Top 10 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solution Companies


    Augmented reality and virtual reality are two of the most popular forms of immersive technologies today. With the right implementation, AR/VR technologies find a use case in every industry and business operation. 

    Besides its prominent use in the gaming industry, AR/VR technology is useful in training, product visualization, customer management and quality assurance, to name a few. If your business needs an upgrade, finding the right AR/VR solution company is your best bet. 

    So, we have narrowed down the top 10 AR/VR solution companies for you. Each one has an excellent team with proficiency in the emerging tech. 

    Stats About AR/VR Technology In Business

    • There will be about 1.4 billion AR device users by the end of 2023.
    • AR technology offers 200% more engaging experiences compared to non AR devices. 
    • By the end of 2023, the VR market segment is expected to reach $9 billion. 
    • The global consumer spending on VR/AR is expected to exceed $72.8 billion by 2024.

    Top 10 AR/VR Solution Companies

    Suffescom Solutions Inc.

    Suffescom Solutions is a leading AR/VR solution company that offers concept-driven, interactive, and scalable solutions to its clients worldwide. A team of more than 750 developers at the company are experts in creating cutting-edge AR/VR-based apps and games.

    The company covers a range of AR/VR development solutions, including VR app consultation, architecture design, VR prototyping, app testing, 3D data visualization platform, and VR software integration. Moreover, the company has profound knowledge and expertise in AR/VR software development tech stacks such as Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine, Autodesk, Maya, Java, NVIDIA, and many more. 

    The company has served over 95 nations around the world since its founding in 2013. The organization strives to offer top-notch development solutions that match the client’s needs and specifications. Additionally, they have 4.8/5 reviews on Clutch, which speaks volumes about the caliber of the job they deliver to clients worldwide. 

    RisingMax Inc

    RisingMax Inc. is a leading NYC-based IT consulting firm offering augmented reality and virtual reality solutions to businesses worldwide. With over 13 years of experience, its development team has been working with cutting-edge technologies and assisting clients to start a digital transformation journey. The company offers a wide range of AR/VR services, including 3D game development, AR/VR app development, virtual event platforms, and VR meeting rooms.

    RisingMax’s team has earned a great reputation for AR/VR services and is known for designing engaging AR/VR business applications. To date, the development team has successfully catered to clients in different business domains such as ecommerce, retail, real estate, fintech, automotive, education, and more.

    The company’s proven domain experience, flexible engagement models, and affordable AR/VR development services give it an edge. RisingMax’s five-star rating on Clutch and 4.7-star rating on Google is a testament to its quality services and customer satisfaction.


    One of the top providers of augmented reality and virtual reality solutions, EDIIIE was founded in 2016 and created ethical apps for businesses of all kinds. The professionals here provide organizations with top-notch AR and VR solutions to help businesses grow and generate more income. The company has years of experience in developing digital and immersive technologies for use in various sectors, including marketing, education, entertainment, and healthcare. 

    The professionals at the company guide clients through every step of developing breathtaking immersive experiences using AR/VR technologies. Their team of specialists is dedicated to providing its global clientele with the best AR and VR solutions. The team at EDIIIE provides prompt customer assistance and speedy bug fixes, establishing its credibility as a trustworthy provider of AR and VR solutions.


    Chetu is a leading software development firm offering clients augmented and virtual reality development services worldwide. The Florida-based company has assisted many Fortune 500 clients and startups build AR/VR business solutions. The company’s augmented and virtual reality development services include custom 3D content creation, AR/VR ecommerce apps, AR software development, VR software solutions, Metaverse, and more.

    The development team has built Oculus VR software, virtual 3D apps for immersive learning experiences, AR/VR games, and metaverse ecommerce platforms. The team leverages its extensive domain expertise to build AR/VR apps that drive business growth and offer immersive customer experience.

    Keeping customer requirements at the center of the development process, they offer tailored AR/VR solutions. Chetu’s positive reviews and ratings on Google and Clutch advocate the quality of services it offers and overall customer satisfaction.

    Monarch Innovation 

    Founded in 2009, Monarch Innovation is a top-rated augmented reality and virtual reality solution company offering cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide. The company has a team of over 200 developers who are capable of creating 3D projects. Their AR development solutions include AR applications for iOS, Android, and web platforms, 3D graphic and dynamic content development, interactive 3D environments, 3D configuration development, and interface design. 

    The company also offers top-notch VR services such as a virtual 3D environment, oculus VR apps, 360-degree video content, and high-quality 3D content generation. Unity 3D, Google Arcore, Maxst, ArtoolKit, and Unreal Engine are some of the AR/VR software the company specializes in. To date, the company has worked with over 250 clients around the world and served 800K+ hours. 

    Travancore Analytics 

    Established in 2007, Travancore Analytics is a prominent augmented reality and virtual reality solution company providing competitive and top-notch AR/VR solutions to innovative workplaces. The company excels in providing user-friendly AR/VR development services, including customized AR/VR services, AR/VR app development, AR/VR training module development, live video streaming, AR/VR game development, and 3D design and development. 

    The company has a team of developers who utilize the latest tech stack to offer AR/VR solutions, including Oculus, Unity, VIVE, Magic Leap, etc. The company has successfully completed 250+ projects and worked with over 100 clients globally. The company offers AR/VR solutions to various industries, including aerospace, retail, automotive, enterprises, media, marketing, navigation, and education. 

    Advantal Technologies 

    Advantal is a pro AR VR solution company that specializes in offering AR/VR development services to its global clients. They have vast experience in helping businesses in reaching their optimum business goal. Their AR/VR app development services include AR & VR game development, AR & VR software development, VR products, AR support & maintenance, expert AR/VR Consultation, and AR/VR app development.

    Apart from this, their other services include software product development, digital transformation, AI/ML development, blockchain, DevOps, IT consulting, QA/Testing, etc. They have been in the business for over a decade now while aiding in revolutionizing ideas into lucrative ventures. The company enjoys a massive 96% customer retention rate, 200+ happy customers, and 300+ projects delivered and serving almost all industries.

    CREST Infosystems   

    CREST is a top AR&VR solution company that provides outstanding AR and VR solutions, enhancing brand engagement. Their developers are updated with all the latest trends and technologies. They are a team of creative professionals that include UI/UX designers, top digital marketing experts, smart coders, etc. They work with the vision of helping their clients reach their business goals and convert their ideas into reality. 

    With a team of 125+ experienced developers and project managers, they have developed several AR/VR-powered platforms with top-notch features. Their AR/VR software development services include AR/VR app consultation, sensor-based AR/VR desktop & mobile apps, visual recognition solutions, face and gesture recognition platforms, IoT + AR/VR, AR & VR app support, and maintenance.

    HQ Software

    HQ Software from NYC, US, is the leading AR VR solution company. They have been in the IT industry since 2001 with a team of 150+ dedicated developers. They provide the AR VR solution development service at the rate of $25-$50/hour, which could be more or less according to the demand of the project. 

    They also hold expertise in developing IoT, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, web and mobile application development, and provide dedicated development teams to help your business grow in the market. From 2001, they have delivered 400+ projects with accuracy to 300 clients on a global platform. Companies like UNO, HTC, BBC, and SEGA are their valuable clients.  


    Yudiz from India is another one of the most progressive companies that you can choose for the AR VR solution with complete accuracy and high-end features. 

    They have expertise in developing top-notch solutions with high-end features of blockchain Development, Game Development, Mobile App Development, AI/ML Development, AR/VR Development, Website Development, UI/UX Design, etc. Yudiz has been providing IT solutions since 2009 at the rate of $25-$49/hr. In the 13+ years of industry experience, they have delivered 3700+ projects to 15+ different industries. 


    With augmented and virtual reality powering business operations nowadays, it’s clear that you cannot ignore this technology. Besides the more obvious AR/VR games, this technology finds a use case in every industry. 

    All you need is the right guidance to find the most suitable solution for your business. Connect with the tech experts of the top AR/VR solutions company from the list we have curated and create your custom augmented and virtual reality solution. 

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