How to Make Money by Stripping in Metaverse


    Discover how you can earn real money by stripping in the metaverse. Learn tips and tricks to make the most of your virtual performances!

    Some truly bizarre occupations exist in the real world. Professional sleepers make a living, while professional mourners make a living too. Unusual occupations can be found in the physical world, so it is reasonable to assume they would also exist in the Metaverse. One of these Metaverse professions is a job for Metaverse strippers, too. We’ve decided to put together all about Metaverse Stripping and how to make money by stripping in the Metaverse.

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    Insights About Metaverse Stripping

    • A 3D avatar named Vixen exists as a virtual woman in the Metaverse. Mamia Orio claims that her avatar alone generates an annual income of over one hundred thousand dollars from creating adult content.
    • Women can make a living in an online adult entertainment market without engaging in sexually exploitative work or revealing their identities to clients.

    What is Metaverse Stripping?

    People have been engaging in erotic role-playing online for a long time. Virtual erotic role-play has been a common practice in MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) for a long time. 

    Social media has already spread rumors about strippers in the Metaverse making thousands of dollars in a single night. At this point, people mostly use metaverses for amusement. One can easily see why “meta-stripping” has become such a hot topic.

    Participating and exploring in the Metaverse are opened up by stripping. It can potentially develop into a lucrative business venture as well. As such, you might find that being a “meta stripper” can be quite a fruitful career. Considering this, it’s not surprising that people are curious about strippers in the Metaverse.

    The Meta Quest headset allows users to access Club Ruby, one of the many strip clubs currently available in the Metaverse, through the popular VRChat app. 

    Avatars can undress and engage in other inappropriate behaviors in the Metaverse, which we won’t discuss here. People highly seek anything that allows them to indulge their whims. Meta strippers and dancers have it in their job description.

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    What Does a Meta Stripper Do All Day? 

    Meta strippers entertain customers at strip joints with exotic dances and body movements similar to real strippers.

    How Do I Become A Metaverse Stripper? 

    If you assume that a quick search for “strip clubs” on VRChat leads you to the seedy underbelly of the Metaverse, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Metaverse strip clubs feature strippers, but nowadays, people work there for the atmosphere rather than the pay. As the saying goes, making it rain in the Metaverse is still difficult. Figuring out how to get paid for crypto jobs like these will require creative thinking.

    To gain access to events in the virtual reality club, you must go through a multi-step process, including age verification, starting with Club Zodiac’s Discord server. People learn about 

    Club Zodiac and similar metaverse venues through social media and word of mouth.

    Club Zodiac has meetings, employees, and a hierarchical structure. Depending on their dedication and commitment, exotic dancers at the metaverse venue Club Zodiac can progress through the following strata:

    •  New entertainers
    •  Special guest entertainers 
    •  Cast entertainers 
    •  Officials 

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    What Equipment Do You Need to Become an Exotic Dancer in the Metaverse? 

    As we explored crowded strip clubs with more than a hundred patrons present at once, Meta’s standalone headset, which had a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 chip and only 6GB of RAM, repeatedly buckled under pressure. The Quest 2 is under much strain and pressure as it attempts to render all of these actions simultaneously.

    Connecting the Meta Link Cable (previously known as the Oculus Link) to your PC enables the Quest 2 to run even the most demanding games in terms of graphics and system resources. The Meta Link Cable is an ultra-long USB-C to USB-C cable. The user plugs one end into the VR headset and the other into a VR-ready laptop. You can use a wired headset like the HTC Vive Pro or the Valve Index as an alternative.

    If you plan on taking your virtual reality exotic dancing career seriously, consider investing in a full-body tracker (FBT). In the documentary “Hidden Performers of the Metaverse,” an exotic dancer lamented that full-body dancers receive more respect than half-body dancers. Half-body dancers typically rely on a virtual reality headset and a waist tracker. Still, they may need to execute their routines more smoothly or with as much visual appeal due to the absence of trackers in other parts of the body.

    Yes, you can also get hot and heavy in the Metaverse.

    You can experience the touches of other VRChat users by adding a haptic suit to your FBT setup. You will feel it if you wear a haptic suit and pat your head. Of course, however, people use haptic suits for much more than just friendly pats on the head and hugs.

    You must use too much creativity with just a headset to get naughty. Wearing a haptic suit greatly enhances the experience of “woo-hoo-ing” in the Metaverse.

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    Can You Make Money Stripping in the Metaverse?

    Yes, you can make money in Metaverse by stripping. In VR Strip clubs, dancers can get tips and more monetary benefits. A woman can earn up to $100,000 annually in the Metaverse as a stripper.

    How to Make Money Stripping in the Metaverse?

    Stripping in the Metaverse could earn you money if you know how to play by the rules of the virtual world. While some MMORPGs prohibit this behavior, others allow it and even offer ways for players to earn money for their shows.

    Your potential earnings depend on the number of viewers and their willingness to pay, not your stripping skills.

    Other Useful Ways to Make Money in Metaverse

    Making coins in the virtual world involves using various methods. The virtual world offers numerous avenues to make money, making it possible in various ways in the Metaverse. You could make money in the Metaverse by involving any of the following:

    • Players can buy and sell virtual items like avatar furniture, houses, and clothes in a “marketplace” in many online games and communities.
    • Musicians and dancers can find an audience in the Metaverse and earn a living through entertainment.
    • You can earn money by teaching or training others in the virtual world if you possess specialized knowledge.
    • Publishing articles, making videos, or doing whatever else you can think of in the Metaverse can help you make a living if you have a knack for writing or creating content.
    • In the Metaverse, businesses, and groups can spend money to get exposure through virtual billboards or sponsoring events.
    • You can make money in the Metaverse by consulting with or working for other community members if you have specialized knowledge in a certain area.
    • Your earning potential in the Metaverse depends on your creativity and resourcefulness.

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    Metaverse Stripping Income

    Can a metaverse erotic dancer make a million dollars? It’s not impossible, but it’s also not likely.

    Is that figure more accurate? YouTube user Twortles conducted in-depth interviews with exotic dancers performing on VRChat in a fascinating documentary titled “The Hidden Performers of the Metaverse” to address this question. 

    Some people claimed to do it for fun, and others claimed to earn up to $2,000 monthly on good nights. However, in reality, a dancer can earn a respectable sum of money on some days and may need to be more lucky on other days.

    Contrary to popular belief, spectacular dancers can make a decent living wage. They want to charge whatever they want, and their fans will pay for it.

    However, most exotic dancers perform it purely for fun, without hoping for financial reward. Creating avatars, DJing, and other specializations in VRChat can generate a good income, but we’ll cover that in a separate article.

    Final Thoughts

    The Metaverse offers many possibilities beyond the digital sphere, despite its infancy. As of late 2021, entertainment is an area of interest in the Metaverse. Speculating on the future capabilities of the metaverse sphere is fascinating. However, predicting how the future of metaverses will unfold is difficult due to the current state of crypto.

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