10 Rarest NFT In The World | Top Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold


    NFTs hit their slam dunk last year, finally, they are more popular than ever. Almost everyone knows about them, and they have done it all. 

    For years people were thinking about what NFTs are, but now they are thinking about what the rarest NFTs are. If this is also something that brought you here, high five! This is the blog that you should read to find. With this, let’s have enough of talking ( through the reading though) now let’s get some real information about what these NFTs are! 

    Top 10 Rarest NFT In The World-Lets Know More About Them

    All of these NFTs have immensely benefited their artists, and lured others to the rarity NFT upcoming world. Read on to know more about these:

    EverLasting Beauty

    Sold for almost For: $550,000, EverLasting beauty became not only the rarest NFT in the world but also one of the most expensive NFTs. Victor or known as the FEWOCiOUS in the world of NFT shot to popularity in 2020 after dropping his NFT “EverLasting Beauty.” He is a well-recognized artist in the NFTs world already and has sold one of the most popular pieces for a whopping $550,000.

    He believed started this artwork to pass his time, never knowing it can make him the supper start in this new world of Art. Not just this one, but almost all of these arts have collected thousands of dollars in bids. With this unique vision the “Everlasting beauty” has won the hearts of several people and has earned him a dedicated fan base. 

    Forever Rose

    Forever Rose (120/150)
    Forever Rose (120/150)

    Bought by 10 collectors, and sold by Kevin Abosch ( the artist) the “Forever Rose ” is quite a mesmerizing NFT, no one can deny. It is something about the simplicity of the rose that has openly lured buyers to $1,000,000 in GTO and IAMA tokens, making it one of the rarest NFTs in the world. 

    Artist Kevin Abosch became one of the first people to sell a crypto-artwork for that amount of money. Auctioned for this NFT ended on Valentine’s Day in 2018 at $1 million. You want to know the best part about the auction of this art about the money raised from its sale: Artist Kevin Abosch donated the entire funds to the CoderDojo Foundation. CoderDojo offers free programming clubs for young people. 

    With that, we can say that NFT became one of the few NFTs used for good work. When it comes to technicalities, the artist collaborated with GIFTO to create this NFT. 

    Also, Leaders and investors in the cryptocurrency industry, such as ORCA Fund, Future Money and Ink, and TLDR Capital, formed ten collectors who purchased the artwork. It makes up for not only the rarest but also one of the most popular NFTS sold to this date.

    First Tweet Ever

    Sold on March 29, 2021, for almost 2 million dollars, it became the day when once again Jack Dorcy made history and again for Twitter. Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as an NFT. Early in March Of 2021. But it did not happen in one day, Dorsey first announced that he will put the tweet up for auction and end the bidding on its 15th anniversary, March 21. 

    And a few days later on the afternoon of March 22, Sina Estavi, the CEO of the Malaysian blockchain company Bridge Oracle, became the one to place the highest bid of $2,915,835.47. 

    Then again, Journey did another surprising thing, converting the bid into bitcoin and donating the entire sum to GiveDirectly for its Africa Response. It proved itself a history-making move for Dorcy, which in turn helped thousands of People. 

    CryptoPunk #7804

    On 11 March 2021, CryptoPunk 7804, the pipe-smoking ‘wise alien,’ collected the sum of $7.5 million. Till that day this was the highest amount ever paid for a Punk at the time. However, its record did not last long and was broken the very next day.

    Bid Withdrawn0x51eac32.18Ξ ($2,716)Jan 04, 2023
    Bid0x51eac32.18Ξ ($2,602)Jan 01, 2023
    Bid Withdrawn0x01ec030.06Ξ ($72)Dec 30, 2022
    Bid0x01ec030.06Ξ ($72)Dec 28, 2022
    Offered10KΞ ($12.79M)Dec 02, 2022
    Offered8.89KΞ ($11.62M)Sep 26, 2022

    CryptoPunk #7804 is one of nine Alien punks, most of the time in NFT words, the CryptoPunks are known as the record-breaking siblings. Not one or two, but most of these nine aliens have their special place in the crypto world. Also, another exciting thing involved with the sale of these NFTs turned out that initially, it never reached popularity before. In January 2018, it collected only $15,000. But, after keeping an eye on the CryptoPunks Discord channel, Field agreed to the $7.57 million offer made by Peruggia, an alias for an anonymous Twitter user. 

    Everydays: The First 500 Days

    Beeple sold an NFT for $69 million
    Beeple sold an NFT for $69 million

    If you want to know what is the rarest NFT ever? Here you have it. “Everydays: The First 500 Days” became one of the finest NFTs existing in the world. It was sold by the artist known as the Beeple or also known as Mike Winkelmann in collaboration with the famous auction house Christie’s. If you want to give the credit to one NFT that has brought the NFT to normal people’s life. After it collected approximately $69.5 million, artists just started to look at their art in other ways. Beeeple created a collection of his daily artwork on May 1, 2007, and this NFT was one part of this artwork. 

    The NFT image features the images of figures from many different facets of pop culture arranged in a loose chronological order. Vignesh Sundaresan, a Singapore-based programmer who also owns Metapurse proudly brought the NFT. 

    Not Forgotten, But Gone

    The artists behind this artwork are known as WhIsBe. He has already earned fame in the NFT world for his art Vandal Gummy series. The artist received a whopping $1 million for his NFT, “Not Forgotten, But Gone,” in March of this year. This one NFT has given a place to WhIsBe among the artists like Beeple, XCOPY, and Pak. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the most expensive cryptographic works ever sold. “Not Forgotten, But Gone” actually depicts a video render of a gummy bear skeleton inside a box. The NFT is quite interesting to look at. 

    Auction Winner Picks Name

    Listed on the Nifty Gateway, it has been sold for $1.33 million. Electronic music artist 3LAU has gotten into the NFT game in collaboration with Slimesunday. T-Mobile CEO John Legere bought this NFT for $1,333,333.33. Bounty at that time was the largest auction to make history in the NFT world. It was not sold just like that, it took John Legere to win the bidding war against Pablo to win this NFT for $6.6 million, which was originally purchased in 2020. 

    The Pixel

    Can you believe an artist can sell a single pixel? Yes, it can happen in the NFT world. Artist Pak sold this NFT for $1.36 million worth of Ether. Famed auction house Sotheby’s took pride in swelling this NFT. Pak sold this for approximately $16.8 million combined. As you can guess from the name, all the image contains: a gray pixel. Most notable among them was the “The Pixel,” which as its name suggests was an image of just a single pixel. The sale of this NFT sours the average values of the NFT trend for some time. However, the NFTs saw massive popularity because of this NFT.

     Ocean Front

    Bepple sold this art for worth 6 million dollars. Ocean Front became one of the most successful and one of the best works of the Beeple. “Ocean Front” NFT was reportedly part of Beeple’s “Everyday” series. Beeple chooses the Nifty Gateway marketplace to auction this artwork. Distinctive bidders including Twitter users @3fmusic, @BabyBelugaNFT, and Justin Sun, Executive Officer of the Tron Foundation became the three persons to post the most amazing bids. Unsurprisingly for Beeper’s work, the bid started at $2.77 million and eventually Justin Sun worked it at $6 million.


    Another great art by Beeple, he dropped CROSSROAD a few days after the “Everydays: The Last 5000 Days” success. Bepple portrayed the art after the 2020’s presidential election. 

    For $6.6 million, another user bought CROSSROAD on the secondary market. At the end of October 2020, Beeple first made CROSSROAD available on Nifty. A user by the name of Pablo purchased the item for $66,666.60. But, a few months later, Pablo accepted an offer of $6.6 million from an unidentified bidder.

    Top 10 of the most expensive pieces of crypto art ever sold

    1. Nyan Cat by Chris, on Foundation – $590,000
    2. First Tweet by Jack Dorsey, on Valuables – $2.5 million or more
    3. THE COMPLETE MF COLLECTION by Beeple, on Nifty Gateway – $777,777.77
    4. CROSSROAD by Beeple, at Nifty Gateway – $6.66 million
    5. Hairy by Steve Aoki, on Nifty Gateway – $888,888.88
    6. Not Forgotten, But Gone by WhIsBe, on Nifty Gateway – $1 million
    7. CryptoPunk #6965, on Larva Labs – $1.54 million
    8. Auction Winner Picks Name by SSX3LAU, on Nifty Gateway – $1.33 million

    Before You Go!

    These are some of the most expensive NFTs of the world existing to this date. However, now you must want to know what is the rarest NFT in the world. Here comes the argue in between “Everydays: The Last 5000 Days” and the “Ringers #109.” The ringer is a static image showing the different color loops wrapped around the pegs. Black stays the main color against a white background, three incredibly uncommon that accommodate these characteristics in Art Blocks’ creations balanced with wrap orientation, the loop, and the white background. The NFT has proven its worth of USD 6.9 million in the sale, setting a record for Art Blocks. Now the decision is up to you which one you consider the rarest.

    Thank you for reading this guide. We hope you have liked the guide and our collection for the rarest NFT in the world. 

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