Top 10 Influencers of the Metaverse


    Discover the top 10 influencers shaping the Metaverse! Our expertly curated list features the pioneers, innovators, and trailblazers of this exciting new world.

    Once considered a work of science fiction, the metaverse concept has become a tangible reality. Envision a hypothetical scenario where an individual can modify their physical attributes, surroundings, and societal standing by activating a digital interface. Using a single upgrade or in-app purchase, you can acquire the most recent fashion accessories, operate the most popular automobile, or experiment with the latest makeup trends – all from the convenience of your residence.

    The metaverse is the convergence point of physical and virtual realities. Individuals wear virtual reality head-mounted displays to immerse themselves in a computer-generated environment where they can experience their most imaginative desires. Like the physical realm, enterprises have discovered novel approaches to monetize our desires and necessities, while influencers have identified a new platform to cultivate their fan base.

    Numerous prominent influencers within the metaverse are, in fact, avatars – aesthetically pleasing and captivating constructs intended to seize your focus and facilitate monetary transactions. Enterprises and trademarks are rapidly acknowledging the advantages of collaborating with virtual influencers as they acquire knowledge on the optimal approach to promote their commodities and amenities in this novel domain.

    Today, we’ll tell you about the top influencers in the metaverse and give you a quick look at how some of the biggest brands in the world are using them to build brand awareness and increase engagement.

    My name is Almira Lopez; I act like a CMO and think like a boss. I’m a Metaverse marketing strategist, and this is the best place for you to learn about Metaverse and how to market it all. So if that sounds good to you, you’re excited?

    So, let’s get started!

    How We Rank These Metaverse Influencers

    Peer Scoring: We conduct surveys to gather insights from other influencers, founders, and investors regarding their top-ranked individuals.

    High-quality content: What is the quality of the content these influencers produce?

    Subscriber Growth Rate: Rate of increase in the number of subscribers. A higher rate of follower growth indicates a greater level of influence. An influencer’s growth rate holds more significance than the absolute count of subscribers.

    Community Engagement: Public participation in activities and decision-making processes related to a particular community or group.

    Comments: A high level of engagement characterized by authentic comments devoid of bot-generated or spam content indicates a credible influencer.

    Advantages of collaborating with Metaverse Influencers

    • Users visit them for the most highly anticipated projects.
    • Significant prospects for brands.
    • Influencers can work as creators on behalf of brands.
    • It represents the future direction of marketing.

    Top 5 Metaverse Youtube Influencers

    1. GaryVee
    2. Max Maher
    3. JRNY Crypto
    4. EllioTrades Crypto
    5. Brett Malinowski

    Top Influencers of The Metaverse 

    1. Lil Miquela

    Lil Miquela is a virtual influencer created using computer-generated imagery (CGI) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Lil Miquela, a virtual influencer, gained immense popularity since her inception in the metaverse in 2016 and has garnered a substantial following. The individual is a 19-year-old female of Brazilian and Spanish descent possessing musical talent. The Los Angeles-based corporation, Brud, created her.

    Lil Miquela endorses leading fashion labels, including Prada, and advocates for social causes such as Black Lives Matter. Similar to numerous virtual influencers, she manifests virtually at physical events and engages in photo sessions with celebrities. She was recently spotted at Coachella, where she interacted with Diplo and Millie Bobby Brown.

    2. Shudu

    Shudu is a prominent virtual influencer. The #BalmainArmy of virtual models, spearheaded by Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing, included her as a creation designed by British photographer Cameron-James Wilson.

    Shudu, a South African native, made her inaugural appearance in 2017. She gained notoriety for brand promotion after her photograph was featured on the Instagram account of Fenty Beauty, under the assumption that she was a genuine customer testing out one of their products. The individual self-identifies as the initial digital supermodel and is intentionally fashioned to resemble a supermodel.

    Balmain’s roster of digital influencers includes Xhi and Margot. Xhi is represented as a Chinese female figure inspired by David Bowie, whereas Margot is of French origin.

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    3. Rae

    Rae is not merely a binary code but a complex entity with multifaceted attributes. She is a professional specializing in creating digital art, an innovator who pioneers new ideas, and a staunch supporter of promoting inclusivity within the technology industry. The user holds a strong conviction that STEM education has the potential to equip upcoming generations with the ability to effect tangible change in the world.

    She has partnered with prominent corporations such as Gucci and Pomelo Fashion. Furthermore, it is noteworthy to mention her non-fungible token (NFT) collection that showcases the highly impressive Tako. Rae exhibits promising potential to revolutionize the fashion industry.

    4. Lu do Magalu

    Lu do Magalu had the highest number of virtual followers in 2020, making her the top virtual influencer. Currently, she holds the record for being the virtual human with the highest degree of visibility globally, which justifies her ranking at the top of this list. The individual has a social media following of over 14 million on Facebook, nearly 5 million on Instagram, and more than 1 million on Twitter and TikTok. Additionally, they have over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. However, her notoriety and scope are predominantly restricted to Brazil, her country of origin.  

    5. Rozy Oh

    Rozy Oh is a prominent Asian metaverse influencer on social media. The individual commenced her career in 2020 under the tutelage of the South Korean media conglomerate Sidus Studio X. 

    The initial virtual influencer to emerge in South Korea is commonly known as “GamSeong JangIn” among her followers, which translates to “expression specialist” in Korean. This phenomenon can be attributed to her utilization of diverse facial expressions and postures to engage with her audience.

    In addition to engaging in modeling activities for international brands such as Calvin Klein, she has participated in photoshoots alongside Korean athletes and celebrities.

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    6. Lucy 

    Lotte Home Shopping has created a virtual influencer named Lucy, who hails from South Korea and boasts a following of more than 100,000 users. The purpose of Lucy’s creation is to aid in the promotion of Lotte Home Shopping’s products within the metaverse. The subject is commonly portrayed as being in a perpetual state of 29 years, rendering her an ideal, timeless model imbued with a narrative centered around industrial design.

    Lotte Home Shopping developed Lucy to motivate the general populace to pursue their aspirations with determination. This instance exemplifies how enterprises can leverage virtual influencers to cultivate favorable relations with their intended audience.

    7. Daisy

    Daisy is an artifact of the virtual high-end markdown platform Yoox, under the ownership of the Yoox Net-a-Porter Group. Daisy is a resident of Milan, Italy, and is portrayed as leading a luxurious lifestyle.

    Daisy has been featured in various advertising campaigns, notably for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, with her appearance modeled after actress Hannah Gross.

    Maya is a product developed by Puma. The entity emerged in 2020 and identified itself as an autonomous fashion model. Her Instagram bio describes her as a Southeast Asian virtual girl with unique characteristics. She was responsible for initiating the release of the Puma Rider footwear.

    8. Diego Borgo

    Are you familiar with the individual named Diego Borgo? He is a metaverse native, an NFT collector, and a consultant to some of the largest global brands, distinguishing him from the typical influencer. Diego has an extensive understanding of the metaverse and is leveraging his expertise to assist others. The individual offers consultation services for metaverse and NFT initiatives and frequently conducts conferences, workshops, and master classes.

    Leveraging his expertise at Adidas, he played a pivotal role in successfully realizing the “Into the Metaverse” and “Adidas for Prada” projects. Diego is a proficient expert in Metaverse and NFT domains.

    9. Lewis Hiro Newman

    Lewis Hiro Newman is a virtual human avatar that is being promoted as the initial celebrity of its kind. It is designed based on the renowned Japanese actor, inventor, and entrepreneur Hiro Mizushima. Designed to be a versatile entity, he made his inaugural appearance with his trademark, intending to operate on a worldwide level in the fields of music, art, and fashion.

    The individual has a current following of approximately 7,500 individuals, qualifying him as a micro-influencer. 

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    10. Vladislav

    Vladislav is a Russian digital artist gaining significant traction on the Instagram platform. The individual animations featuring dystopian themes and surrealistic effects are unparalleled in their uniqueness. And the optimal aspect? He is in the initial phase of the project. Vladislav recently released his non-fungible token (NFT) collection named “Scooter Invasion” on the Foundation platform, which has gained significant attention. 

    If one seeks visually stimulating and innovative designs, it is highly recommended to explore Vladislav’s offerings. Track his Instagram account and get ready to be astonished.

    Metaverse Influencers For A Digital Future

    Over the past 10 years, we’ve learned how influential people can be and how important it is for businesses to work with them to raise awareness of their brand. This helpful relationship of giving and getting is now happening in the virtual reality of the metaverse.

    As the utilization of this emerging field is being investigated and broadened, brands must adapt their methodologies and explore novel approaches to achieve their marketing objectives. Although unfamiliar to some, collaborating with metaverse influencers is a promising novel strategy that you and your enterprise must leverage.

    Envision an ideal influencer. It is possible to manipulate the subject’s appearance, age, and language. Moreover, there will be no concerns regarding their potential deviation from the established guidelines or damaging your brand’s reputation. This represents the upcoming trend in the field of influence marketing.

    The concept of virtual reality, once considered implausible just ten years ago, has gained significant traction in the corporate landscape. Observe the functionality of this novel technology and its potential benefits, which numerous individuals have already experienced.

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