Top 20 Alternative to VRChat | Games like VRChat for PC and PS4


    Discover the best alternatives to VRChat! Explore immersive virtual worlds, connect with diverse communities, and experience exciting multiplayer games.

    VRChat is described as ‘Imagine a world where you can do anything with VRChat.’ Everyone can find a good fit among the variety of VRchat worlds available. While some consider these realms essential for life, others consider them a great relaxing way. VR chat rooms provide various activities, including games, cooking, relaxation, and puzzle-solving.

    Although VRChat has gained a lot of popularity, we always feel excited to explore new opportunities and expand our horizons. This list will introduce you to virtual reality platforms that better suit your needs and serve as top VRChat alternatives. These alternates provide exciting new opportunities for social interaction and immersive experience, including multiplayer games, user-generated content, and collaborative metaverses. Let’s dive into the exciting virtual reality world beyond VRChat!

    Top 20 Alternatives to VRChat

    Are you ready to elevate your VRChat experience to the next level? You should check out a few VRChat substitutes, such as Facebook Horizon, Hubs, the Rec Room, and AltspaceVR.

    1. Horizon Worlds

    The “Horizon Worlds” app allows Meta users to interact socially and have a good time. Users can roam freely, interact with others, and participate in various challenging games within the app’s virtual world.

    Furthermore, Horizon Worlds allows users to create and explore their own worlds. The Horizon Worlds mobile app allows you to create an avatar and communicate with other users in your place, combining elements of gaming and social networking.

    2. Hubs

    You can access Hubs, an online meeting place, from any web browser. You can easily build personalized virtual environments from scratch using Hubs. Share the link and invite people to join you. You don’t need to download or use an app store. You and your pals can join a shared virtual space. Watch videos or interact with 3D models to relax and unwind. Grant access to your virtual worlds to your friends, coworkers, and communities. Hubs allow users to instantly share a private, online meeting space without requiring additional software or hardware, such as a VR headset. Choose a character to portray yourself, put on headphones, and enter the virtual world. 

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    3. Rec Room

    Rec Room, another community-based Metaverse game, offers remarkable variety. Rec Room draws inspiration from VRChat and adds new layers of gaming to the space. The community has made infinite games that Rec Roomers can play besides hanging out. Players have already created millions of rooms in the game and can continue to create an infinite number of them. Rec Room’s greatest strength is its cross-playability on many different systems. Download Rec Room and join players from any platform, whether using a mobile device, PC, or VR headset.

    4. AltspaceVR

    AltspaceVR is the virtual reality social network that dominates the scene. AltspaceVR employs technology to enable human connection at various events, from arena-sized concerts to niche meetups. 

    5. The Wild

    The Wild helps AEC and design teams save time and make better decisions by allowing them to experience their work in progress in a common virtual space using virtual and augmented reality technology. It is an immersive collaboration platform. You can access The Wild on desktop, Mac, iOS, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive, and it supports SketchUp, Revit, and BIM360 natively.

    6. Roblox

    Millions of people have made Roblox gaming platform their second home as its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Users can design and play a wide variety of games with block-sized avatars on Roblox, which is an online gaming platform. Over 500,000 games in a wide variety of genres are available on Roblox. You can play anything from the most terrifying Horror games to the most exciting Action games on Roblox. 

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    7. Magnum Opus

    In Magnum Opus, you can have fun and meet people worldwide through social multiplayer online gaming. Participate in cooperative minigames, network with interesting people, and travel to different planets in the vast Metaverse.

    8. Second Life

    The Second Life platform enables individuals to communicate with one another in a virtual environment. Linden Labs created the software in 2003. The program now has more than a million consistent users. Second Life’s users, known as “Residents,” can model themselves after real people. Second Life players can interact with other users, participate in various events, and lead a parallel existence in this Metaverse. The virtual world offers furniture, clothing, cars, and even real estate. 

    9. Sansar

    The official marketplace of the premier social VR platform on the internet is the Sansar Store. Now you can buy and sell virtual goods for your virtual worlds and avatars.

    10. vTime

    vTime XR pioneered social networking in its history. You can experience fantastic simulated settings with actual people and spend time together, even if long distances separate you. Interact with people, make new acquaintances, and convey your emotions through emoticons in vTime. 

    11. Ready Player Me

    The Ready Player Me system provides a universal metaverse avatar. You can create a 3D avatar using a selfie that more than 600 games and apps can use. Using an avatar, you can go on adventures with VRChat, participate in meetings with MeetinVR, and broadcast live with LIV. Ready Player Me can be incorporated into games and apps with the help of free avatar SDK. It supports desktop, mobile, and web platforms, and Unity and Unreal Engine are compatible.

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    12. Hyperfair

    In Hyperfair, you can use avatars to motivate people to participate in virtual worlds and immersive web experiences. This provides behavioral analytics and watches as engagement is transformed into useful information. Interacting avatars help businesses bring a more personal touch to their user interactions. You can set up your virtual storefront quickly and start selling your products online and in virtual reality. 

    13. Prosperous Universe

    Prosperous Universe allows you to build your interstellar empire by trading with other players in real time. Begin your business by investing in a single location and utilizing advanced supply chain management techniques to expand it. Real-world economics, politics, and realism root this business MMORPG.

    14. Oasis VR

    People from all over the world can meet each other on Oasis, which is a fantastic online community. These people can have conversations, play poker, bowling, and host parties in various virtual worlds. They support the creation of personal and social avatars.

    15. Fortnite

    Over time, Fortnite has evolved into something that players can experience and play. Staging live concerts entirely within Fortnite has been the most groundbreaking introduction to the Metaverse. Seasoned Fortnite players probably witnessed Travis Scott’s concert or Marshmello’s appearance. Players can use their drop-in characters to do more than play in these events.

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    16. Nebula Realms

    Explore this interactive 3D online world for free and have fun. You can play games, explore beautifully handcrafted worlds, and let your true self shine through with a fully customizable avatar and your decorated home with Nebula Realms.

    17. Line Play

    Line Play, developed and published by Line Corporation for Android and iOS, is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online), virtual world (VW), and fantasy simulation. The game features dozens of playable characters, and players can customize their virtual avatars by selecting from various clothing options. You can flaunt your sense of style with the hundreds of new items added to the game every week. The game’s characters have distinct rooms, gardens, and personalities. With the help of thousands of different accessories, you can make the room look amazing and communicate with people from all over the world. 

    18. Small Worlds

    The fantastic people of the world can find a home in SmallWorlds, a browser-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and virtual world. SmallWorlds opens a whole new world to you with its huge community of over 20 million users. You can go wherever you like, talk to whomever you like, create whatever you like, sell or buy whatever you like, and have as much fun as you like in a virtual world full of vibrant colors and exciting opportunities. 

    19. IMVU

    In a web browser, you can play IMVU, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Its vast online community connects almost 10 million people to it. Over 3 million active users play on IMVU, making it one of the most popular Virtual World gaming platforms. Users can customize their virtual characters, enter the game world, socialize with other online players, create and craft some of the game’s coolest items, explore the game’s vast world across various maps, and have a great time.

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    20. Meez 

    Players can roam a vast open world, meet new people, participate in various games, and enjoy the challenge of solving various puzzles after creating and customizing their avatars in Meez. Earn Virtual Coins by hanging out with your friends in Chillville, Poss Heights, Burbia, Dockyards, etc., and use them to purchase in-game upgrades and other cool stuff. Putting forth effort in your social interactions and personal style is necessary to succeed in Meez. Meez is one of the best options in the virtual world, social networking, and simulation genres. Take a shot at it, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.


    Each network provides unique benefits, including a distinct user base and ways to interact with others online. Whether you want to play games, express your creativity, or make friends worldwide, these alternatives offer various opportunities. Virtual reality developers are creating exciting new developments in the landscape, including immersive environments such as AltspaceVR and Sansar and collaborative options like Mozilla Hubs. Explore the innumerable possibilities of VR beyond the confines of VRChat by getting a VR headset.

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