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    Tattooing has always been a great way for people to explain their personality without saying anything. Unique designs stand out the most, while simple designs take the center stage. 

    Creating a tattoo design takes the next level of creativity, patience, focus, and determination. So, it takes years of experience for a tattoo artist to make a name for themselves finally. But before the emergence of AI. Now, AI tattoo generators are helping artists across the nation make their living, shine in ideas, and make most tattoo designs their clients love. 

    So, if you are a tattoo artist looking for the best tattoo generator out there, believe us, you are not alone. Here, we have the list of 10 top AI tattoo generators. And the best part? This list includes paid and free tattoo generators, so you will surely find a tool that meets your preferences. 

    Why You Need An AI Tattoo Generator Tool

    While there are a lot of reasons to use an AI tattoo generator tool, we want to put forward the most concise and prominent three points, which are:-

    Design Inspiration: You can quickly generate unique tattoo design ideas using it.

    Customization: AI tools give you more leverage to create a design that fits your unique preferences and body placement. 

    Risk Mitigation: You don’t have to commit to a tattoo immediately as it gives freedom to visualize the tattoos and tweak according to your preference.

    So, if these reasons talk to you, let’s get you started without the top 10. 

    Top 10 AI Tattoo Generator Tool  

    Our top 3 AI tools can introduce the AI world working in the tattoo industry. However, these are just the starters as you go through our list. It will be exciting with every paragraph, and by the end, we are sure you will find the tool you are looking for. Are you ready? Let’s dive in! 


    If you want an AI tool to provide great tattoo designs, this is worth checking out. While it’s impressive enough when you simply describe what you’re looking for, the real magic happens when you upload an existing image and let Fotor work its AI tattoo generator magic. 

    In addition, it gives you exciting AI generated tattoo styles to choose from. You’ll end up with many fresh concepts based on your original image, which you can use to create a similar design but not identical to any existing tattoo. 

    Fotor can be an invaluable tool for brainstorming and idea formulation even if you don’t use any generated tattoos. While it may take a bit of practice to master, once you do, you’ll be hard-pressed to put this tool down. This AI tattoo generator works on a credit-based system for the finances, starting at just $9.99 or $2.99 per month (billed annually) for 200 credits.

    Black INK AI Tattoo Generator

    Want work done in a few clicks? Choose Black Ink AI. In just a few clicks, you can create stunning tattoos that will leave everyone in awe. All you have to do is log in with your Google account. It gives you a simple dashboard that’s so simple even a child could use it.

    Once you’re in, just follow these simple steps: type in a prompt from your imagination or choose from their many examples, select your art style, and click Create. 

    In just 30 seconds to a minute, you’ll see the results of the AI tattoo generator. It’s that easy! But that’s not all – Black Ink AI offers two pricing plans perfect for anyone, whether a beginner or a pro. Of course, no product is perfect, but we think you’ll love Black Ink AI as much as we do. Although you can’t upload and enhance your artwork, Black Ink AI offers photo-to-image support. It’s still one of the best AI tattoo generators out there. 


    Are you tired of generic tattoo designs that don’t feel like “you”? Then we have found the perfect tattoo AI generator tool for you: Simplified. This platform creates personalized tattoos based on your preferences, allowing you to bring your unique vision to life. 

    Best of all, it’s free to use, saving you money on expensive custom designs. With a quick and effortless design process, you’ll have endless possibilities for creativity with their diverse tattoo styles and placements. So now you don’t have to deal with cookie-cutter tattoos and hello to a one-of-a-kind work of art. You can try out Simplified Tattoo Generator today – your perfect design is just a few clicks away.


    Midjourney is one of the original AI art generators and has had plenty of time to perfect its algorithms. The results are nothing short of impressive, and tattoos are just one of the many things it can produce. 

    Designing a tattoo with Midjourney requires a bit of text prompt understanding. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed by the final product. The best approach is to use a descriptor combined with a popular style, like “Full bloom winter.” 

    Blackwork tattoo style.” And if you’re a fan of the legendary tattoo artist Sailor Jerry, simply add “by Sailor Jerry” to your prompt to capture that famous style.

    On top of that, Midjourney even allows you to use your images or designs. Combine them with a prompt to achieve the perfect style, color, and more. With Midjourney, the possibilities are endless!

    Top 10 Free Alternatives of Midjourney

    Tattoo Do

    Tattoo Do is an advanced AI tattoo generator tool. It provides users with a unique opportunity to design their custom tattoos. With a vast array of pre-made designs, the platform allows users to easily customize their tattoos to their liking. Additionally, users can upload their images as a base for their designs, adding a personal touch to their creations. 

    The interface is user-friendly and straightforward, making navigating easy for users of all skill levels. The tool is available for free, but for those looking to unlock additional features and functionalities, there are paid options available. Tattoo Do is an excellent option whether you’re a seasoned tattoo designer or a newcomer to the art form. It works for anyone looking to create a custom, personalized tattoo design.


    This powerful AI art app for iOS and Android, created by the developers of Facetune, has recently added an amazing feature called AI Tattoo Design. Now, you can try different tattoo designs by applying them to your photos without any editing skills. The AI takes care of everything, ensuring perfect angles and proportions for your target area. 

    But that’s not all! Photoleap also offers two amazing modes of generating images. The first mode is the familiar text-to-image, where you simply describe what you want to see and the AI generates it in seconds. 

    The second mode, Sketch-to-image, is perfect for tattoos. You can use an in-app sketch or existing image, and the AI will fill in the gaps. Want to get a little more creative? Combine the sketch with a text prompt and create something truly unique. And with a 7-day free trial and unlimited access for only $39.99/year, there’s no reason not to try it. Don’t wait any longer to see your dream tattoo come to life!


    Inkbox is an exceptional AI-powered tattoo generator that allows users to create customized designs. It has a vast library of pre-made designs that users can easily modify to fit their preferences.

    Moreover, the tool permits users to upload their images, which can serve as a basis for their designs. The user-friendly interface makes it simple for users to navigate and create their desired design. 

    While the base tool is free, users can access additional features by paying. Inkbox is a remarkable tool empowering users to create unique and personalized tattoos.


    TattoosAI is an exceptional AI tattoo generator to help you effortlessly generate unique and creative tattoo ideas. With its constantly updated galleries, you can browse and search through a vast collection of tattoo designs and styles. Besides that, you can even apply filters to narrow your search results by style before signing up. These styles include popular ones such as surreal, watercolor, and lettering. 

    Additionally, TattoosAI offers a 3D option, allowing you to visualize how the tattoo would look on your body. One of the most significant benefits of TattoosAI is its ability to help you bring your unique tattoo ideas to life. Suppose you’ve been dreaming of getting a tattoo but haven’t found the perfect design. In that case, TattoosAI is the perfect platform for exploring various styles and generating an idea that resonates with you.

    Unlike other tattoo design platforms, TattoosAI doesn’t require you to have any artistic skills. All you need is the ability to describe your idea in key terms, and this AI-powered assistant will take care of the rest.

    To access TattoosAI’s full range of features, you can purchase a 7-day unlimited access plan for $7.99 or a 30-day plan for $24.99. With these plans, you can explore the platform to your heart’s content and generate as many tattoo ideas as you want.

    Tattoos Love To Know

    Tattoos Love To Know is a highly efficient and advanced tattoo generator AI. With it, you get the ability to create customized designs. This exceptional tool boasts an extensive library of pre-made designs, which you can catapult to meet users’ unique preferences. 

    In addition, users can upload their images and use them as a base for their designs, allowing for a truly personalized experience. The user-friendly interface of Tattoos Love To Know makes it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical proficiency. While the tool is free, users can opt for additional features by paying a nominal fee.

    Adobe Firefly

    Designers are most likely familiar with Adobe, a well-known software company that has now embraced the use of artificial intelligence (AI) through its Firefly software. This suite boasts multiple AI models, which you can utilize for various purposes, such as creating tattoo designs, illustrations, or advertising materials. The first model, for instance, can generate images from text, apply special effects to text, and even recolor vectors.

    Once you create the image, you can refine the results by inputting specific commands. Firefly’s interface is beginner-friendly, with the image display at the center, a prompt field at the bottom, and a toolbar on the right that lets you adjust the style.

    Moreover, the generative recolor feature is an AI generated tattoos tool for tattoo artists looking to experiment with different color variations of their artwork. Users can effortlessly type in straightforward prompts like ‘red and orange’ or be more descriptive with ‘dark and gloomy.’ Alternatively, one can click on preset prompts and skip the typing altogether. So, isn’t it great? 

    AI-Generated Tattoos

    Below is the Lord of The Rings tattoo Generated by Artificial Intelligence

    Lord of The Rings tattoo Generated by Artificial Intelligence
    Lord of The Rings tattoo Generated by Artificial Intelligence

    This 3-5 inch watercolor forest with color tattoo generated by AI

    watercolor forest with color tattoo
    watercolor forest with color tattoo

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