Where to Promote Metaverse Products


    Discover the best places to promote Metaverse products and reach your target audience. Explore effective strategies for promoting Metaverse products today!

    The metaverse takes virtual reality to a new level and provides businesses with exciting new communication channels with their target audiences.

    A few companies that have adopted metaverses to communicate with their customers and employees include Microsoft, Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola. Analysts at Bloomberg expect the metaverse market to be worth nearly $800 billion in 2024.

    To pique the interest of potential buyers and promote products effectively, marketers need to 

    learn how to use the expanding and changing metaverse.

    There are 4 ways you can promote your Metaverse products is Metaverse blogging website, Technology Metaverse Influencers, and metaverse social media influencers and Metaverse launchpad.

    List of Top 5 Websites Where You Can Promote Your Metaverse Products

    1. Metaverse of Things – Metaverse Launchpad
    2. Make An App Like
    3. FireStarter
    4. BSCPad
    5. GameFi
    2. Metaverse GameFi & Crypto
    3. Men of the Metaverse
    4. Metaverse Shorts

    Why Should You Market in the Metaverse?

    In this digital age, consumer habits have shifted. People are increasingly using the internet for various reasons. The metaverse promises the “phygital” (physical and digital) solution. 

    Businesses can expand their customer bases, boost consumer confidence, and test out new revenue opportunities with this. For example, in the second quarter of 2020 alone, virtual goods on Roblox were purchased by its 200 million active users, who spent $319 million. Surprisingly, users under the age of 16 make up the majority of the online gaming platform’s user base. 

    The importance of Gen Zs as customers cannot be overstated, as they now rule the virtual world. By 2030, experts estimate that the purchasing power in the United States will surpass that of millennials and baby boomers by $143 billion.

    Tips to Promote Metaverse Products

    Marketers specializing in selling goods or services can adapt to a future set in the metaverse.

    Companies need to have a plan before venturing into the metaverse and constantly test new things out because the platforms are always changing. Companies should start on a small scale to gauge customer response and make any necessary adjustments.

    Create Virtual Product Displays

    Creating a convincing virtual storefront is a simple strategy for distributing your products in the metaverse. Spatial is a platform that can effectively make virtual storefronts. Companies can create high-definition, simulated “spaces” for their products using Spatial. You can use virtual picture frames to adorn rooms with 2D product photos, videos, and 3D models. Users can mark completed Spaces as “Public” and “Live” to make them easily discoverable by anyone using the Spatial platform. 

    Companies can establish virtual stores in the metaverse, allowing customers to explore their products in a more immersive setting. With VR, a potential buyer can enter a vehicle on display, explore the cabin, and even test drive it before purchasing. Brands can simulate real-world interactions with their products in virtual reality to give customers a more immersive and memorable experience. 

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    Create Digital Twins of Your Physical Products

    Another fantastic way to broaden your reach in the metaverse is by making and selling usable digital twins of your physical products. Tommy Hilfiger’s collaboration with Ready Player Me has already succeeded in developing digital wearables that avatars can use on various platforms. Thanks to creating digital twins of its physical products, Tommy Hilfiger has interacted with customers on hundreds of metaverse platforms. 

    Businesses of all sizes can create and sell digital wearables on marketplaces like Decentraland, Zepeto, and Roblox. If companies offer customers the opportunity to try on products virtually, they would have a better mental picture of what it is like to own them. Your marketing arsenal values digital twins as a valuable asset because users who try digital items are much more likely to purchase their physical counterparts.

    Create a Game Featuring Your Products

    Creating a game to increase interest in your products in the metaverse requires more effort, but it can yield long-term benefits. Everyone knows that games significantly attract users to the metaverse. Major brands like Samsung and Chipotle have already been attracted to develop gamified retail experiences on Roblox games, which have over 50 million DAUs. Game-based product placement opportunities abound not only in Second Life but also in other metaverse platforms like Decentraland. 

    Decentraland already hosts several play-to-earn games. Players of many of these games must complete quests to obtain virtual items of clothing and accessories. A competent metaverse design team can transform these games into interactive product experiences that provide players with coupons and other real-world benefits for purchasing the underlying product. One way to increase demand for your goods in the real world is by offering 

    gamers-style rewards for interacting with your products online. 

    Ways to Advertise Your Brand in the Metaverse

    1. Ad Placements

    Imagine setting billboards, bus stop posters, and other traditional outdoor advertising in the virtual world. Picturing it is pretty easy. Video game companies have promoted brands for years, with series like NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto leading the way.

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    2. Product Placements

    Brands can apply Garth Elgar’s model for product placement in the real world to the metaverse, placing their products in appropriate experiences for their target audience.

    For instance, Roblox and Hasbro collaborated to enable players to play with Nerf guns in the virtual world.

    3. Experience Placements

    Roblox and Gucci collaborated to introduce a Gucci-themed world into the Roblox metaverse.

    Players can spend real money on virtual items, making the world accessible. In fact, a limited-edition digital Gucci purse was purchased by one player for $4,115.

    4. Event Placements

    Hip-hop superstar Travis Scott teamed up with Epic Games for a concert for Fortnite players. The concert live was watched by more than 12 million people, which is equivalent to about 600 sold-out Madison Square Gardens.

    5. NFTs

    Companies are exploring digital products through crypto exchanges and the metaverse. Nike, for one, just started distributing its branded sneakers and clothing in the virtual realm.

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    Rules Of Marketing For The Metaverse

    Creating genuine and engaging real-world brand experiences is not dissimilar to the fundamentals of successful metaverse marketing. 

    Set Some Metaverse Marketing Objectives

    • Why do you seek participation in the metaverse? 
    • Do you want to position your brand and generate positive sentiment among new audiences, encourage existing ones to be loyal to your brand, or raise brand awareness among existing audiences? 
    • Do you want to inspire creative thinking among your marketing staff? 
    • How does the landscape look now, and how should businesses approach marketing in the metaverse in the future?

    Brands should focus on something other than driving direct sales because virtual goods are still much smaller than physical goods. Additionally, younger demographics dominate modern metaverse audiences, particularly on online entertainment platforms like Roblox.

    Identify the channels where your brand will achieve the most success. 

    The metaverse currently includes games and platforms such as Roblox, Fortnite, Decentraland, Minecraft, and Meta’s Horizon Worlds. Some will likely serve various purposes better than others. Trying out different options and seeing what works best is easy. For instance, luxury label Gucci has utilized a variety of brand activations to gain more insights into how and where to target the millennial generation. Last year, when Gucci debuted a Roblox version of its physical Gucci Garden, it attracted 19.9 million users in just two weeks. 

    Create Interactions To Resonate With Specific Demographics

    Brands in the metaverse must meet consumers’ expectations by providing similarly groundbreaking experiences, showcasing their cutting edge. Businesses must balance metaverse-focused native advertising, virtual and augmented reality activations (games, virtual stores, events, and sponsorships), and traditional offline marketing strategies. Last fall, Vans, a skateboard company, released the virtual skatepark “Vans World” on the online gaming platform Roblox. Vans offered customers a way to virtually visit skate spots with friends to increase brand awareness and connect with the company’s target audience. 

    Players earn points while playing games and use them to build their custom skateboards in a virtual skate shop. As a result, it has attracted the attention of more than 48 million users worldwide.

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    Experiment With Money-Making Models

    While companies shouldn’t be preparing for the possibility, direct sales may not be a major focus on the metaverse. Direct-to-avatar sales of virtual goods already make up a $54 billion market, and some forward-thinking brands are currently experimenting with new methods to generate revenue in this space. A beanie from Forever 21 in Roblox costs less than a dollar. 

    However, Gucci sold its digital Dionysus bag for $4,115 last year, which exceeded the retail price of the actual bag. In December, Nike acquired the design studio RTFKT and is experimenting with novel NFTs by releasing Nike Cryptokicks, a digital replica of the company’s popular Nike Dunk sneakers.

    We anticipate increasing metaverse-to-real-world opportunities, just as offline-to-online sales have become commonplace. Chipotle celebrated the April opening of a virtual Chipotle restaurant in the Roblox virtual world by offering burrito vouchers to the first 30,000 customers.

    Create, Leverage, And Partner For New Metaverse Capabilities

    Brands entering the metaverse should first determine what skills they will need, assess whether they already possess or need to acquire them, and then assign a person to develop and implement a strategy to capture value. Brands should also actively seek opportunities to collaborate with and learn from others, such as the existing communities of independent developers and creators on the platforms.

    For instance, hundreds of thousands of people in Roblox’s developer community work on new features and determine how to monetize their creations. NASCAR collaborated with Badimo, creators of the popular Roblox game Jailbreak, to add a branded vehicle to the game during a ten-day event that began in November. Concurrent users increased by 30 percent, with 24 million visits during that period. Advertising, branding, and marketing firms rapidly introduce new service models and metaverse capabilities, such as virtual studios.

    Furthermore, metaverse projects are gaining support from many well-known individuals. In some cases, they play an integral role in developing new forms of immersive media for the metaverse. The rapper Snoop Dogg created his own “Snoopverse” in The Sandbox the year before. He released the first music video to take place wholly within the metaverse a few months later. “The House I Built” features dancing, lounging by the pool, and flashy automobiles, just like other Snoop Dogg videos. But now his digital double is living large.

    Prepare Ahead Of Time For Potential Brand Threats

    Many brands have learned that if they are not prepared for the lightning-fast feedback loops of the internet or the viral nature of social media, direct consumer engagement online can backfire. The real-time, immersive nature of the events in the metaverse raises the stakes. Brands should establish basic rules of engagement for issues like customer experience, intellectual-property management, user safety, data privacy, and disinformation. These rules should include detailed policies and enforcement practices that the brands can later follow. 

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    Rethink How You Measure Marketing Success

    Keep track of your marketing ROI, but the right numbers appear different in the metaverse. Digital marketing campaigns frequently track metrics such as website traffic, sales, “likes,” and shares, along with customer acquisition costs. Marketers may need to define new engagement metrics due to the metaverse’s supposed unique behavioral economics, such as the “scarcity” of NFTs. For instance, Deliveroo, the online food delivery company, sent virtual drivers to make virtual deliveries in the popular Animal Crossing video game for Nintendo Switch. These deliveries included promotional codes that could be used in the real world. Players had three million in-game interactions in the first few hours.

    How to Promote Metaverse Coins?

    There are 4 ways you can promote your Metaverse products is Metaverse blogging website, Technology Youtube Influencers, and metaverse social media influencers and Metaverse launchpad.

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