These 10 Sites Are Trending For AI YouTube Video Generator


    Read this article if you want to make videos with artificial intelligence for YouTube in 2023. Our list contains the top AI video generator for YouTube.

    Businesses and content creators must invest in video content to succeed in today’s visually-driven market. Video accounts for over 80% of all Internet traffic, as people prefer to see videos rather than text and images.

    Online publishers increasingly prioritize video content, as it offers greater potential for organic reach than other content types. Making and sharing videos has always been a costly and time-consuming endeavor, which is a downside. 

    AI is shifting this paradigm, making it less difficult to produce videos than ever before. There are a number of AI tools available on the Internet for video generation, but which one to choose for your next project?

    Check out our list of top AI video generators for YouTube. All the tools mentioned are simple to use and create videos quickly.

    You can use these resources to create entertaining videos that look professional without needing a video editing program.

    List Of AI Video Generator for YouTube

    You can use our list to select the ideal tool for creating AI videos, regardless of whether you are a novice, an expert, or a professional video creator. 

    1. DeepBrain AI

    DeepBrain AI Studios has emerged as a game-changing platform for making compelling, high-quality videos for YouTube. The cutting-edge program offers a wide variety of premade YouTube video templates and enables users to create videos in real-time. DeepBrain AI Studios offers text-to-speech functionality that sets it apart, allowing users to add professional voiceovers to any project easily.

    DeepBrain AI Studios’ automatic subtitle setting stands out as a feature that enhances the accessibility of content. The platform offers a wide variety of templates, ranging from those designed specifically for creating chat-GPT videos to those designed specifically for filming YouTube videos. Content creators have a foundation to build upon, ensuring adaptability and reducing design time and hassle.


    • Easy video clip editor
    • Deep fake technology
    • A.I. voice generator
    • Avatar maker
    • People creator
    • Royalty-free music

    2. Synthesia

    Synthesia is the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) YouTube video generator. You can start with over 60 premade video templates and choose from over 140 computer-generated voices in over 120 different languages and accents. 

    Most users are using the software to create instructional or promotional videos.


    • 120+ voices & accents
    • 140+ AI avatars
    • 60+ video templates
    • Custom Avatar creation
    • AI-assisted scriptwriting

    3. Pictory

    Artificial intelligence powers Pictory, a YouTube video editor and creator. One of the tool’s best features is that you don’t need to have any background in video editing or design.

    To make a video, you need to provide a script or article as a foundation. If you have a blog and you want to use a great tool to create a video to share on social media or your website, use Pictory. Both individual bloggers and businesses hoping to boost readership and content quality will find this option fantastic. Any device can use it because it is hosted online.

    Pictory’s simple text-based video editing features can benefit webinars, podcasts, Zoom recordings, and more. In minutes, you can start seeing results that will help you expand your audience and strengthen your brand.


    • Create shareable video highlight reels
    • Automatically caption videos
    • Automatically summarize long videos
    • Video based on articles or scripts
    • Edit videos using text

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    4. Kapwing

    AI powers several features of Kapwing, designed to streamline the process of creating high-quality content. The program’s editing features incorporate artificial intelligence (AI). Click “New Project” and type “Make a video about…” followed by your requirements. The software can generate the video in under a minute. After that, you can easily edit it with the standard tools you already know.


    • Scene detection
    • AI-integrated tools
    • Background removal
    • Automated subtitling
    • Various format styes
    • Customizable options

    5. Wave Video

    Wave Video is another excellent AI-powered video maker. Think of it as the Canva of video editing. Given the wide variety of media files, text overlay effects, audio tracks, and subtitle options it offers, it’s no surprise that so many video editors have turned to Wave Video as their go-to choice. It offers various video formats to meet your needs, including vertical video formats for Facebook and YouTube, horizontal video formats for TikTok and Instagram, and web-based options. Because of its extensive asset library, which includes millions of options for live streaming, social media, holidays, and more, content creators find Wave Video one of the most comprehensive resources.


    • Text-to-video AI
    • Millions of stock assets
    • Video hosting
    • Video voiceovers
    • Text to speech

    6. HeyGen

    HeyGen‘s many features and tools help users make videos quickly and easily. You can choose from over three hundred voices in over forty different languages. You can give your avatars a unique voice by using your own voice recordings.

    Users can also use the app’s face swap function to give their avatar a unique look. HeyGen can be used every day for one full minute at no cost. For longer videos, monthly rates start at $48.


    • Easy-to-use
    • 300+ voices
    • 40+ languages
    • Face swap
    • Text to video
    • Custom Avatar with your own voice


    We have included the VEED video generator as another top choice on our list of the best artificial intelligence video creators for YouTube. You can personalize your videos by changing the text, font, color, and music. The platform allows you to choose from various themes to tailor your videos to specific audiences and purposes. 

    VEED transcribes your video files in a matter of seconds. To get a transcript of a video, you need to upload it, select “Auto Transcribe,” and then download it. 

    Thousands of video producers use VEED to create content for online distribution. You don’t need any additional software or knowledge of video editing skills. You can make videos without leaving your browser using the free video editor. 


    • Customize text, fonts, colors, music
    • Different themes
    • Transcribe videos with one click
    • No video editing experience required

    8. Synths Video

    Synths Video allows you to interact with your viewers in novel ways, making it an excellent resource. You can use it to create professional-quality videos from written blog posts in a matter of minutes. The platform offers more than forty distinct human avatars. 

    Synths Video uses artificial intelligence to create realistic lip sync to text. You don’t need prior editing experience because the entire process is automated. 

    To get started with Synths Video, simply write a blog post and upload it to the platform. The platform automatically converts your blog post into a video that you can share on sites like YouTube. 


    • Transform blog posts into videos
    • Human avatars with over 40 selections
    • Natural-looking lip movements 
    • Entire process automated 

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    9. creates various types of videos from text and is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) video generator on YouTube. Professionals from all over the world who work in AI technology run the show. makes it a breeze to create multiple videos at once.

    The program can turn a link to an article or blog post into a professional-looking motion picture in as little as three clicks. The user copies and pastes a blog post’s URL or HTML text before choosing a template from a collection. After reviewing and making final adjustments, you can render and save the film.

    If you need to create how-to videos but need access to actors, voiceovers, or post-production, then choose AI can enhance films showcasing the product, which can also help with marketing.

    You can choose from more than sixty languages, and twenty-five different characters are available. 


    • Create video from written text
    • 60+ language 
    • 25+ characters
    • Video tutorials
    • Custom Avatar creation

    10. Riverside

    Riverside, a full-fledged video editing suite, offers a helpful artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Magic Clips for creating short-form content from your existing recordings. You can divide any of your lengthy videos into numerous bite-sized segments perfect for social media with a click of a button. This AI can help you extract useful snippets from your recordings. You can make changes to your clip using our text-based editor, such as adding captions or changing the layout.


    • Short-form clips
    • Highly accurate Ai transcriptions
    • Text-based editing 
    • 4K video and 48kHz audio resolution
    • User-friendly

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