Top 10 Must-Play Free Multiplayer Games on Steam


    Discover the ultimate collection of must-play free multiplayer games on Steam. Dive into the world of Free Multiplayer Games on Steam and have a blast!

    Purchasing or putting together a gaming PC requires a significant financial commitment; accessories like a gaming mouse and keyboard add extra cost to the overall setup. So, sometimes you have to limit the number of PC games you play or the more expensive ones.

    However, free PC games can be exciting. Enjoy the best free games on Steam while you wait for your next paycheck to purchase the next paid adventure.

    You may not find the same high-end visuals or massive production as more expensive AAA titles, but the best free games on Steam offer an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.

    The demand for games with multiple players has rapidly increased in recent years. Winning a multiplayer game with friends can make the experience more satisfying. 

    Sorting through many options to find the truly great ones can be challenging. We have compiled a list of the best free Steam games available. 

    Top Free Multiplayer Games on Steam

    1. Path of Exile

    If you’re a fan of games like Diablo and need something to tide you over until the next installment, Path of Exile is a sure bet. In this top-down action RPG that raids dungeons, spend hours and hours tailoring your character. The sizable fanbase of Path of Exile also allows you to meet new people and form virtual bonds.

    As you progress through the game, you will unlock more layers of content. Players of similar role-playing games commonly follow a formula, and the number of options available should be dizzying. You can make the game as challenging as you want.

    You can do things normally and embark on an adventure to kill, loot, and sneak through. Alternatively, you can choose to do things in a way that suits you best and construct a fortress. There is no cost associated with this ever-evolving adventure, which is the best part.


    • Publishers: Grinding Gear Games, Tencent
    • Designer: Chris Wilson
    • Developer: Grinding Gear Games

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    2. Unsolved Case

    Players assume the role of investigators in Unsolved Case, tasked with solving the case of a serial killer. The two detectives can catch the Cryptic Killer only if they collaborate to solve a series of puzzles. Players need to talk to each other frequently to figure out how to escape the room because each player sees only a small piece of the overall puzzle.


    • Publishers: Eleven Puzzles, Adrian Olczyk
    • Developers: Eleven Puzzles, Adrian Olczyk
    • Series: Cryptic Killer

    3. War Thunder

    World War II soldiers would hunker down when they heard thunder in the distance, but instead, they encountered War Thunder, a tank game where planes and tanks engaged in combat. In Gaijin’s flight game, you take control of a dizzying array of historically accurate aircraft from the 1940s. Your objective is to fight through hordes of other players in a series of dogfights and ground battles.


    • Publishers: Gaijin Entertainment, Gaijin Entertainment Holdings S.A, Gaijin Distribution KFT
    • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, MORE
    • Developers: Gaijin Entertainment, Gaijin Network Limited

    4. Team Fortress 2

    Valve developed Team Fortress 2, a massively popular and ever-evolving first-person shooter. It polishes well, maintains a constant stream of players despite its release in 2007, and regular updates to include new hats, modes, and maps.

    Despite the significant evolution of the game in the nine years since its release, you can still easily pick it up and play with friends. The package offers various game types, making it feel infinitely large. It includes traditional capture point Red vs. Blu games and the cooperative Mann vs. Machine, where players work together to fend off waves of murderous robots.


    • Publisher: Mike Morasky
    • Developer: Valve Corporation
    • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, macOS, Linux, GeForce Now, Xbox 360, Mac operating systems

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    5. Dota 2

    Steam exclusively offers the fantastic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Dota 2. The objective of the game is to eliminate the opposing team’s base. The game includes two teams, each consisting of five players.

    You need to learn and play a lot of systems in Dota 2, so there’s a lot for you to discover. You don’t need to shell out any cash unless you’re set on customizing your characters since all Heroes are accessible immediately.  


    • Composers: Jason Hayes, Tim Larkin
    • Developer: Valve Corporation
    • Designer: IceFrog

    6. Planetside 2

    This massively multiplayer online shooter awaits you with future vehicles, explosive weapons, and battle-scarred environments. You can access various offensive options from the start, including various classes and vehicles, enabling you to play in various ways.

    If you have the guts, take on the war by yourself. However, making friends with seasoned players in Planetside 2 is a good idea to learn from them and expand your network.


    • Developers: Daybreak Game Company, Rogue Planet Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment
    • Platforms: PlayStation 4, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows
    • Composer: Jeff Broadbent

    7. Warframe

    Warframe is a stylized, movement-heavy, third-person shooter where robot ninjas fight in space.

    You and your friends can actively play through the main story or independently take on side quests. Warframe’s shooting mechanics are satisfying, and the mission-based structure welcomes new players. However, players must invest significant time in grinding to acquire different weapons, armor, and other items. Check out Warframe if you need action; it’s a stylish game. 


    • Developers: Digital Extremes, Panic Button Games
    • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, and Series S
    • Publisher: Digital Extremes

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    8. Crusader Kings II

    We all daydream about being a medieval nomad in Europe. Crusader Kings II allows you to assume the role of a Christian lord who fights to expand and protect his dynasty amidst the erupting continent. Be wary of more than just invaders. Your courtiers and vassals actively work together to overthrow you. 

    You will also pass legislation, cultivate alliances with other nobility, and fight off religious extremists. Remember that you’re playing a strategy game, no matter what you do. 

    Therefore, your dynasty’s fate in the Middle Ages can be determined by even the smallest of them.

    The game includes a competitive multiplayer mode, ideal for playing with friends. It supports up to 32 players at once, making it one of the best free games on Steam for getting together with friends and family.


    • Developer: Paradox Development Studio
    • Composer: Andreas Waldetoft
    • Platforms: macOS, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Classic Mac OS

    Free Multiplayer Horror Games On Steam

    This guide will show five of Steam’s best free online multiplayer horror games. What are you waiting for? This list includes zombies, monsters, ghosts, and traitors. 

    1. No More Room In Hell

    In the first-person horror game No More Room in Hell, you can band together with a maximum of eight other people to fight off the zombie apocalypse using any of the game’s more than 30 weapons. The location-based voice chat makes it more challenging for two players to communicate if they are far apart.

    No More Room in Hell, which heavily draws from modern sources like The Walking Dead, surprises with its enjoyable gameplay and keeps you entertained for hours. As the zombie virus spreads, infected players must decide whether to alert their teammates to the danger or keep quiet.


    • Developer: No More Room in Hell Team
    • Publisher: Lever Games
    • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, SteamOS, Classic Mac OS

    2. Scp: Secret Laboratory

    Are you ready to delve into the terrifying and mysterious lore of the SCP Foundation? The shadowy organization isolates and researches truly terrifying things. In SCP: Secret Laboratory, you can actively play any number of roles, such as a Foundation employee, a Chaos rebel, an SCP freak, or a D-Class prisoner. You have to adapt your game strategy and social interactions to the goals and abilities of your assigned role. The unpredictable maps and events of the game increase the tension and intrigue. In this game of life and death, you will never know what horrors or unexpected allies you will encounter. 

    Look no further than SCP: Secret Laboratory if you want a free multiplayer horror game on Steam that will make your heart race and your skin crawl. Whether you’re looking to uncover the Foundation’s hidden mysteries, make a break for it, let your inner monster loose, or put up a fight, this game will keep you entertained for hours.


    • Developer: Northwood Studios
    • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, GeForce Now
    • Publisher: Northwood Studios

    3. Deceit

    Deceit tests your trust and deception skills in a fast-paced, cooperative first-person shooter (FPS). A sinister voice has instructed you and five others to awaken in an unfamiliar location. You must wipe out the infected portion of you before they can escape as a deadly virus has infected you. You need to band together, those who are not infected, to identify the traitors and escape. Its varied maps and scenarios create a terrifying and tense atmosphere in the game. As you strive to avoid lies and murder, you never know whom to trust or who will betray you. 


    • Developers: World Makers, Automaton Games
    • Platforms: GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows
    • Publishers: World Makers, Automaton Games

    4. Hide and Shriek

    Hide and Shriek is a unique game unlike anything else. In this one-on-one, you will laugh your head off as you try to scare your opponent in a haunted school. The player arrives at the magic school campus at dawn to prank another player. Participating in direct, in-your-face jokes is a part of the first-person experience. The game starts with each player being silent, staying that way until they make a sound or cast a spell.

    You must set traps and cast spells to prevent your opponent from revealing your location and frightening you. The game’s eerie yet hilariously entertaining atmosphere is contributed by various maps, keeping you guessing whether you’ve been tricked or treated. 


    • Platforms: GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows
    • Developer: Funcom
    • Publisher: Funcom

    5. Dead Frontier 2

    Dead Frontier 2 thrusts players into a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world where they must scavenge for food, weapons, and other supplies to stay alive. You are one of the few people still alive, and you have the freedom to roam a dangerous and rewarding open world. The game bases its gameplay, events, and character customization on reality. It is important to avoid getting scratched or bitten by zombies as it can spread the disease. Negotiating with other players, some of whom may be friendly while others may be hostile, is also crucial. The game is set in the same universe as its critically acclaimed predecessor, Dead Frontier, a browser game.


    • Developer: Creaky Corpse Limited
    • Platform: Microsoft Windows
    • Publisher: Creaky Corpse Limited

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