Top 10 Popular AI News Readers & Anchors


    Journalism has taken a revolutionizing turn by bringing virtual news anchors powered by artificial intelligence to cover the regular coverage. Here are top AI-powered news readers from across the world.

    Journalism’s long-term evolution includes a new trend in news anchoring and presentation. AI innovations are causing a seismic shift in the news industry. Complex machine learning algorithms drive virtual characters known as artificial intelligence (AI) news anchors, changing how news is presented. These virtual presenters can process massive amounts of information, mimic human speech patterns, and provide round-the-clock coverage. AI news anchors have the potential to revolutionize the media industry by cutting costs, removing bias, and increasing efficiency. 

    What Is an AI News Reader?

    Now that we live in an AI-powered world, AIs can read the news. The AI anchor collects and sorts conversations according to predetermined topics and labels participants accordingly.

    China introduced an AI news anchor in 2018, which it claims is a first for the world. Xinhua News Agency took the unprecedented step of enabling the virtual newsreader to “work” around the clock on their website and social media channels, aiming to “reduce news production costs.”

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    Emergence of AI News Anchors

    AI-Powered Automation

    AI-powered news anchors report the news using powerful algorithms. These programs simulate human newscasters as they sift through mountains of data, such as news articles, videos, and audio recordings. AI news anchors can mimic human expressions and speech patterns using deep learning and natural language processing.

    Improved Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

    Developers have created artificial intelligence news anchors to reduce production costs and increase productivity. Unlike human news anchors, AI presenters do not get tired or need a break. They update audiences worldwide in real time with breaking news 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using AI news anchors reduces costs and eliminates the requirement for elaborate studio sets, hair and makeup teams, and wardrobe departments.

    Customizability and Language Diversity

    Companies can adapt artificially intelligent news anchors to serve various news formats and audiences. If news outlets deliver their stories in multiple languages, they can reach a wider audience, and more people will pay attention to them. Users can select their preferred AI news presenter based on various factors, including accent, tone, and appearance, creating a truly individualized news experience.

    In this blog, we will look at the top AI news readers.

    Top 10 AI News Readers

    Virtual news anchors powered by artificial intelligence are covering the news, marking a revolutionary shift in journalism. Here is a list of top AI news readers.

    • Zhang Zhao – AI news anchor at Xinhua news agency, China.
    • Fedha – AI news reader at Kuwait News
    • Sana – Aaj Tak Hindi’s first AI news anchor
    • Lisa – First regional AI news reader at Odisha TV
    • Maya – Telugu’s first AI news anchor, with Big TV
    • Joon – AI News Reader at Astro Awani’s channel 501
    • AI Kaur – AI News Reader at News18
    • Soundarya – Power TV’s AI News Reader
    • Nadira, Sasya, and Bhoomi – TvOne, one of Indonesia’s most-watched broadcast channels, introduced these three virtual presenters.

    Some of the top AI news readers are explained in detail below, let us find out.

    Zhang Zhao

    China’s Xinhua News Agency created Zhang Zhao, an English-speaking AI news anchor, making it the world’s first AI news producer. The news anchor self-teaches and utilizes machine learning to mimic human expressions in his voice, body language, and broadcasting. The news organization promises to reduce the cost of news production and improve news efficiency. The male newscaster, dressed impeccably in a three-piece suit, speaks mechanically. 


    FTV News in Taiwan debuted a two-minute weather forecast presented by an AI on July 3. Six months of planning and preparation resulted in it. Developers created the unnamed AI weather presenter using AIGC technology, allowing it to produce humanlike photorealism. Like its counterparts elsewhere, the virtual presenter in Taiwan can improve its delivery by gaining insight from its previous broadcasts. Furthermore, the AI character practices with a daily news script provided by this Taiwanese channel, with each one adjusted for a unique set of circumstances.


    A virtual news anchor was debuted for the first time by a media organization in the Middle East in April. Social media responses poured in after the artificial intelligence anchor “Fedha” appeared on the Twitter account of Kuwait News. The name Fedha, an ancient name for a woman in Kuwait that means “silver,” portrays a woman with blonde hair and light eyes who dons a white t-shirt under a black coat. The assistant news editor labeled her as a “test” to assess the ability of artificial intelligence to generate original content. 

    Some viewers praised the virtual presenter as a great idea, while others expressed concern about the moral implications of using AI in the news.

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    AI एंकर, TVTN

    In April 2023, a media organization in India introduced Sana, an AI bot, as the network’s first permanent news anchor. Sana occasionally presents bulletins and participates in live audience Q&As on Aaj Tak, the news channel owned by the India Today Group. She has performed weather reporting and co-anchoring alongside journalist and editor Sudhir Chaudhary. Sana possesses multilingual skills and maintains an established online presence, including verified accounts on Twitter and Instagram.


    Odisha TV, a news station based in Odisha, has introduced “Lisa,” the first regional AI news anchor in India, marking a significant milestone for the AI industry. Odia TV announced that she would host news updates as an AI news reader. Lisa’s impressive linguistic repertoire includes Odia, English, and other languages.

    India’s first regional AI news reader, Lisa, demonstrates how AI can advance in the media industry, opening doors for more captivating and interactive news broadcasts across various languages and cultural settings.


    Joon, an AI avatar, presents the evening news in Malay on Channel 501 of Astro Awani. 


    Monica, who appears Scandinavian, actively participates in the discussion on Agenda AWANI at the same time every day. They do not aim to compete with or replace human abilities but rather to enhance the standard of living and the goods produced by people everywhere. 

    AI Kaur

    News18, a channel in Punjab and Haryana, has introduced AI Kaur, a host fluent in all three official languages of the state. AI Kaur stunned the crowd at her launch by posing deep questions in English and greeting in Punjabi. AI Kaur presents news in a polished and fluent trilingual manner, dressed like a new generation of news anchors in a black top and blazer. 


    Power TV, a Kannada channel in India, also boldly stepped forward. The channel unveiled the AI host, Soundarya.

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    Other AI-Powered News Anchors Around the World

    • TinMoz, a company based in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, created an AI-driven news anchor named Samsa. Samsa’s ability to deliver news in multiple languages and its human-like facial expressions and voice modulation have made it well-liked.
    • Yonhap News Agency in South Korea has debuted two synthetic newscasters, Kim Ju-ha and Lee Ha-yu. Designers have created these computer-generated newscasters to provide timely, accurate coverage around the clock. They have won acclaim for their naturalistic appearances and voices.
    • OpenAI, a well-known tech firm in the United States, has created an AI-driven news anchor named GPT-3. This highly developed language model could benefit many fields, including news reporting. GPT-3’s sophisticated language understanding and generating capabilities have garnered much attention.
    • Nippon TV in Japan developed a news anchor robot named Erica, powered by artificial intelligence. Erica maintains a sophisticated appearance and mimics human gestures while reporting the news. 
    • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) launched a pilot program called “Cue” that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate personalized news broadcasts. Speech synthesis software is used by Cue to analyze user information and produce contextualized news summaries. Through this project, the BBC demonstrates its dedication to evolving with the media landscape using artificial intelligence.

    What Will Be The Impact Of AI News Readers On The Media Industry?

    Enhanced News Delivery

    AI news anchors could completely alter the media landscape. Because of their ability to process vast amounts of information in real-time, they quickly analyze complex data and present it in a concise and easily understandable format. Viewers can keep up with the latest happenings in various industries, from politics and economics to sports and show business.

    Addressing Biases and Misinformation

    The potential benefit of reducing the prevalence of bias and false information lies in artificial intelligence news anchors. Human news anchors can unintentionally inject their own biases or inaccuracies into their reporting, damaging the news’s reliability. On the other hand, AI newscasters only utilize data and algorithms, eliminating the possibility of bias or intentional misrepresentation. This creates a news ecosystem that is more neutral and trustworthy.

    The Future of News Reporting

    AI news readers are a major step forward in developing the news industry. Experts expect that AI will improve its ability to mimic human behavior in the future, making it more challenging to distinguish virtual news presenters from real humans. AI news anchors will report the news more accurately and compassionately with the help of the development of natural language processing and sentiment analysis.

    Remembering that AI news anchors will only partially replace human journalists is important. Human reporters can think critically, investigate, and discover new information, giving them distinct advantages. Artificial intelligence newscasters streamline the reporting process and save time, making them a great addition to the news industry.

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