Top 10 AI Video Generators for YouTube


    D-ID, Pictory & Visla is the most trusted AI Video Generator for YouTube. Read this article to find the youtube video idea generator with AI

    So, are you starting your own YouTube channel, or do you just need a video creator to promote your product? Well, no matter your reason, this list will talk to you. Before we get you started with the list, let’s know why to find the best AI video generator for all the readers at the fence.

    D-ID, Pictory & Visla is the most trusted AI Video Generator for YouTube. Read this article to find the youtube video idea generator with AI.

    Why Do You Need An AI Video Generator For YouTube?

    While there are many reasons why you need an AI video generator for youtube, these three stand as the most compelling ones! 

    • First of all, this makes it easy to create videos. You can create the videos from as minimum as an input text. Also, these tools make AI generated YouTube videos hard to distinguish from human-generated videos. 
    • Second, these use templates, advanced machine learning, and AI technology to create professional-looking videos. 
    • Analyzing a script or text-based description can give you pre-existing templates, 3D models, and special effects to yield your video clips. 

    If these reasons sound good to you, let’s begin our search for the best AI video generator for you with our top 3.

    Top 10 AI YouTube Video Generators

    1. D-ID
    2. Pictory
    3. Visla
    4. Fliki
    5. Wave Video
    6. InVideo
    7. Synthesia
    8. HeyGen
    9. Runway
    10. Elai

    Top 3 AI YouTube Video Generators

    Our top 3 are good starters for you if you are new to the YouTube video idea generator AI world. All of these tools are fast, easily accessible, and can yield the results you desire. All you have to do is underline your requirements and then compare those against the features and services a tool offers, and Voila! You have it. 


    If you want to create personalized video content for marketing, training, or entertainment purposes, D-ID is an excellent choice. 

    Their AI video generator specializes in creating photorealistic avatars. 

    It can give you avatars based on real people or entirely new characters. With support for multiple languages and accents, you can easily create content that echoes to your audience. 

    Additionally, the dynamic facial expressions and movements of D-ID’s avatars make them highly expressive. Not only that, but they can also enhance the impact of your videos. Overall, D-ID’s customization options and ability to create realistic avatars make it a versatile tool for various video creation needs.


    Pictory is a cutting-edge AI-powered video generator that allows you to easily create high-quality videos. With its cloud-based platform, you can easily generate engaging video content by providing a script or article.

    One of the standout features of Pictory is its ability to create videos from scripts and articles, which is particularly beneficial for bloggers, content creators, and online marketers who want to transform their written content into engaging videos. 

    On top of it, it has a vast asset library comprising over three million image assets, GIFs, stickers, and emojis. You can use this library to customize your videos as per your preference. The platform offers a degree of editing tools to help you fine-tune your videos to perfection.

    This tool is not done yet. Wait till you test its text-to-video capability. It allows you to convert your text into engaging videos in minutes. 

    It is useful for businesses looking to create explainer videos or instructional videos for their products and services.

    This tool also comes with pre-made video templates that you can customize to your liking. These templates are ideal for those who want to create professional-looking videos without spending hours editing and designing.


    Visla offers much to those looking to generate video content quickly and efficiently. While many guides may not be available, Visla’s AI-powered features make up for it. Visla can generate a well-structured video with just a basic script that flows smoothly.

    Other than this, its recording capabilities are also quite impressive. Users can record directly from their camera and even use a teleprompter to stay on track. Visla’s AI automatically removes filler words and hesitations, saving valuable editing time. In addition, the text-based editing tool makes it easy to cut off-topic moments without manually searching through the timeline. 

    Visla’s pricing is also quite reasonable to add icing to the cake. The free plan offers ample storage and transcription time, while the premium plan removes limits. Overall, we can say that it’s a fantastic option for anyone looking to streamline their video content creation process.


    This tool is Filiki, and using it is a breeze. When you start a new project, you’ll see text boxes where you can input your script. You can choose from various voices if you click on the voice’s name. To adjust the tone, pitch, and pauses, highlight the text you want to change and adjust the corresponding sliders. 

    When you play it back, you can hear the difference. It’s amazing how much you can customize the feel of the voice with just a few simple controls.

    You can customize your video by clicking on the image to the right of the text. You can either upload your content or browse through a content library right within Fliki. There may be a few small issues when previewing the final result on the app, but once you render the video, it will look exactly as you intended.

    This AI YouTube video generator is also useful for podcasting and audiobooks, and its pricing is straightforward. A free plan offers up to 5 minutes of video per month, though it does come with a watermark in 720p. The standard plan is $28 per month and raises the limits to 180 minutes, removes the watermark, and bumps the quality up to 1080p.

    Wave Video

    Wave Video is a video editing platform offering a wide range of video creation tools. It’s similar to Canva but for videos. The platform has impressive video editing tools, including image and video assets, text overlay effects, audio, captions, and more. This AI YouTube video generator has made it a popular choice among content creators, who appreciate the many options available for video editing. Wave Video supports various video formats, including vertical video formats for Facebook and YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and web-based options.

    What sets Wave Video apart from other video editing platforms is its vast asset library, which includes millions of live streaming, social media, holidays, and other options. This makes it one of the most comprehensive resources available for content creators. 

    Wave Video has a remarkable Text-to-Video AI, millions of stock assets, video hosting, video voiceovers, and Text-to-Speech technology. These features make it an all-in-one solution for all your video editing needs.


    You know what’s the best quality of InVideo. Even if you have zero experience in video creation or editing, this powerful tool allows anyone to get started easily. This is what we like about it the most. 

    Another top-notch of its qualities is that it can turn your input text into high-quality video content in just a matter of minutes. With its vast collection of professionally designed and animated templates, you can create videos that are sure to impress. 

    Surprisingly, this incredible tool is fascinatingly simple. All you need to do is input your text and select the best template or customize your own. Then, you can download the finished video. Once you have your video content, you can easily share it on popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

    Thanks to its rich library, it can create promo videos, presentations, testimonials, slideshows, and even memes. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it’s no wonder why so many people rely on InVideo for their video creation needs. 

    Some of the top features of InVideo include its ease of use, the ability to create video content from text in minutes, a vast collection of professionally designed templates, and the power to share videos directly to social media platforms.


    Synthesia is a cutting-edge AI video generation platform that empowers users to create high-quality videos featuring AI avatars.

    This AI YouTube video generator provides access to 55+ video templates designed by professional designers. These templates offer users a quick and easy way to create polished, visually stunning videos. 

    It also offers an impressive library of over 85 AI avatars and support for more than 120 languages and accents. On top of it, for those looking for even more customization options, Synthesia also offers a custom avatar creation feature that allows users to create unique avatars tailored to their specific needs. 

    With the platform’s micro gestures feature, users can add non-verbal cues to their videos, making them even more engaging and informative. Overall, Synthesia is an outstanding choice for businesses and individuals looking to create professional-quality videos without the need for expensive equipment or complicated filming locations.


    HeyGen is an amazing video platform. This potent platform allows you to turn your text into a professional video directly from your browser in just a few minutes. It can assist you in creating captivating business videos effortlessly. With the help of generative AI, you can create videos as easily as making PowerPoints for various purposes.

    You can record and upload your real voice to create a personalized Avatar or simply type your desired text. With over 300+ voices, you can select the best suits your needs.

    Multiple customizations are available, such as combining various scenes into one video and adding music that matches the theme of the video. You can also choose from 300+ voices in 40+ popular languages. Pick or upload your favorite music to add that last touch, make face-swap videos and photos, and create a Custom Avatar with your voice by uploading recordings. With HeyGen, you can easily convert your text into an engaging video.


    Runway is a video generator that utilizes generative AI and experimental video editing to produce cutting-edge effects and styles. Its suite of AI-powered tools includes background removers, erasers, and a text-to-image generator, among others, making it an ideal choice for creators looking to push the boundaries of video editing and creation. With its experimental video editing capabilities and wide range of AI tools, Runway offers a unique chance to create content that stands out from the competition. Overall, it is an excellent choice for creators interested in exploring the latest advancements in video editing technology.


    If you’re searching for an effective way to create engaging video content from text, is an exceptional AI youtube video generator worth trying. It’s equipped with an impressive array of features. It can generate videos on a large scale, making it an ideal choice for companies that require a lot of training videos or marketing materials. 

    This tool offers a diverse range of options, including support for over 60 languages and more than 25 avatars. Additionally, it utilizes AI-generated voice overs to give videos a professional touch and high-quality sound. All in all, is an outstanding tool that simplifies the video creation process and produces top-notch content.

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