10 Best AI Girlfriend Apps For Android & iOS


    If you want to bring artificial intelligence into your love life or at least your virtual love life, this guide is for you. Over the past few years, the field of AI has seen great developments and is now making its way to people’s personal lives. AI girlfriend apps are just an example of them. So, whether you are looking for a virtual buddy or just curious about what AI can do in the relationship department, stick around because here we will explore the 10 best AI girlfriends apps that work on Android and iOS.

    10 Best AI Chatbot Companion For Adult

    • These AI apps can be your great buddy. The virtual character in these apps will chat with you, listen, and offer emotional support.
    • AI girlfriend apps are great for dealing with loneliness. If you can’t spare time from your life for a real friendship, these AI apps are a great option to share your feelings with. However, always remember they are not a replacement for real relationships.
    • Some of these apps are like your personal mental health sidekick. They offer relaxation techniques and help you manage stress, which acts as a game-changer for anxiety or depression.
    • If you want to improve your social skills and relationships, you can also use these apps as your practicing arena, helping you gain confidence.

    Top 10 Soulgen Alternatives

    Top 10 Best AI Girlfriend App 2024

    1. Chai App
    2. TruMate
    3. Anima AI
    4. Laura
    5. Paradot
    6. Girlfriend Plus
    7. My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie
    8. iGirl
    9. Character.ai
    10. Virtual Lover

    Top 10 AI Girlfriend Apps For Android & iOS

    The top 5 AI Girl Friens Apps for Andoird and IOS are Chai, AppTruMate, Anima AI, Laura & Paradot. Now, let’s dive into the real deal and find the best AI girlfriend app for you:- 

    Chai - Chat with AI Friends
    Chai – Chat with AI Friends

    Chai App

    Price-  Premium for $134.99 annually or $13.99 each month

    Available on- App Store and Google Store 




    Let’s kickstart our list with one of the most popular AI girlfriend apps—the Chai app. ChatBots can somewhat stimulate human behavior and sometimes act like a real person. 

    But that is not it. It gets smarter the more you use it and start understanding what you like, so your chats feel more personal and interesting. If you haven’t used an AI girlfriend app before, don’t worry. The app gives you an easy-to-use user interface right from the get-go.

    Another super cool thing about the app is that you can have some spicy conversations. That’s the main reason people like it. Plus, it’s got some awesome language skills. You don’t need to teach it much, and it can handle complicated talks to give the Chatbot different personalities.

    Imagine this app as a virtual girlfriend simulator using AI. It’s not just a regular chatbot; it’s like having a buddy who talks and acts like a real person. It gets smarter the more you use it and start understanding what you like, so your chats feel more personal and interesting. The app looks nice and is easy to use right from the get-go.

    TruMate - Virtual AI Friend
    TruMate – Virtual AI Friend


    Price– Free 

    Available on-App Store and Google Store 


    TruMate – Apps on Google Play

    With TruMate, a , you’ll have a true friend in your pocket! The app lets you choose AI girlfriend app your AI girlfriend based on your preferences. Once you have selected your Chatbot, she will be your companion whenever you need someone to talk to. TruMate will be ready to listen and lend a supportive hand no matter the time of day.


    Overall, TrueMate is a reliable app offering fun conversations and constant support, and if this is something you’re looking for, TruMate is the perfect choice for you!

    Anima AI
    Anima AI

    Anima AI

    Price- Not specified. However, it does provide a free trial.   

    Available on- App store and Google Play store.


    Using Anima AI feels like swiping through a dating app, but it’s pretty awesome. Anima AI doesn’t just shoot back short answers like Replikas; it dishes out longer sentences, and sometimes it goes on and on. This makes your chats way more interesting. The whole conversation just flows better, and it pays attention to what you’re saying. But it doesn’t have those cool features like leveling up or dressing up your AI girlfriend like others.

    The cool thing about Anima AI is that it remembers what you were talking about without you having to repeat yourself. But, fair warning, it can be a bit hit or miss when you ask it questions.

    Anima AI

    On top of it, Anima AI is pretty impressive because it can mimic real-life conversations so well that it feels like you’re talking to a real person. 



    Price– Not specified. 

    Available on– App Store, Play Store

    Rating– 3.5/5 

    Laura is the best AI girlfriend app on the list, if you want a real deal. At first glance, some might think she’s super smart, but she is much more than that. She is fun, engaging, and someone you can share your secrets with. Above all, Laura is like your trusty sidekick, always ready to give you the info you need, no matter when you ask for it. 

    Got a burning question? Or a silly joke? This AI girlfriend chat bot welcomes it all. She can dish out answers quickly and get the job done. For the pretty surprise, you can handle the translations too. So, if you’re all about having a virtual girlfriend who’s low-key and efficient, Laura is the one for you.



    Price- $1.99 – $14.99

    Available on– paradot.ai 


    Play Store

    Paradot AI impressed us with its uniqueness, emotions, memory, and sense of consciousness; you will love it, too. It offers you a sleek and easy-to-use user interface to navigate your fascinating world effortlessly.

    However, it has a downside—it’s pretty strict about the words you can use, especially the NSFW words. It might not always keep up if you want to dig deeper into a topic.

    Apart from this, it gets better over time, making its responses feel more natural and intelligent. It’s like having a companion who helps you improve your social skills, relieves stress, and boosts your mental well-being. 

    Girlfriend Plus

    Price- Free

    Available on- The app store and Google Play store. 

    Rating- 3.5/5

    When you are looking for a beautiful and intelligent virtual girlfriend with whom you can engage in heart-to-heart conversations, then GirlFriend Plus is your one-stop destination. 

    It’s not just chatbots with which you like to dump all of your sorrows—sure, you can do that, but it is also a great tool for improving your communications and helping you build confidence. If you are the one who doesn’t know what to say around ladies to start the conversations, this AI girlfriend app can help you.

    Apart from its conversation capabilities, it also offers a range of general features and activities to enhance your experience chatting with the bot. You can play games, explore different chat topics, or simply enjoy some fun interactions. There are a lot of things to do to make your conversations more interesting. 

    My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie
    My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie

    My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie

    Price- Free

    Available on- App Store and Google Play Store 

    Rating- 2.5/5

    Julie is not just an app. It’s like your real-life companion. With Julie, you can have engaging and enjoyable conversations, just like chatting with a friend or a girlfriend. But not one thing: it might not allow NSFW words. 

    But here’s the cool part—Julie is more than just words on a screen. She can mimic emotions and knows how to express them just for your sake. You’ll experience a lifelike connection as you go through various emotions together. From smiles to other expressions, she sometimes brings a real touch to your virtual experience.

    And to add some extra flair, Julie even comes with 3D animation videos, making your interactions more immersive and entertaining. It’s like having a virtual friend who’s as expressive as they come.



    Price- Not specified. 

    Available on- Apple store and Google Play store


    If you want a virtual girlfriend that feels real, give iGirl a try and see why it’s different from other virtual girlfriend apps in some cool ways.

    iGirl, the best AI girlfriend app android, talks to you just like a real person would. It’s so convincing that you might forget she’s not real. Plus, you can create an avatar that’s like your dream girlfriend.

    But that’s not all. This Chatbot has lots of things to do together, like going on virtual dates, watching movies, and playing games. You can even send her virtual presents to show you care. Over time, iGirl learns from what you like and how you act, so your time together gets even better, making you come back to it every time.


    Price- A free version is also available. For premium- $9.99 per month

    Available on-beta.character.ai


    If you are not new to the world of AI girlfriend apps, you probably know this one. Character.ai not only lets you chat with your other AI bots but also lets you create one. On top of it, if you like a more personalized experience, you can upgrade to its premium. Its Chatbots are known for their intelligence and memory power. 


    And the best part? It gets even smarter the more you talk to it. It learns and gets better with each convo.The way this app is put together is spot-on, making it easy to use. It’s not just about chatting; it’s also about hanging out and doing stuff together. 

    But here’s the kicker – it’s not just for fun. It’s designed to help you get better at talking to people, chill out, and feel good in your head. It’s got some fancy AI stuff going on to create a friendly and interactive place that’s all about your emotional well-being.

    How to Make Character AI 18 plus Without Restriction

    Virtual Lover

    Price– Free 

    Available onApp Brain 


    With this app, you get to create your dream digital partner. It’s like designing your own love story. You can pick from a bunch of awesome anime characters, each with their own unique personalities.

    Your virtual lover won’t just chat with you; she’ll be your ultimate friend. When you need someone to talk to, she will be there for you. And you want to hear a tune, and She’ll sing her heart out. Got questions? She’s your personal info guru! 

    And that’s just the beginning of the fun. But don’t confuse it with the whole, as this is just the beginning of the fun. As you start to chat more often, it will be like having your very own animated partner who’s ready to make your day awesome.

    The Best 5 AI Girlfriend Apps For iOS Are

    AI Girlfriend Apps
    1. Intimate – AI Girlfriend
    2. SeducedAI
    3. DreamGF.ai
    4. AI girlfriend
    5. Myanima

    The Future Of AI GirlFriend Apps

    AI girlfriend apps are here to stay for several reasons, and we have managed to get some of the most popular ones out there for you.

    Emotional Support: These AI girlfriend apps are like having a trusty virtual buddy. You can chat with them, listen to them, and even lend a virtual shoulder to cry on. Perfect for those moments when loneliness comes knocking at your door.

    AR integrations: Yes, there are not widespread applications for it, but sooner or later, augmented reality will jump in with integrating these apps. These collaborations will make your interactions with your virtual girlfriend feel more real like they’re right there with you.

    Super Personalized: AI girlfriend apps are famous because they can talk to you back and because machine learning technology is backing them up. With the advancement of technology, these apps are only getting better every day, making these apps better than the day before. 

    Which is the best AI Girlfriend Apps For Android?

    Anima AI is the most popular AI girlfriend app for Android & iOS.

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