How to Create Your Own Anime Character?


    Learn how to design and bring your own anime character to life with our step-by-step guide. Get tips on creating a unique and compelling character!

    Over the past decade, people have skyrocketed their internet usage. So it thinks of everything it can to expand and make money. And everybody knows that the anime industry is booming. 

    People have widely shared images of classic anime online. You can use these symbols to convey your attitude or emotion towards your ex, the latest celebrity rumor, a major public event, or even a rumor about you. You will be at most 5 minutes on it. Additionally, you can choose to set it as your profile picture or icon. Many tools are available on the Web to create your own Anime characters.

    Here in this guide, we will learn some useful steps to create anime characters and different 

    tools to create anime characters of our choice without any hassle.

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    So, let’s get started!

    Tools to Create Anime Characters

    Using these easy tools, you can make an avatar without spending money.


    Crypko can generate anime faces quickly and easily with the help of a generative adversarial network (GAN), making them ready for use. Many people have misunderstood Crypko as a for-profit knockoff of MakeGirlsMoe. Additionally, users can purchase Crypko cards, which are special codes, through this program and use them to create high-quality anime characters.


    Fudan University, Carnegie Mellon University, Stony Brook University, and Tongji University developed an excellent anime maker called MakeGirlsMoe. This program enables the creation of high-quality anime drawings without the assistance of human artists. However, you can only use it for personal purposes, unlike Crypko.

    If you want to create an original anime character, is the best option. The anime character creator allows you to customize your character with much leeway, making it fantastic. You can customize everything, from eye color to hairstyle to wardrobe, to your liking.

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    Nobody can overlook the prominence of Cartoonify when discussing free avatar makers. Making animated shorts of your design is easy with this great tool. Pick its clothing, background, hair color, etc., to give it any look you like.

    Character Creator

    You can make your anime character simply and entertainingly with Character Creator. You can only alter male and female anime characters. You can alter virtually every aspect of the character, from appearance to personality.

    Avatar Maker: Anime

    This app is downloadable for users of both iOS and Android. You can customize it with a wide variety of options. Thus you can facilitate the development of a unique character in your preferred genre, whether it is fantasy, fiction, romance, contemporary, or knights. You can play over 10,000 characters and customize their skin tone and hair color to your liking.


    The developers made SuperMe with women in mind, and it is available on iOS and Android. The MOE content enhances facial animations by offering a wide variety of options. Users can make their anime characters and have conversations with others using those characters through this app.


    Use Avachara to help you create your anime character. You can create a character from scratch, so there’s no need to upload an image. You can customize your character by giving them unique eyes, brows, noses, mouths, hair, and clothing after choosing a gender.

    You have many other online resources at your disposal to create anime characters. Let’s proceed to the next phase of designing characters for anime.

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    Steps to Create an Anime Character Online

    How often do you wish to design your anime character? Letting your imagination run wild is a great way to develop characters for use on social media and in other contexts.

    Novices in the creative process, seasoned artists, and content creators looking to stand out can find many resources for making their anime characters.

    Here are some examples of how we have created our Anime characters for an illustration.

    Choose the form of art that pleases you the most.

    Designers from all over the world make a wide range of aesthetic choices that you’ll find when you open any program. Choose whatever interests you! 

    Choose a skin color. 

    Start with a blank slate to create your custom character. You can quickly select a character at random by rolling the dice. Selecting the SKIN option will display a range of skin tones, from very light to very dark.

    Choose the eye.

    People’s eyes reveal their innermost feelings, making them the window to their souls. They significantly contribute to a person’s overall appearance. Eye shapes vary widely.

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    Pick your mouth and nose!

    There are plenty of choices. Find a hairstyle that compliments your character’s features and allows them to convey the appropriate emotions. That’s why you should try them all and choose the one that works best for you.

    Add Eyebrow

    Choosing the right eyebrow is essential. Ensure that the face appears normal in general.

    Change the Hairstyle

    There are two sections in the cut, top and bottom. Tailor each component individually. 

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    Add gestures and accessories

    You can provide background information on your character, such as whether they smoke, drink coffee, apply lipstick, or answer the phone.

    Add texts to express yourself 

    Choose something that expresses your emotions and reflects your personality. 

    Save and Share

    Click the Complete button to save the picture when you are happy with how it looks. You can 

    send it to your friend or share it on social media. You control everything! 

    How to Make an Anime Character with an App (iOS & Android)

    You can download anime creator apps for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and use them to create your anime characters.

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    Various demographics have developed a tremendous interest in personal anime character creation due to the meteoric rise of anime. Here, we covered the basics of character design for anime.


    Do I need drawing skills to create an anime character?

    Yes, in a word. To get the anime character you want, type in detailed descriptions, and the AI drawing tool will draw and display the results quickly, even if you can’t draw.

    Where can I make my anime character?

    An automated system allows you to create your anime character. You can easily make your anime character without any drawing or special skills. It’s a quick and easy process.

    Create an anime character without spending any money!

    An automated system allows you to create your anime character. Let your creativity and skill shine without fear.

    Which program creates the most memorable anime characters?

    Fantastic anime apps abound on the internet. We recommend exploring your options to find the one that best suits your needs.

    Who owns the computer-generated anime images?

    Deciding who should own the copyright to anime images generated by AI is challenging, depending on the specifics of each scenario. Whoever developed the program or algorithm that produced the images would rightfully own them.

    If a third party makes substantial changes or improvements to the software or algorithm, they may claim ownership.

    Why Do You Need an Online Anime Character Creator?

    You can use a profile picture if you feel uneasy using your likeness online, although it is not required.

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