How Do You Stop Motion Sickness in VR?


    Stop VR motion sickness with effective tips and tricks. Find out how to prevent discomfort and enjoy immersive experiences.

    Virtual reality is gradually replacing traditional gaming. As a result, more and more manufacturers are releasing virtual reality equipment. The gaming industry has a bright future with the release of the new Oculus and the PSVR 2. There are some things to think about before diving headfirst into virtual reality gaming. Motion sickness is one of them.

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    What is VR Motion Sickness?

    People call video game motion sickness cybersickness, virtual sickness, or simulation sickness. Feeling disoriented when first putting on a virtual reality headset is normal. You are tricking your brain into thinking it is moving even though you are not moving your body. You can overcome these negative emotions, and that’s good news. This article will cover the causes, symptoms, and treatments for motion sickness in virtual reality games, so you can focus on having fun.

    Symptoms of Motion Sickness

    Taking a break from gaming is important if you feel the onset of motion sickness, which can happen at any time. Here are some signs to keep an eye on while playing.

    • Disorientation
    • Sweating
    • Nausea
    • Headaches
    • Eye strain 
    • and even vomiting in severe cases.

    These signs and symptoms may be unique to each individual’s experience. Only you truly understand your limitations. Pausing to make sure, even if you think you’re about to beat the level, is a good idea. 

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    What Makes Virtual Reality Motion Sickness Unique?

    VR game developers aim to achieve the “presence” phenomenon. When we talk about gaming and presence, we mean experiencing feelings of “being there” instead of feeling like you are just “where you are.”

    Its presence gives VR experiences power and realism when done right. However, this is also what causes VR motion sickness. 

    How many people experience nausea from virtual reality?

    The University of Minnesota’s Kinesiologist Thomas Stoffregen estimates that virtual reality causes motion sickness in 40-70% of users after only 15 minutes. Additionally, he stated that certain virtual reality games make nearly all players feel sick or uncomfortable while playing. What virtual reality games induce motion sickness that you know of? Rapid movements in virtual reality games such as flying, racing, or other activities are known to trigger motion sickness.

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    How Do You Stop Motion Sickness in VR?

    What works best for you as a player ultimately depends on your situation and the VR content you’re interacting with. Some games with a lot of motion, like first-person shooters and some music games, maybe too intense for virtual reality. 

    Here are some methods to prevent VR motion sickness.

    1. Start Small

    So, you’ve had a bad time with a virtual reality game. You tried it, but as soon as you started exploring the virtual environment, your stomach dropped, and your head spun. You may not feel like trying virtual reality again, but you’ll miss out on incredible opportunities if you give up now. Taking it easy is the simplest and most effective method for avoiding motion sickness in virtual reality.

    2. Short Sessions

    Start playing the game for only a few minutes if it makes you feel queasy. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and take a break if you start to feel uneasy. If you play games briefly and gradually increase time, you can overcome this discomfort. You’ll soon be an expert at navigating your made-up worlds. Most people can get their “VR legs” with some practice and time.

    3. Eat Ginger Beforehand

    You must have seen that slippery garnish comes with your Shushi. This garnish is more than just cleaning your plate. Research suggests that it may also prevent the onset of nausea. Eating ginger or taking a ginger supplement an hour or two beforehand may reduce nausea and vomiting while wearing a virtual reality headset. Making some rapid dietary adjustments is a way to help.

    4. Aim a Fan at Yourself

    Having a fan blow in the direction of the player’s face while playing a VR game can help alleviate motion sickness, even though it may sound strange. Many forum users prone to nausea have reported that a cool breeze on their skin prevents the onset of nausea. Why not use a fan if you’re having trouble in a virtual reality game? The headset might experience reduced perspiration if nothing else.

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    5. Game Choice

    I wouldn’t suggest jumping into a fast-paced game if you use a virtual reality headset for the first time. Avoid jumping into a game where everything happens at breakneck speed, or you may blow your senses. The player could use Moss as a good introductory game, directing a third-person character and taking in the environment. Start with a game that moves more slowly so that you can adjust your eyes and brain with time. Preferring to play a virtual reality game from a third-person perspective. When you start a game in the third person, you can take your time to ease into the first-person view. 

    6. Read the Headset Manual

    Reading the manual beforehand can help you learn more about properly using the headset and other helpful hints for the game. Each headphone has its unique features. A different set of controls exists for each unit. Learn your headset’s controls inside and out. Familiarize yourself with the map first before entering an unfamiliar territory. 

    7. Adjust Your Headset

    The manual contains instructions on how to adjust the headset’s fit. Improper headset adjustment may cause you to experience motion sickness and lose immersion in the game world. You can adjust headsets in various ways; some have different features. Ensure that you align the screens properly with your eyes and fit the headset snugly enough to avoid falling off.

    8. Practice Focused Breathing

    Staying hydrated during a gaming session is just as crucial as breathing deeply and deliberately. Please proceed with caution, as has been said before. Take a deep breath and relax with each new direction you turn your head. Focusing on your breathing helps your body adjust and feel more at ease. After completing a particularly difficult level, take a deep breath. Traverse the new Virtual Reality environment while keeping your breathing steady. 

    Taking some air outside is important, too. High indoor temperatures can make it difficult to move comfortably during the summer. Take a minute to go outside and gather your thoughts. Sitting in front of a screen for several hours can be relieved by breathing fresh air, which can do your body good. 

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    9. Take Medication – Dramamine

    Most people may pass on this one, but it could be your only hope if you have been sick a lot recently. If a doctor prescribed you a drowsy antihistamine like Benadryl or Dramamine, you might have taken it to alleviate motion sickness while traveling by boat or car.

    Dramamine offers a variety of brand names and packaging options, including pills, chewable tablets, and liquid. If you like to play video games for extended periods without getting sick, developers have even made one specifically for that.

    Other Effective Methods to Combat VR Sickness

    • Use your headset’s interpupillary distance (IPD) slider to find the setting that best suits your eyes. You can find this number, in millimeters, on your eyeglasses prescription. You can also use a glasses spacer to improve comfort if necessary.
    • Ensure that your PC achieves a high enough frame rate; if feasible, utilize a frame rate of 60 fps or greater.
    • If you’re under the weather, you should avoid using virtual reality. Your sense of steadiness and equilibrium relies on having healthy sinuses, eyes, ears, and a brain. Illnesses that throw the body out of kilter, such as a cold, sinus infection, headache, or eye problems, can exacerbate negative VR symptoms.
    • Fool your brain by jogging in place, or use a program like Natural Locomotion. Two other examples of helpful technology are Cybershoes and the 3D Rudder.
    • Using aromatherapy with essential oils like ginger or lavender might relieve motion sickness. Place a diffuser in the room or apply a few drops on your wrist. Research which essential oils are safe if you have pets at home before using them.

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    People are improving virtual reality gaming, and it’s becoming more amazing. Learning how your body responds to virtual reality is the key to succeeding. Entering a whole new dimension is like putting on a VR headset. Adjusting right away is easy for some people. Some people take longer. These hints will enable you to dive headfirst into VR and have a fantastic experience.

    Summing up, you should do the following to give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding VR-induced motion sickness:

    • Take ginger or a non-drowsy anti-nausea medication containing meclizine one hour before playing.
    • Wear light and airy clothing such as a T-shirt and shorts.
    • Turn on the fan.
    • Chew gum while playing.
    • Keep down your speed and keep up your visibility.
    • Shorten your playing time.
    • Immediately stop playing if you experience any pain.

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