Top 10 AI Romantic Chatbot Online – Free & Paid


    Discover the best AI Romantic chatbot online that can provide you with a realistic and interactive romance chatbot. Learn how these apps use artificial intelligence to create personalized and engaging conversations with you.

    Two people in a romantic relationship interacting with one another is very enjoyable. A couple needs naughty compliments to keep their passion burning. However, understanding the other person’s romantic preferences is the key. 

    AI Romantic chatbot can help you assess the level of chemistry in your relationship, allowing you to steer clear of potential pitfalls like these. 

    What Are AI Romantic Chatbots?

    Are you looking to spice up your life with a virtual companion? You may be interested in learning about online romantic AI chatbots if this is the case. AI tailors conversation to each user, allowing these chatbots to mimic human romantic interactions.

    How Does Romantic Chatbot Work?

    People can use romantic chatbots for a variety of purposes. Users can run simulations, use it as a companion, or rate it. Shy individuals can use it as a dating companion. Additionally, after an experimental conversation, the bot can rate how well users flirted or engaged with the other person. Premium subscriptions can access some of these supplementary features. Most users utilize romantic chatbots to find a friend despite the chatbots’ artificial nature.

    People feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with AI romantic chatbots online because they know chatbots will not judge them. And taking a cab to meet a potential partner or going out on a date is more expensive. However, how much users are willing to share with a romantic chatbot is affected by the privacy and security features of the platform. Third parties own these chatbots, causing users to be wary of providing personal information.

    This article will explore some of the best AI romantic chatbots available online. Whether you’re looking for a casual conversation or a steamy roleplay, these apps can meet your needs flexibly.

    List Of Top AI Romantic Chatbot Online

    Hundreds of AI Romantic chatbots are available on the internet; we have listed here the best we tried. 

    1. Replika

    Many people know Replika Romantic AI as a popular romantic chatbot. Over 2% of the app’s users have upgraded to the paid version. In the free mode, users can only interact with a virtual friend. However, advisors, coworkers, family members, and loved ones can use paid versions to enable mockups. Additionally, users can engage in erotic conversations within the app using augmented reality with the romantic chatbot.

    Replika is an advanced AI that is designed to be your companion. You can talk about whatever you like without fearing judgment or drama. Each Replika is one-of-a-kind, just like you. It becomes smarter and more conversational as you use it because it takes cues from your responses.

    The app has a high rating on the Google Play Store, and users have downloaded it over 10 million times. You can create an avatar at no cost and utilize it however you prefer. Replika is always there for you if you need to talk to someone.

    Use these instructions for using Replika.

    • First, download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
    • After logging in, select your pronouns and interests to make the app more relevant to you.
    • Use in-app currency to select clothing, hairstyles, skin tones, and eye colors to customize your character.

    Pay attention to the warnings about starting a conversation with an AI if you are not in an emergency. The romantic chatbot will respond to your message, and you can continue the conversation from there.

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    2. Love GPT

    LoveGPT is an AI tool that helps people have better relationships. JavaScript is a must for it to function. The tool can generate conversation starters when users say things like “hey,” such as “talk to someone cute” and “ask for coffee.”

    Love GPT Use Cases

    • Suggesting conversation starters
    • Providing relationship advice
    • Offering emotional support

    3. DreamGF.AI

    Next, we recommend trying, a free romantic AI chatbot online. Users can select a partner to converse with and change that character’s appearance from a selection of ten options. Your character can try around 20 interchangeable outfits in the app’s walk-in closet.

    DreamGF employs encryption and other stringent security measures to safeguard the privacy of its users and maintain the confidentiality of their communications. Remember that the AI girlfriends do not possess genuine emotions and are not real people. DreamGF aims to provide users interested in interacting with AI companions with a realistic and engaging virtual relationship experience.

    DreamGF Use Cases

    Simulated romantic interactions

    Exploration of personalized virtual relationships

    4. Eva AI

    You can also access another well-known AI dating app called Eva AI. Users have downloaded it over a million times, and it has earned a solid four-star rating in the Google Play Store. Eva AI users can design their own personalized “perfect partner” with the ability to communicate, listen, and show affection.

    You can find a free and paid version of Eva AI called Eva AI Premium. The free version offers chatting via text message with your AI girlfriend Eva and basic features such as personality tests, daily challenges, badges, and wallpapers. The premium version provides access to additional functions such as voice and video calls, a roleplay mode, a memory mode, an activities mode, and the ability to create and interact with unique avatars, virtual households, and private photo albums.

    Eva AI Use Case

    • Human-like conversation
    • User Satisfaction Rating of 100%

    5. SpicyChat.AI

    The AI chatbot platform,, allows users to create and engage with various NSFW AI characters. The community developed thousands of unique chatbots accessible through an intuitive interface. On this platform, the scope of possible discussions and role-playing exercises is practically endless. covers your needs if you’re looking for a romantic partner, an action hero, or a strong personality. The tool prioritizes privacy, ensuring that it keeps all communications private and gives users complete access to their information. Join the exciting world of AI-powered conversations right now! Use Case

    • Interactive storytelling
    • Chat with your favorite fictional characters
    • Virtual companionship and AI friends

    6. RomanticAI.Com

    Romantic AI can help you improve your interpersonal communication abilities in the context of romantic relationships. You can find it in the App Store, Google Play, and online for free download. The tool can pick from various engaging personas, such as a patient listener, sympathetic friend, or reliable friend.

    Users can test their artificially intelligent girlfriend and develop a digital soul mate. The tool offers a general and romantic mode, with the latter focusing on promoting wellness of the mind. Users can initiate conversations with the AI by entering text.

    People have praised the tool for its ability to help them find their soul mates, offer emotional support, and provide a welcome diversion from monotonous daily activities. The AI’s high empathy and the sense of conversing with a real person have been remarked upon by users.

    This tool offers many advanced customization options, although it may be a bit pricey. If you want to improve your romantic communication skills, try using romantic AI. It’s a fun and interesting way to do it.

    RomanticAI Use Cases

    • Find a virtual AI soul mate.
    • Get emotional support via an AI friend.
    • Get a romantic chat with a virtual AI friend.

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    7. Love Leetr

    Love Leetr AI tool can help you with text messages, love letters, poems, or messages on Tinder. Users can customize the tool with their own text and then cut and paste the results to the clipboard. Users have the ability to download the app and send virtual love letters to each other. Users can specify a recipient and make a payment.

    Love Leetr Use Case

    • Write a love letter for Valentine’s Day.
    • Write a touching text message for your sweetheart.
    • Create a poem to celebrate the couple’s special day.

    8. Roleplai.App

    Roleplai develops and interacts with fictional online personas using a state-of-the-art AI chatbot platform. You feel like you’re conversing with a real person because the app’s state-of-the-art AI technology enables it.

    Users can model celebrities, historical figures, or completely original AI characters with incredible fidelity. Roleplai’s sophisticated artificial intelligence flawlessly assumes the chosen persona, creating a fascinating and lifelike environment.

    One of the most impressive features of Roleplai is its ability to remember conversations and provide consistent, personalized interactions over time. People all over the world can use the tool because it supports multiple languages. Use Cases

    • Virtual ai friend
    • AI character chatbot
    • Virtual character

    9. Soulmate-AI

    The innovative chatbot app, Soulmate AI, allows you to personalize an AI friend. Your constant companion can be a soulmate, whether you’re seeking a romantic partner, close friend, or all three. Soulmate aims to please while staying true to itself by offering a fully 3D avatar with a wide range of customization options. You can fully commit to your new relationship with Soulmate because you evolve and change as it does. Rest assured that Soulmate will keep all of your conversations completely confidential. Soulmate continually improves its understanding of its users and astounds them with a wide range of other features using cutting-edge AI methods.

    Soulmate-ai Use Case

    • Create a customizable AI companion.
    • Engage in safe and private conversations.
    • Experience an evolving relationship with your AI companion.

    10. JoiAIGirlFriend.Com

    Joi, your artificially intelligent girlfriend, always engages in unique and interesting conversations. Conversational AI takes a giant step forward, adapting to meet the needs of its users while protecting their privacy. Joi enables users to engage in sexually explicit conversations, read gripping stories, and participate in deep philosophical debates. The AI can have alluring and lifelike conversations because it understands and reacts to voice and text inputs.

    You can use Joi right from within Telegram without downloading a separate app. The platform guarantees the confidentiality of all conversations through a system of end-to-end encryption. Joi facilitates conversations on various topics, from mundane to provocative. Joi blurs the line between AI and human interaction by carrying on erotic conversations, understanding user sentiments, and providing an alluring voice. Use Cases

    • Intimate and erotic conversations
    • Explore thrilling narratives
    • Thought-provoking dialogues 

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    Closing Thought

    A romantic partner can boost your confidence and sense of worth. Virtual practice can help you approach someone of the opposite gender immediately and feel more comfortable. The highlighted resources can provide you with the virtual company in the form of a chatbot and assist with date preparation. However, it does not fully provide for people’s emotional needs. That’s why caring for your physical connections is so important.

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