How To Make Money On Onlyfans Without Showing Face?


    Read this guide and learn How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face.

    Want to make money on OnlyFans but want to keep your identity secret from friends and family? A nameless or faceless profile can be your solution. Wondering if it’s possible to make money on OnlyFans without revealing your face? Absolutely! A lot of artists are accepting and going the extra mile to make it possible. We will walk you through every step of how to create a safe and anonymous OnlyFans account that will get you a significant following and help you earn over thousands of dollars monthly.

    What is OnlyFans?

    OnlyFans is a subscription based social media site where creators earn money by giving out personal exclusive content for the subscribers. Despite the adult industry being the most popular niche, OnlyFans serves creators of multiple genres including fitness, health, cooking, and gaming. Creators provide comprehensive content for a monthly subscription fee, which includes photos and videos, as well as live streaming. Furthermore, creators may also provide other paid services such as personal-messages and one-on-one chats.

    Subscription price for OnlyFans is not set by the company, but by creators themselves, who can keep 80% of their earnings, which is particularly favorable for artists with a lot of followers and loyal patrons. Of course, besides just posting content, achievement on the platform depends on marketing, interacting with fans, and discovering a niche that appeals to your audience.

    Is It Possible To Make Money On Only Fans With No Face?

    According to the platform’s rules, users should upload passports and photos of themselves for verification purposes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the right names or images needed to be displayed to other users on the website.

    Despite the fact that some people consider OnlyFans as the porn site, its content is multifarious. Artists, dancers, fitness trainers, personal coaches, and many others have been able to monetize their services and content on this platform. However, it is also true that the most successful creators financially on the platform often feature explicit material.

    Revealing your face on OnlyFans is not mandatory for earning money. The main point here is to separate your online persona from your real life by coming up with a unique online identity. This may be using a fictitious name or even a nickname. These methods are somewhat widespread in use among the OnlyFans community.

    How to Start an Onlyfans Account Anonymously

    To maintain anonymity on OnlyFans, consider these strategies:

    Hide your face with masks and props: You can use all kinds of accessories; wigs, masks, fake beards, and many others to disguise your identity and provide interesting and entertaining videos featuring different characters. This keeps your audience engaged as they follow through a series of seasons like the year-quiver Halloween.

    Craft a compelling backstory: A powerful past can be a magnet for follows due to creating suspense plus a sense of partnership if not reception. It is what makes your audience engaged in your content and therefore, if you are able to do it well, you are unique in your own way and you will be able to attract and build a loyal following.

    Compensate with engaging interactions: Interaction with your audience is the main drive of your business on OnlyFans. Answer a question, join a discussion, and talk to your followers to keep your community coming back for seconds.

    Use a stage name: If you’re scared about using your real name, choose a stage name to keep your identity safe and develop a secret name for your OnlyFans account.

    Create a separate email account: Split your OnlyFans life from your personal life to maintain privacy by creating an exclusive email and using it for your OnlyFans activities.

    Secure your digital assets: Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication for access to your email, content, and OnlyFans account.

    Utilize geoblocking: Guarantee the exclusivity of your content by using geoblocking, which will enable only your target to customers to view the content and protect your privacy.

    Conceal identifying marks: Data Masking hides scars, tattoos and birthmarks to prevent unintentional disclosure of your personal information through these images.

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    Be mindful of surroundings: Pay attention to the surroundings you create within your content to maintain your privacy by not mistakenly disclosing identifiable details that can be traced back to your anonymity.

    Stick to text content: If you are unhappy with audio and video engagement, prioritise on text-based content communication to co-operate and earn money without showing your face.

    Avoid outdoor photos: Steer clear of outdoor photos that could disclose your location or other personal information, maintaining your privacy on OnlyFans.

    Watch the content you post: It is essentially to be careful with your OnlyFans content when you want to earn from OnlyFans without unfolding your face. Do not post anything that can lead someone to your identity inadvertently. Keep in mind that any content you post will be accessible to the public so you’ll have to be cautious.

    Keep anonymity across social media: To take the most advantage of the OnlyFans platform to earn money anonymously, you should assure your anonymity throughout all your social media pages. If you’re registered on social media platforms, operate in an incognito mode. Keep your identity private on Twitter, Instagram or other social networks or any other accounts connected with your OnlyFans profile. Keeping the brand of anonymity same in all platforms is important in order to protect the data from getting leaked and this way you can protect your privacy and desired level of anonymity.

    OnlyFans Content Ideas Without Showing Your Face

    If you are worried about how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face, relax – there are several ways.

    Foot fetish content: Cater to fans with a foot fetish by teasing and pleasing them with your feet while keeping your face hidden.

    Twerking: Twerking is another narrow and specific type of sexual fetishism that has its own loyal fans among those who prefer to watch adult entertainment. You can capitalize on this trend and yet remain anonymous.

    For example, Elletwerk, a verified full-time OnlyFans creator, is estimated to have made around $10.3k or more each month. Besides, Elle or the “Australia’s Twerk Girl,” the other model who has been spreading unique clips and sold her subscription bundles, only proves how it is possible to make money on OnlyFans and even stay anonymous.

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    Booty footage: If you’re a “hottie with a body”,  you can find your niche on OnlyFans and earn good money through your sexy butts or boobs’ footage without exposing your face. These varieties of the subgenres can bring more fans and incomes to you without even revealing your identity.

    Use props to your advantage: There are other creative ways of making the money on OnlyFans without showing your face and they involve using the props effectively. You can wear sexy masks, wide bonnets, pretty cushions or any other props in order to cover your face and make your body the centre of attraction. To make your pictures look different and stay yourself, use creative props, for example. Look for an alternative option of involving someone else to assist in the photographing of you with interesting views that would be better than your simple self-takes.

    Use costumes: Furthermore, if you plan on monetizing Onlyfans for some bucks and keep your face covered, then costumes will be of much help to you as well. Fetishwear, as well as rendezvous (Cosplays), are the most popular choices of the audience, so you can use them successfully to appeal to your audience and maintain anonymity.


    In this article, we have found out how to earn money on onlyfans accounts without having to show off your face. Here’s a summary:

    You can stay anonymous on OnlyFans without exposing your face to others. Some of the creators chose this way and currently, there is a large group of “no face” creators on this platform. It is possible to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. However, this task requires certain efforts. Besides that, you have to be careful in picking up the most profitable niches, creating an intriguing profile, taking an active part in the communication with your followers, and promoting yourself.

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