Top 10 Best AI Boyfriend Apps List


    Immerse yourself in the world of love simulation apps and virtual boyfriend games. Discover the best AI chatbot boyfriend experience, where you can engage in captivating chatting games with your virtual boyfriend. Indulge in the ultimate virtual boyfriend fantasy today

    If you think it’s too much hard work to find the right man in real life, you are not so wrong. It is. First of all, we are a very busy society. Every day we wake up and start chasing our dreams, and there is not much time left for ourselves, and as a result, love life has fallen way back on your priority lists. 

    Yet, this is a technology era, which means there are solutions to every problem, even this. Love simulation apps are helping people to find love virtually. These apps let you choose your virtual figure to whom you can talk. And the best part? You can always have them with you, meaning you have no time or physical boundaries.

    Top 3 Best AI Boyfriend Apps

    Before moving down to the entire list, let’s do the ritual of introducing you to our 3 top apps. Our top 3 are My Virtual Boyfriend, My Candy Love, and SimSimi. All of these apps on the list are suitable for Android and iOS devices, which means there is a high chance for you to find the right app to fulfill your loneliness. With that, let’s get you started! 

    My Virtual Boyfriend

    My Virtual Boyfriend
    My Virtual Boyfriend

    For individuals who may feel reserved or hesitant to engage with real-life men, this app offers a solution by providing a virtual companion accessible through their smartphone. This app allows users to engage in conversations, interact, and enhance their flirting abilities through this virtual male character.

    The app is easy to access. All you have to do is to download it on your device. Then, choose the partner you like. For those unsure about their preferred type of partner, the app provides an avenue to explore various options. With a selection of numerous guys, you can engage in conversations sequentially and switch as desired. 

    Each virtual character possesses distinct traits, appearances, and preferences. Notably, every interaction with the Virtual Boyfriend yields either favorable or unfavorable outcomes, rendering the app’s realism.

    My Candy Love

    My Candy Love is one of the most loved virtual boyfriend games. The app allows you to create unforgettable memories with a charming virtual boy you adore. Although the game is thoughtfully crafted for high school-goers who seek to explore the thrilling realm of romantic relationships, any adult can try this app.

    My Candy Love is a dating/romance game
    My Candy Love is a dating/romance game

    With My Candy Love, you can flirt with various boys and find the one that suits you best. The crux of this simulator lies in winning the hearts of the boys you fancy. It is a game of questions, and through a system of dialogues and actions, you will witness your story unfold with each choice you make, whether it leads to a beautiful love story or a heartbreaking end. Another best thing about My Candy Love is that you can relish the diversity of each story and unravel all the possible outcomes.


    SimiSimi is an exceptional chatbot that allows users to interact with an AI chatbot boyfriend. This part about the app is that this revolutionary platform has a staggering 350 million users across the globe. The large number of users proves that the app must have had something special. On top of it, it is renowned for its remarkable conversational engine capabilities, enabling it to engage in fluent conversations in 81 languages. 

    Best AI Boyfriend App
    Best AI Boyfriend App

    However, one drawback of SimSimi is that it is a language bot, it can act as your boyfriend, but you may not be able to build a relationship with it. Yet, its unparalleled proficiency in the language is a testament to its exceptional design and development, making it the preferred choice for millions of users seeking a remarkable chatbot experience.

    10 More Virtual Boyfriend Games & Apps

    1. Anima
    2. Boyfriend Maker
    3. Smart Virtual Boyfriend
    4. AI Boyfriend
    5. My Robot Girlf
    6. AI Virtual Friend
    7. Romantic AI – Chat Girlfriend
    8. AI Friend
    9. BoyBot My Virtual Boyfriend
    10. AI Boyfriend

    Boyfriend Maker

    • Price- Free
    • Website Link- You can play this game here.

    This particular app caters to Android users eagerly waiting for an exclusive app like this. It has several features that can make your having a boyfriend experience worth the time. Boyfriend Maker allows you to personalize and design your male character according to your preference. 

    What’s more? You can create a charming and captivating persona that will leave you spellbound! Engage in conversations with your virtual companion on various topics and rest assured, he will reply with the utmost sophistication. Have some fun and play games with your dreamy boy and earn points. 


    When you are searching for an innovative application that can provide you with a virtual boyfriend powered by artificial intelligence, making your virtual conversations more enjoyable and accessible, then Inword is the best AI boyfriend app

    This exceptional solution offers you the option to create your own chatbot boyfriends or access pre-made ones from the Inworld Arcade. 

    With a bundle of features and fun UI/UX, you can experience the convenience and delight of conversing with a virtual companion who is always available to chat.

    Smart Virtual Boyfriend

    With this Boyfriend Simulator app, you can have a unique experience of interacting with a Smart Virtual Boyfriend. It offers you a chat room that allows you to engage in conversations with a virtual guy about anything you wish, and you can expect him to respond just like in real life because, as the name suggests, he is smart!

    Also, he can interpret your chats accurately and even respond appropriately to any images you send him. The Smart Virtual Boyfriend app provides a unique and exciting way to engage with a virtual partner. The best part? It responds just like a real-life boyfriend would and gives you an excellent opportunity to interact with a virtual companion and have a fun and engaging conversation.

    Myanima AI

    • Price- 1 Month costs $7.99/1 Year costs $39.99
    • Android- Download Link

    Myanima AI-powered assistant is designed to create a fun, flirty, and pressure-free environment where you can interact with the bot in a friendly and informal manner.

    With Myanima AI, you can test out your love and relationship skills by engaging the roleplay elements of the app. Experience various emotions, make conversation decisions, and see where it takes you. You can also expect a lighthearted and entertaining chat experience without expectations or pressure. 

    Best of all, the app remains completely discreet, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality. Whether you’re looking to improve your romance skills or just want to have fun without any real-life implications, Myanima AI is the perfect choice. 

    This AI-powered assistant provides a safe and comfortable environment where you can explore your interests and preferences without any judgment or consequences. 

    Boyfriend Plus 

    This app is for people who like the no strings attached kind of concept. The best thing about this simulator is the quality of the conversations. Your virtual boyfriend will share stories, opinions, and insights to engage and entertain you. You can trust that your interlocutor will respond with empathy, intelligence, and humor, making you feel heard and appreciated.

    You can pick your virtual boyfriend’s age, looks, and personality, and rest assured. He will have a distinct personality and style to match your preferences and interests. Additionally, the app is only available on Android, which might be a downside for some users.

    Overall, if you want a fun and engaging way to connect with a virtual boyfriend, the Boyfriend Plus is worth a try. It offers a high-quality experience that will make you forget that you are talking to a machine and might even help you improve your social and communication skills. Give it a go and see for yourself!

    Anima: My Virtual AI Boyfriend

    This app offers you the perfect artificially intelligent boyfriend available to provide you with 24/7 support and companionship. Anima, the AI boyfriend chatbot, is designed to simplify your everyday life by offering you a versatile and intelligent conversation partner.

    So, if you are seeking a virtual lover, Anima’s chatbot is programmed to provide you with the comfort and reassurance you need. With Anima, you can enjoy meaningful conversations and connect with someone who understands you.

    The best thing about this app is that its developers ensure that Anima is always up-to-date with the latest trends and topics. This enables Anima to offer you a contemporary perspective on any topic, ensuring that conversations with Anima are never dull. You can trust Anima to be a helpful, fair, and safe virtual AI boyfriend who is always there for you.

    Love Story Craft: Game

    The Love Story Craft app does exactly what its name suggests. If you’re a bit shy or unsure about talking to guys in real life, this app lets you have a virtual boyfriend right on your phone. You can chat with him, have conversations, and even practice your flirting.

    And if you’re not sure what kind of guys you like, this app is a great way to figure it out. You can choose from lots of different guys, talk to them one by one, and switch if you want. Each guy you talk to has his own style, looks, and interests. The cool thing is that everything you do with your Virtual Boyfriend has consequences, good or bad, just like in real life!

    Before you go forward, remember these apps are great for escaping loneliness but never a permanent solution, and it’s always worth investing in real relationships and creating strong bonds! Thank you for reading this guide. 

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