How to Promote & Sell NFT on Opensea


    Learn how to sell NFTs on Opensea with our step-by-step guide. Promote your digital assets & start earning today!

    Have you encountered challenges in achieving visibility for your non-fungible token (NFT) on OpenSea after its listing on the platform? OpenSea is a prominent NFT marketplace. It faces significant competition for user engagement. However, this does not imply that your collection cannot attain visibility. You have yet to discover the appropriate method for marketing your non-fungible token (NFT) on the OpenSea platform and achieving a complete sale. 

    You are not the sole NFT creator who has wondered about advertising NFTs on OpenSea. The procedure is relatively simple such as leveraging Twitter spaces and enlisting on NFT directories, effectively providing a sustainable resolution. One can establish a mutually beneficial partnership with newsletter authors who endorse the NFT project.

    As widely known, OpenSea is a platform that accommodates many potential NFT purchasers. Currently, OpenSea holds the highest global ranking among NFT platforms, boasting a user base of over one million individuals. It is highly recommended to take advantage of the sales-boosting features provided by this marketplace.

    In case of unfamiliarity with promoting an NFT on OpenSea, this article provides a step-by-step guide.

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    What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

    An NFT, a non-fungible token, is a one-of-a-kind digital asset securely stored on a blockchain. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can symbolize many assets and function as a digital possession ledger. 

    To initiate the sale of a non-fungible token (NFT) on OpenSea, the user must possess an OpenSea account, a cryptocurrency wallet, and a highly desirable item to offer for sale. 

    The non-fungible token (NFT) will comprise a media asset, such as an image or video, and its corresponding metadata. Instances of digital ownership can be exemplified by 3D digital art, which is indicative of the proprietorship of the artwork, interactive media that represents digital land ownership, or an image of a card that signifies membership to an exclusive club.

    Who can sell an NFT?

    Facilitating the trade of non-fungible tokens is not limited to their creators. An NFT can be resold by the subsequent collectors who acquired it from the original creator of the previous collectors in the chain. The current non-fungible token (NFT) possessor has the authority to vend it.

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    How to Promote and Sell NFT on OpenSea

    Increase Visibility and Attract Attention to the OpenSea

    To enhance visibility on OpenSea, it is recommended to establish a robust social media presence, participate in NFT groups and communities, and extensively promote your NFT listings on OpenSea across various platforms.

    The initial inquiry pertains to the process of being showcased on the OpenSea homepage. Being featured on OpenSea commences with verifying your NFT project, typically accompanied by a blue checkmark. 

    By implementing this strategy, your project would achieve higher visibility on the explore page, significantly enhancing your reputation. The blue checkmark serves as a form of certification or authorization. One of the benefits of the product/service is that it instills a sense of safety and security among collectors.

    While obtaining verification on OpenSea may appear challenging, it is not an unattainable feat. Below are some guidelines for obtaining verification on OpenSea:

    • Make sure to fulfill the OpenSea verification criteria. The requirements comprise a comprehensive profile, achieving a substantial trading volume, and establishing a trustworthy reputation.
    • Additionally, it is recommended to refrain from engaging in fraudulent transactions involving purchasing and selling goods or services. This could compromise your eligibility for verification.

    List Your NFT on NFT Drop Calendars

    The introduction of NFT Calendars is intended to consolidate premium NFT releases from diverse NFT marketplaces. This innovation is a reliable approach to advertising your non-fungible token on the OpenSea platform.

    It is noteworthy that several websites provide tools for NFT calendars. In addition, submitting your non-fungible token collection is devoid of any charges and requires a minimal time investment. There is no risk involved in attempting this. Therefore it is recommended to proceed.

    Once your NFT collections are featured in the top upcoming NFTs, you will begin to receive views on OpenSea. This typically occurs after the assessment of your NFT compilation. Presented below are some of the most effective NFT calendars that can facilitate the promotion of your NFTs.

    The Ebutemetaverse NFT Calendar, NFT Drops Calendar, Rarity Sniper, and are all tools used to manage and track non-fungible token (NFT) releases and their rarity levels.

    Publish Your NFT Projects in Directories

    The most effective approach to building an audience or community without an existing one is to identify potential individuals to whom you can market yourself and your concept. Your non-fungible token (NFT) project can be deployed, or you may enhance its visibility on OpenSea by submitting it to directories.

    The NFT directories have an existing clientele comprising individuals who have previously engaged with OpenSea to buy, sell, or create NFTs.

    The demand for newsletters with high-quality content has experienced a significant increase in the market over the years as there is a persistent demand for their offerings among the general populace. Why not leverage them as an intermediary to access your intended demographic?

    Newsletter authors consistently seek high-quality content for their readers. This presents an opportunity for you to utilize OpenSea to increase the visibility of your NFT.

    Below are some recommended newsletters to initiate the promotion of your NFT on OpenSea.

    BanklessHQ, Rarible, Forefront, and Metaversal are all newsletters related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

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    NFT Giveaways

    One effective strategy to increase visitor traffic is to conduct NFT giveaways, particularly on the social media platforms like Twitter. Twitter is a platform that hosts numerous Non-Fungible Token (NFT) giveaways. Gary Vaynerchuk has exhibited high activity levels on Twitter. Upon providing their wallet address, the individual posted a tweet offering a complimentary NFT to a recipient. As a result, numerous individuals responded by sharing their NFT wallet addresses in hopes of receiving the free NFT.

    Conducting NFT giveaways can serve as an effective marketing strategy to boost the visibility of your NFT venture. One possible approach is to conduct a non-fungible token (NFT) giveaway, with a prerequisite of following your page and liking and retweeting the content. If a tweet is retweeted, it increases its visibility and the likelihood of further retweets due to the incentive of winning the giveaway.

    Strategies for Increasing NFT Sales through OpenSea Views

    Assuming the existence of OpenSea accounts, directing traffic from various social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc., is a viable tactic to enhance OpenSea views.

    Increasing your transaction volume will result in a greater level of market exposure. When the trading volume of NFT projects on OpenSea reaches 100K, a verification blue checkmark is displayed, enhancing the projects’ visibility and sales.

    As the trading volume of your project increases, it ascends in the rankings to feature on either the top 100 or the top 10 “explore” page.

    Acquiring proficiency in expediting sales on OpenSea is a straightforward process. The velocity of your nft project’s sales on OpenSea is directly proportional to the level of awareness and OpenSea account ownership among potential buyers.

    How to Promote Your NFT on Twitter?

    Individuals engage in online discussions via chatrooms, and many are involved in non-fungible token (NFT) initiatives. If one intends to promote their NFT collection, it is advisable to utilize Twitter. Ensure that you allocate sufficient time to create your Twitter account. Ensure that all hyperlinks to your website or OpenSea collection are included and presented in a polished and formal manner.

    The next step is following individuals within the NFT community, irrespective of whether their NFT is similar to yours. Follow them, respond to their tweets, and give them compliments. Try to engage with the community. 

    To locate the NFT community on Twitter, search for “NFT” on the platform to observe the scale of its presence. The frequency of their tweets regarding NFTs is high, occurring at a rate of one tweet per second. Your Twitter account could gain a substantial number of followers due to your high level of engagement through frequent tweeting and responding to others. 

    The remarkable aspect of Twitter is that if an individual has a substantial number of followers and shares an NFT-related post, a single retweet can potentially cause it to become viral.

    The content has the potential to attain viral status and reach a wide audience. This could result in a significant increase in traffic to your OpenSea platform and associated projects. By searching NFT, it is possible to retrieve either the most popular or the most recent post, 

    which can be a useful feature. 

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    How to Promote Your NFT on Instagram?

    Instagram is a widely used platform for sharing artwork. Instagram provides a user-friendly interface; thus, if you seek a convenient method to share your artwork, create videos akin to TikTok on this platform. The feature is referred to as Instagram Reels. 


    We trust that you have obtained a resolution to your inquiry regarding the means of promoting your non-fungible token on the OpenSea platform. Allocate a significant portion of your time to Twitter as it hosts the largest NFT community, providing ample opportunities to observe and acquire knowledge on the subject matter. Endeavor to maintain an active presence across all social media platforms, emphasizing Twitter once your following has expanded. Exert maximum effort and diligence in your work, and persist without surrendering.

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