10 Best Artificial Intelligence App for Android


    Check our list of the 10 best artificial intelligence apps for android including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Replika, ELSA, and more.

    As mobile technology has advanced and become an integral part of people’s daily lives, the demand for useful applications that can boost productivity and organize hectic schedules has skyrocketed. Mobile apps have undergone a dramatic shift in nature, from the 1997 arcade version of ‘Snake’ to today’s sophisticated, data-driven, and artificial intelligence (AI) apps for Android, like Google Assistant and Siri.

    Advancements in AI enable Android users to access many useful apps that employ machine learning algorithms to streamline and simplify our daily lives.

    People use different types of Android apps powered by AI for various purposes. Each group, from a multinational corporation to an individual with an Android phone, uses AI-powered mobile apps for a unique reason. Many industries, including medicine, hospitality, gaming, wellness, and fitness, increasingly use Android apps powered by artificial intelligence. This article explores some of the most popular and influential Android apps that utilize AI today.

    Top Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android

    1. Lensa AI

    Lensa AI has rapidly gained popularity as one of the most popular AI apps of 2023 since its introduction. This AI-driven app generates lifelike digital representations of the subjects using real selfies. Magic Avatars, the AI mode, uses a deep-learning model called Stable Diffusion to generate stunning self-portraits. Lensa AI combines human and computer-generated characteristics to produce various avatars, using training on real images.

    Lensa AI’s services are not free and require a one-time cost. However, the generated images justify the cost with their stunning precision and quality.

    You can create a wide variety of avatars by combining different visual styles with various images. Lensa AI is one of the best apps for both Android and iOS.

    Features – 

    • Magic Correction can greatly enhance your facial retouching efforts with just one tap.
    • Rectify facial flaws by using a wide variety of innovative methods.
    • You can swap out the backdrop or blur it out completely with a tap.
    • Independently fine-tune the treble and bass.
    • Try out new filters and effects to improve your photo editing skills.

    2. Google Assistant

    Most people who use Android phones have heard of Google Assistant. Google created the Google Assistant, a voice-activated digital helper. Google Assistant is already installed on most modern smart devices, as it is one of the Google AI-based Android applications available on the Google Play Store.

    The AI Android app uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand user requests and respond appropriately. Google Assistant can simplify daily tasks such as making appointments, playing music, setting reminders, and searching for information directly on search engines.

    Features – 

    • Make mental or physical notes of things to do, dates to remember, etc.
    • Google Assistant can compose a message or text for you.
    • Help with trip logistics such as finding itineraries and checking flight times.
    • Read the news to keep you up with the latest happenings.

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    3. Replika

    Despite its long existence, the Replika app for Android and iOS continues to be highly regarded as a leading example of artificial intelligence (AI) in mobile form. Replika AI was one of the first apps to take off regarding artificial intelligence chatbots. Replika AI serves as a companion for its users by emphasizing interpersonal connections and functions as a fully functional chatbot. ChatGPT limits you to casual conversations, but with a paid membership, Replika allows you to make friends and even find lovers.

    Features – 

    • Replika can lead you through topics and exercises to boost your happiness, creativity, and productivity. 
    • Choose from various coaching modalities, such as mindfulness, gratitude, self-care, and coping skills.
    • It can remember your name, birthday, hobbies, goals, favorite movies, and other personal details. 
    • You can delve into your innermost thoughts and emotions with Replika. It inspires you to be more forthright and truthful with yourself and others.

    4. Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa lets you control your smart home devices and accomplish tasks simply by giving commands. This AI app works well with other smart devices around the house, such as lights, thermostats, and security systems, which is its best part. 

    The AI app for Android devices is one of the best, as it uses AI to learn from your habits and enhance memory in areas such as voice recognition and vocabulary. Additionally, when connected to the Internet of Things, Alexa can help automate the home. 

    Features – 

    • Administering the device is a breeze.
    • All of your Echo devices flawlessly sync with the app.
    • You can access music from your phone, computer, or other devices.
    • The app helps users find solutions to many problems.
    • It can control and alarm home systems.

    5. Databot

    The top-rated artificial intelligence app for Android is Databot. If you’d like a pocket-sized robot, Databot is the best option. The app is an artificial intelligence that surpasses simple virtual assistance. Users can type in questions and receive real-time answers from a chatbot.

    This app includes many fun features, such as solving puzzles, telling jokes, etc. Try using some of the cool features that this app offers.

    Features – 

    • Users can develop unique multimedia presentations by combining text images and providing voice commands.
    • It supports note-taking, reminds, and looks up contacts.
    • People can send each other messages, emails, etc. containing their solutions.
    • The app can return to previously asked questions because of fast topic recognition.
    • This app supports multiple languages, including Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

    6. Socratic

    Silicon Valley’s tech giant developed Socratic AI to serve the world’s students. Google AI powers this mobile app to assist with schoolwork. Socratic snaps pictures of the assigned homework and displays solutions on the spot. Socratic efficiently produces accurate results quickly.

    The app is designed to accept both text and voice input, making it user-friendly. Socratic AI supports Math, English, World History, Biology, Chemistry, and more. Socratic AI currently offers users an educational tool at no cost. Just download the app and start typing your inquiries.

    Features – 

    • Supports multiple languages
    • Converting words to speech
    • The system can scan and query.
    • It covers various disciplines, such as Literature, Mathematics, Science, and History.

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    7. WOMBO Dream

    WOMBO Dream, like Midjourney and DALL-E, generates artificial intelligence art. The app offers various artistic options, including anime, abstract, pop art, renaissance, retro, comic, realism, fantasy, steampunk, polygon, and more. It is user-friendly.

    Upload a photo from your gallery to the app and add a prompt explaining the adjustments you want to make to your artwork. Selecting a typeface and typing is all it takes; the program will automatically format your text.

    You can even adjust the AI’s power to achieve optimal precision. The premium features include customizing the video’s aspect ratio before sharing it on social media.

    Features – 

    • You can choose from 42 distinct visual styles, including flora, meme, realistic, high dynamic range (HDR), and more.
    • You are not required to provide an input image, but if you do, it will inform the output design.
    • Choose from six different text prompts, such as “sunset clips,” “endless flowers,” “groovy time,” and so on.
    • You can use any of your personal, editable prompts instead of the predetermined options to inspire one-of-a-kind works of art.
    • You can quickly switch the homepage’s background color to black and white, respectively, for a more pronounced view of the content using the sun and moon icons.

    8. FaceApp

    Facebook made this fun app that uses artificial intelligence. The app’s versatility is because it does more than edit photos.

    You can play around with your appearance in this app by changing your hairstyle, gender, and more. Use faceApp to make professional-looking adjustments to your photos for free, perfect for sharing on social media.

    The app’s built-in artificial intelligence filters, backgrounds, and effects allow you to make seamless, photorealistic edits with a single tap. Due to this intuitive app, you will no longer waste time learning how to use Photoshop.

    Features – 

    • You can achieve the perfect look using selfie filters like lipstick, a mustache, and a beard.
    • Multi-language support
    • Gender change
    • Effortlessly share your FaceApp-edited photos on various social media platforms.
    • Switching out the wallpaper is easy.

    9. Perplexity AI

    Perplexity, the intelligent search engine app, uses AI to provide instantaneous results to your queries. Having a personal assistant at all times is very convenient. The app deduces your intent using state-of-the-art AI algorithms and promptly provides relevant information. It also references the original sources of the data, if you wish to dig deeper.

    Features –

    • If you compare it to standard search engines, you will notice that it produces much more accurate results.
    • It gives the most recent data on any subject.
    • Both novices and seasoned pros can easily use its straightforward interface.
    • It synthesizes data from various sources, including websites and user input.
    • It collects data from various online sources.

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    10. Elsa

    ELSA is an English language learning tool. Working on one’s speech, pronunciation, etc. is also useful.

    The system’s operation is underpinned by artificial intelligence, which records and analyzes your achievements, growth, etc. It compiles an individual’s progress report using this information.

    Features – 

    • The AI-powered system keeps tabs on your speech rate, word stress, and listening comprehension.
    • This material may be useful as you prepare to take an international English proficiency exam like the IELTS or TOEFL.
    • Learning English can be cut in price by a quarter to a third.

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