Top 15 Best Places to Buy Cheap Metaverse Land in 2023


    Soon, we will enter the era of the Metaverse, a world of interconnected, ever-present virtual realities in which our digital lives will coexist with our physical ones. Everything we can do in the physical world will have a “digital twin” in the Metaverse that we can engage with from our homes, so we will increasingly use these spaces for work, play, socializing, and learning. For both purposes, real estate investment is likely a popular choice.

    Commercial property in the Metaverse (or the virtual realm?) is already a sizable industry. Stars like Snoop Dog and multinational corporations like PwC, JP Morgan, HSBC, and Samsung have already purchased virtual lands they plan to use for various purposes. Those who invested early saw substantial returns, at least on paper. For less than a year, the cheapest piece of land you could buy on Decentraland or the Sandbox (two of the largest metaverse platforms) cost less than a thousand dollars. Presently, it is nearly $13,000.

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    Putting Some Light on The Facts and Figures, We Will Notice 

    • The market for Metaverse real estate was worth roughly $500 million in 2021 after prices increased by about 700 percent.
    • The market is projected to double, reaching approximately $1 billion by 2022.
    • By 2020, it was estimated that $358,000,000 would be spent on property in the Metaverse worldwide.
    • The Metaverse real estate market is expected to generate $3,600,000,000 in revenue by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.2% from 2020 to 2050.
    • Land areas in the top ten metaverses total 622,436 square meters.
    • Selling land in the top 10 MMORPGs brings in a total of $1.9 billion.
    • The global Real Estate Metaverse market was worth USD 821.9M in 2021. It is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 39.10% over the forecast period, reaching a value of USD 5953.6 mln by the end of 2028.

    Top Best Places to Buy Cheap Metaverse Land in 2023

    1. Bloktopia

    All of the lands in Bloktopia are owned by the users of the Metaverse virtual world. Bloktopia’s land has been tokenized as Ethereum-based NFTs, giving each parcel its identity and facilitating free trade. Bloktopia is one of the first virtual worlds to allow land ownership through NFTs. It has quickly gained popularity among digital nomads, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and others who value decentralization and real ownership of virtual property.

    2. ERTHA

    As a life simulation metaverse, ERTHA has partitioned Earth into hexagonal plots of land that can be bought and sold. Every ERTHA plot is one of a kind, down to its specific location and set of resources on Binance’s Smart Chain.

    Buying land in this Metaverse is very similar; first, pick out your hexagon of choice and hit the ADD TO CART button. After that, choose a currency (BNB, USDT, etc.) to launch the Metamask and finish the exchange.

    You can copy the payment address, wire the money, and await confirmation.

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    3. Axie Infinity

    With its support for immersive non-fungible tokens of glossaries based on Ethereum smart exchanges, Axie Infinity has maintained its position as one of the best platforms to buy land in the Metaverse. The platform is similar to others. It has expanded greatly this year due to the attention it has received from leading organizations that have decided to adopt the NFTs platform for the virtual land.

    Savannah, Forest, Arctic, Mystic, and Genesis land, among others, are all available for purchase on Axie.

    4. Decentraland

    With cryptocurrency, you can buy land in the popular Metaverse virtual world of Decentraland. It’s like Sandbox but without the reliance on an open community. To construct your own Metaverse, this platform provides you with immersive NFTs. A separate decentralized marketplace provides easy access to the best digital assets on the platform. Land, name credits, and other estates are available for purchase.

    6. Upland

    Land in Upland is still relatively cheap, despite being in a relatively new metaverse. As opposed to other similar sites, each of these has a real-world address attached to it.

    The signup process is also unique because it does not require a cryptocurrency wallet. Instead of a password, you use your email address and a password to log in.

    Once you register in the Uplands, they will give you 4,550 of their currency, the UPX. A seven-day visa also grants you the status of Visitor. Logging in before the visa expires allows you to renew it for another year. Not doing so will result in your UPX being returned and necessitating a new order.

    Only those with high social standing in Upland are eligible to purchase real estate there. Ten thousand UPX, which can be bought with either PayPal or cryptocurrency, is required.

    Once you’ve done so, you must look at the maps, pick the house, and follow the on-screen prompts.

    In addition, all Uplanders’ possessions are stored securely on the blockchain, making them unchangeable.

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    7. Spatial

    Regarding Metaverse projects, Spatial was among the first to center on the office. Creating and navigating a fully 3D virtual character is a breeze using this technology. Its most well-known function, however, is undoubtedly a superb site for NFT displays and events. To refine its NFT approach, Spatial is expanding its network of strategic alliances. You can easily purchase land using this Metaverse with a few bucks.

    8. OpenSea

    OpenSea is both the first and largest NFT marketplace. A smart contract facilitates the purchase and sale of crypto assets between parties. OpenSea is an innovative marketplace for traders in the Metaverse. Markets on OpenSea feature many NFTs based on art, collectibles, domain names, music, sports, photography, utilities, real estate, and virtual worlds.

    From projects like Decentraland, Crypto-voxels, Somnium Space, and The Sandbox, you can buy and sell land parcels, wearables, and names on OpenSea.

    9. Sandbox

    The most popular place in the Metaverse for users to show off their virtual world expertise is Sandbox, where they can discuss and share their immersive experiences like live events, games, and user-generated content (UGC). When you play in the Sandbox universe, you can have many different metaverse experiences. User-created cryptocurrencies and blockchains of varying types are for sale in the Sandbox market, a virtual economy located within the Sandbox metaverse. Lands, entities, automobiles, towers, and avatars are all available as non-fungible tokens.

    Users of user-generated content can also make their own projects in the Sandbox community for free and with secure blockchain-based sharing, all without knowing how to code.

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    10. Somnium Space

    When running its marketplace, Somnium Space relies on Opensea, making it a relatively new metaverse. It stands out from the crowd because, unlike its established competitors, it is compatible with virtual reality. Join Metamask and use ETH to buy a parcel of land.

    11. TCG World

    With a wide-ranging, explorable world, MMO NFTs for Land in TCG World are held on BNB Chain, a blockchain-powered distributed ledger system. Users of the TCG World metagame have access to various player-controlled platforms on which to carry out missions. In TCG World, anyone can acquire, buy, sell, swap, earn, play, or interact with other users. Playing games allowed them to win TCGCoin, the site’s main cryptocurrency.

    12. Matrix World

    Matrix World is the latest addition to the family of blockchain apps offering land for sale, with 5,000 parcels on Ethereum and 5,000 on the Flow network now up for grabs. Unlike other online worlds, landowners in Matrix Environment have a great deal of control and autonomy in this 3D, open virtual world.

    Thanks to the game’s integrated Open World technology, players can host decentralized applications, games, and marketplaces inside the Matrix World setting.

    Matrix Land is the smallest geographical region in Matrix World, and it has limited space for data. Moreover, land can be traded on many blockchains as a non-fungible token (NFT). There have been three major Land sale periods in the Matrix Universe.

    • The initial round of sales on the Ethereum blockchain included the purchase of 2,000 plots.
    • Five thousand properties were sold on the flow network in the second wave of sales.
    • There was a third wave of sales on the Ethereum blockchain, and 3,000 plots were purchased.

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    13. Bit Country

    Another popular place to buy land in the Metaverse is Bit Country. In contrast to the Aavegotchi universe, no established setting or social interactions are built in. In other words, it’s both a Smart Contract Platform for D-Apps and Games and a platform for user-generated Metaverses. Anyone with access to the platform may create NFTs on Land that is currently owned.

    All of the platform’s primitives can be used to fashion unique metaverse environments in accordance with the phenomenon of code. Currently, it is home to millions of user-created metaverses that are available for purchase. It attracts much interest from investors and businesses looking to establish a presence in the Metaverse.

    14. Aavegotchi

    Aavegotchi is well-known in the graphical virtual world of Metaverse. However, it is not a piece of software or a tool but a crypto collectible game developed on the advanced decentralized technology known as Ethereum. Aavegotchis, which are Non-Fungible Token (NFT) avatars, can be bought and raised by virtual users with this.

    Users can purchase land on this platform using NFTs if they so choose. It’s important to remember that the entire universe of Aavegotchi comprises different types of NFTs, such as Avatar, Land, buildings, and other assets, each with its distinct characteristics and rarity score.

    15. NFT Worlds

    With NFT Worlds, users are the sole proprietors of their respective worlds within a decentralized, multiplayer metaverse. Each NFT World is an individual 3D voxel world generated procedurally. There are two parts to a world: resource data and on-chain information.

    The landscape and oddities of each NFT World are generated at random. Each virtual world is 16,000,000 blocks on a side, giving you practically infinite room to grow your Metaverse.

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