
    Memory bus64 bit128 bit
    Memory bandwidth44 GB/s64 GB/s
    Execution units (ALU clusters)25
    Shading units5121,024
    FP32 floating point performance1.3 TFLOPS3.7 TFLOPS

    Quest 2 Vs Quest 3: Based On Controllers And Hand Tracking

    Oculus has redesigned the controllers on the Quest 3, making them the most significant redesign for a mainline Quest headset to date. Quest 3 is compatible with Touch Plus and Touch Pro controllers, ensuring you can always get the best experience without breaking the bank.

    The Quest 3 controllers feature LEDs embedded throughout the controller’s body, unlike the Quest 2 controllers with an LED ring around the outside. The Touch Plus’s LEDs can be followed by the six cameras of the Quest 3, just like the Touch controllers were followed by the Quest 2.

    The Quest 3 Touch Plus controllers will have a lighter and more maneuverable design, and they won’t include a bumper ring that could damage your TV or other players if you get too close. 

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    Meta Quest 3 Vs Meta Quest 2: Based On Games

    If you consider upgrading to a Quest 3, you’ll be happy to know that it will have compatibility with all your favourite Quest 2 titles. Programmers will likely take advantage of the Quest 3’s advantages, which include a faster processor and new mixed reality features. 

    However, most games will likely debut on both platforms for now. Meta plans to continue the Quest 2, as it serves as the primary gateway device for the platform. The upcoming software update can give the Quest 2 chipset a 26% increase in CPU performance and a 19% increase in GPU speed. This update stabilizes the frame rate of the Quest 2 to accommodate the higher resolution.

    What Does Both Have In Common?

    Both the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 have the same design, cloth head straps with side rails, built-in speakers and battery life. 

    Which Is Best Between Oculus Quest 2 And Oculus Quest 3?

    When it comes to gadgets, people usually consider the newest ones as the best. You simply cannot avoid it. The gap between Meta Quest 3 and Quest 2 will widen further as they add more mixed-reality experiences and features to Quest 3.

    The Quest 3 nearly triples speed, features thinner and clearer lenses, offers a more comfortable wearing experience, automatically maps a room, and functions in the dark. 

    The Quest 2 remains a great option for those just starting with virtual reality but don’t want to spend much money. Depending on your requirements and available funds, you can choose between the Quest 2 128 and 256 GB.

    Oculus will launch the Quest 3 this fall for $499 and offer users unbelievable, unique experiences they can’t find anywhere else.

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