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    150+ Best AI Tools List - Best generative, Generators and other AI tools list of [year]. 34 Collection of all AI Tools to increate productivity and automate task.

    When it comes to inventions in technology, AI has probably been the most popular invention. With each day, this tech is becoming more reachable to people, influencing their day-to-day lives—from healthcare to education and food to fashion.  

    Seeing this integration of artificial intelligence in our lives, we have decided to curate a list of the top 20 AI tools. We have picked these tools from different industries so you can relate to this AI tools list like we do. 

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    Top 20 AI Tools That Make Everyday Life Easy

    While there is an abundance of AI tools on the internet, our top 3 stand out the most because there are chances you have already used one of these tools, if not all. The best part about our top 3 is that they do not belong to a specific industry, so no matter if you are from fashion, retail, or tech, you can use these tools to add ease to your everyday tasks. So, let’s get you started with our list of AI tools!

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    If you are in the tech or education industry, you know this tool. It is an AI writing and assistant tool that can make your life a breeze if you hate those repetitive tasks. The best part of using this tool is that it does not belong to one industry. Depending upon the data it has, it can provide you with answers to almost everything. 

    For example, you can ask it for the lasagna recipe or how to write an SQL query, and it will go above and beyond to provide you with an answer. Yet another thing about this tool that excites us the most is that it is free. You don’t have to pay bucks or break into your bank account to start using it. Create an account with it, and you are good to go. Yet, if you like, you can always buy ChatGPT 4 to access its services. 

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    Amazon Alexa has been a groundbreaking AI tool for many reasons. First, it is one of the very first tools that have introduced people to the ease of using AI. Secondly, it does not limit one’s experience with AI. You can use it even if you are a newbie to the AI world.  

    It is a voice assistant that can give you recipes if you don’t know how to cook pizza, or it can turn off the lights in your smart home whenever you want. You can also install it in your office to remind you of the upcoming meetings. However, these are just the bare minimum usage of tools we have described. Depending on your creativity, you can use this tool for almost everything. 

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    Jasper AI 

    The next tool on this AI tool list that we have in line is Jasper AI. It is one of the best tools for easily creating long-form content like blog articles, scripts, and outlines. It is one of the best tools ai writing, online content creators, students, and businesses. It can create compelling, industry-specific, and audience-grabbing content in just minutes. 

    It is one of the most fantastic tools and also a prominent AI assistant if you want to nail the world of content. Yes, it does come with some limitations — its price. It is a little expensive tool compared to the ChatGPT. The Creator plan is just $49 per month for one user, billed annually, while the Team’s plan is $125 per month for three users, billed annually. And if you need something even more powerful, be sure to contact Jasper to discuss their Business plan pricing. 

    Character AI

    Some AI tools are here to help people deal with their loneliness, and Character AI is one of them. It has an impressive 281.4 million monthly visitors, making it one of the best AI tools around for creating and talking to chatbots. It uses a neural language model to craft the text responses closely mimicking human conversations. 

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    So, if you are a person who doesn’t feel like going out and making friends, use Character AI. It will not be your lone-time talker, but it will help you become a more social bee as using it, you can treat your fear of talking to other people. When it comes to the price, the tool is free, but a paid version is also available for you to buy. With its easy-to-use interface, you can start using this tool even today.

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    MidJourney – This is yet another amazing AI tool. Although anyone can use this tool, it is specifically more useful to graphic designers. It works for the research hub, pushing the boundaries of human thought and cranking up our creative vibes. 

    Using this tool, you can create amazing designs for your personal and professional use and step up in the world of content creation. We won’t say it’s an expensive tool, but yes, you have to buy it to make the most of its services. If you don’t want to purchase it, go for its other alternatives. But, if you want to hop on board, you can start at just 10 bucks a month for the full ride.

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    Now, if you love programming, this tool is for you. It is a Python framework that makes the life of programmers easy by providing them with all the functions handy. So, if you are in software development, you have got to try this one. It can manage your project and keep everything needed clean, so you don’t have to do time-wasting massive and intricate undertakings.


    The next tool that we have on the line is for all the storytellers in-house. If you are in the content industry, you will be happy to know that this tool receives over 11.03 million users monthly. But text storytelling is not all that it does; you can also use it for video narration, live data wizardry, and pages that can shape-shift to create slick presentations in no time.

    For all you marketers and small biz bosses out there, Tome is your secret weapon for whipping up pro-level presentations in the blink of an eye and elevating their storytelling effectively. 


    This is yet another tool for businesses to make their meetings more productive, time efficient, and less boring. The technology behind this tool is machine learning, which gives you meeting takeaways with your to-do list. However, that’s not it. It does not only follow up and seamlessly sync meeting insights with your other task management apps, but it can also reduce the chances of any redundancies. Let’s double-booked meetings. 

    Here is one thing to note about this tool: while Sembly offers task and project management features, it’s not the best fit for handling complex processes or intricate workflows. For the pricing, it offers a free version for personal use; however, for professional and Team use, you will have to pay $10 to $20 for the tool. 


    Can you guess what this tool does from its name? Well, it provides capabilities from automatic object coordination along with recognition and manipulation. This works well for every type of business, no matter which scale it belongs to. It has found most of its clients from the manufacturing and logistics domains as it can train the robots to adapt to new jobs using its advanced AI algorithms. But that’s not it. It offers a bundle of other features like visual object recognition systems and real-time analytics for vigilance, and believe us. Its custom prices only add variety to its customer base.

    This is yet another tool to make life easy for business meeting organizers. This tool acts as a sidekick while fully engaging yourself in the meeting. It can keep records of your important meetings and also can help you shoot effective meetings and call raps. The best part is that it gives you video-to-text transcription in minutes. Talking about the pricing, it comes with free plans and paid plans starting from $16.99.


    Imagine if you have a tool that can interact with everything on your computer. Doesn’t it sound great? Adept is actually one such tool. The main idea behind this tool is to empower human and computer collaboration. It is one of the most advantageous tools for firms who want to learn from their current workflow and improve it to the next level with advanced machine learning techniques. Also, the tool offers customizable prices so that you can commit yourself according to your needs. 

    Playground AI

    While all the other tools on this list are kind of professional, this tool is more of a fun tool. It is free to use online AI image creators, making it easy to create presentations, posters, logos, and videos. Due to the ease of using this tool, some users have been comparing it to the Midjourney, which is already a prominent name in the AI image creator tools. To mention the bucks, it has a free version along with a paid subscription starting from $15 per month.


    When we are talking about the AI graphic generator, how can we not mention DALL-E? It is one of the best AI tools by OpenAI. Due to its realistic AI image generator, this tool has changed the dynamic of the graphic design industry forever. All you need is to add some text to direct it to what image you want to create, and in seconds, your job will be done. The only drawback about this tool is that you have to surrender some bucks to it before in order to use it. 

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    Would you like to transform already exciting images and videos into something extraordinary? If yes, this tool is for you. You can easily create such content with D-ID, a tool with 6.14M monthly users. Given its ability to transform images and videos into unique experiences, it has been one of the most famous tools among creators and marketers. D-ID’s custom photo avatar feature is perfect for small businesses to bring some creativity on board. Calling the bucks, they offer a free version, with paid plans starting at just $5.99 per month.


    Now, we have introduced you to some similar tools to this one on this list, but it deserves its own mention. It is one of the few tools available on the internet that lets you gamify image generations. Content creators can also use this tool to enhance their user engagement, creating friendly challenges. If you want to do the same, it’s your chance. The best thing about this tool is its ability to create artistic-style photos in no time; however, when calling in for the drawbacks, it does not provide good customer support options. But this isn’t something that bothers you. You can be on board by accessing a suitable paid plan ranging from $5.99 to $49.99.


    This is another fantastic AI tool on this list. For the record, it is a chatbot with the ability to mimic human communication. Most of its users utilize it for seeking emotional support, personalized advice, and engaging in philosophical debates. But you can also use this tool to enhance your social skills. The best thing about this AI tool is that it learns from interactions and offers customized options. 

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    Looka AI 

    If you are looking to launch your own brand and feeling the need for some assistance, this tool is the right place to seek it. It can be your AI-powered personal designer to create a strong business identity without hiring other resources. It receives over 5.1 million monthly visits, and It’s perfect for small business owners and marketers to create a strong brand identity. You can use it for free, but downloading the logo starts at $20, which is quite affordable compared to the other brand designing options.


    As its name specifies, this tool has a stock of images that you can use in your project. This tool uses AI for instant, professional-quality images. It’s versatile for stock images, book covers, posters, and more, with customized outputs. The best thing about this tool is that it is user-friendly and has fewer limitations, but if gibberish irritates you, it might not be your sidekick. Rest its plan ranges from $19 to $29, but you will have to contact its Team for the enterprise plan prices. 

    Room GPT

    This tool gives an upper hand to all the interior designers out there. It uses top-notch AI algorithms that let designers experiment with several designs before committing to one. Ideal for small business owners and marketers in real estate and interior design, but that does not mean big firms can’t try it. In just a blink of an eye, it lets you create impressive home designs to share with clients or your audience. However, when it comes to its usage, it does have some limitations. It will give you only 3 free credits, and pricing begins at $9 for 30 credits (larger packages available).


    We started this list of all AI tools with a voice assistant, and now we will finish this list with an AI voice assistant. Like Amazon’s Alexa, Siri is one of the most powerful AI tools for iPhone users. It recognizes its users’ voices to help them with several tasks, including phone calls, playing music, and sending messages to a contact. Not only that, it can also read the map for you to provide you with accurate directions on unknown roads. The only drawback with this AI tool is that it is available specifically for iPhone users, but other users can always use Alexa, so no worries. 

    Here are 20 more AI tools and technologies

    S. NoAI Tool/TechnologyDescription
    1TensorFlowOpen-source machine learning framework by Google.
    2PyTorchDeep learning framework developed by Facebook.
    3KerasHigh-level neural networks API, often used with TensorFlow or Theano.
    4scikit-learnPython library for machine learning.
    5OpenCVComputer vision library with machine learning tools.
    6CaffeDeep learning framework for image classification.
    7MXNetDeep learning framework with flexible programming.
    8Microsoft Azure AIAI services and tools provided by Microsoft Azure.
    9IBM WatsonIBM’s AI platform offering various AI services.
    10Google Cloud AIAI services and tools offered by Google Cloud.
    11Amazon AWS AI ServicesAI and machine learning services on Amazon AWS.
    12IBM Watson StudioIntegrated environment for data science and AI.
    13DialogflowGoogle’s natural language processing platform.
    14Wit.aiFacebook’s platform for building natural language interfaces.
    15RasaOpen-source conversational AI platform.
    16GPT-3 and GPT-4Large-scale language models developed by OpenAI.
    17BERTBidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers for NLP tasks.
    18FastTextLibrary for text representation and classification.
    19Jupyter NotebookInteractive environment for data science and AI.
    20AutoMLAutomated machine learning tools for model selection and hyperparameter tuning.
    21H2O.aiOpen-source machine learning and AI platform.
    22DatabricksUnified analytics platform for big data and AI.
    23XGBoostScalable and accurate implementation of gradient boosting machines.
    24ProdigyAn annotation tool for creating training data for machine learning.
    25AllenNLPOpen-source natural language processing library.
    26WekaData mining and machine learning tool in Java.
    27RapidMinerIntegrated data science and machine learning platform.
    28TheanoDeep learning library for Python.
    29Apache Spark MLlibDistributed machine learning library for Apache Spark.
    30Watson Natural Language UnderstandingIBM’s NLP service for extracting insights from text.
    20 more AI tools and technologies

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