Best Metaverse Games to Make Money – NFT Games in 2023


    Traditional games have fallen out of favor among today’s gamers. The expectation that players will want to multitask their gaming time with other activities like virtual hosting of conferences, performances, or events is rising. This is a perfect use case for gaming in the Metaverse. It’s also worth noting that a surprising number of metaverse games feature economic elements. Let us have a look at the best-paying metaverse games.

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    Metaverse Games to Earn Money

    1. Splinterlands

    Splinterlands is a play-to-win metaverse game wherein players can earn daily rewards through participation in various tournaments, reaching the top of the leaderboard, and completing exciting quests. Any player, regardless of skill or collection size, can participate and have a chance to profit.

    Blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, and WAX can all be used in the blockchain-based metaverse game. As a result, users can trade, rent, and sell their digital collectible cards with one another and convert them to cryptocurrency for use in leveling up and buying and selling.

    By tapping into the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology, Splinterlands provides players with a thrilling metaverse gaming experience.

    How to Make Money in Splinterlands

    Competitions: Every victory in ranked mode nets you DEC rewards. In addition, you earn bonus DECs if you win two games in a row.

    Receiving gifts: Completing your daily quest will reward you with presents. Also, at the end of each season, every 15 days, you’ll receive seasonal rewards.

    Flipping cards: buying packs and selling or renting them out to other players for a profit.

    Burning cards: To earn DEC rewards, you can also burn cards. If you burn a card, it will no longer exist.

    2. Farmers World

    Wax is the blockchain platform that hosts the NFT game Farmers World. Any player who signs up for and owns a WAX wallet with the necessary in-game equipment can join the game and contribute to the Farmer ecosystem. Wood (FWW), Food (FWF), and Gold (GOLD) are how you can acquire game tokens (FWG).

    How To Make Money in Farmers World?

    Wood, food, and gold can all be mined and sold in the economy. In addition, the game’s Exchange feature allows you to trade one resource for another, such as Wood for Gold.

    Profitable opportunities exist in the secondary market for animal and crop husbandry products. Cows, chickens, bulls, corn, barley, and more can all be found here. Animal resources, like milk, can be traded for barley.

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    3. Plants Vs. Undead

    Inspired by the popular Plants vs. Zombies series, this multiplayer tower defense game encourages players to work together to defeat waves of zombies.

    Players can compete with one another or complete tasks by purchasing virtual plants and other assets in Plants Vs. Undead that unique NFTs back. It’s up to each player to tend to their plants, and either harvest them or sow new seeds to continue the growing process.

    Users can trade seeds and plants in the platform’s internal marketplace.

    In the world of “Planet Plants,” players must use their zombie-killing plants to protect the “Mother Tree” from hordes of zombies and other foes.

    Players can buy more seeds or trade them for other cryptocurrencies with the tokens they earn for defending their base.

    How to Make Money in Plants Vs. Undead

    The token is a reward for success in combat and other activities. After each wave of zombies is defeated, a new batch of PVU rewards becomes available. Tokens, used to acquire resources like seeds and plants in the game, are based on the Binance Smart Chain and have a maximum supply of 300 million.

    4. Revomon

    Revomon is a virtual reality-accessible online monster training Metaverse. The game’s open world features untamed creatures known as Revomon. You’ll play the part of a Tamer who captures, trains, and fights Revomon. The total number of Revomon available for capture is 151.

    To keep you company as you progress through the game, other players can chat with you as you fight.

    How to Make Money in Revomon

    The Revo token, built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, is used on the Revomon platform. One way to make money is to sell the Revomon monsters you catch. They have value as NFTs, which you can trade in for money. Players can also be rewarded for their dedication to the game.

    5. Vulcan Forged

    Vulcan Forged is a gaming library that exists in the Metaverse. Berserk, Vulcan Verse, Forge Arena, and Blockbabies are now playable games. While these two are already in development, four more—Block Babies, Coddle Pets, Geocats, and Agora—are coming.

    Different games have different levels of playability and different NFTs that can be used in the game or traded with other players. Regarding blockchain games and distributed app platforms, this game is unrivaled. In the Metaverse, they are among the most advanced game developers. Some of the best Metaverse pairings can be made with its help.

    How to Make Money in Vulcan Forged

    Players can earn benefits by completing quests, navigating the map, befriending other users, hunting for items, and even taking screenshots of their surroundings.

    Staking requires players to “SOW” their land, which essentially amounts to paying a one-time fee that allows upgrading a piece of land to the next level and gaining access to staking. When players have raised their land to the second level, they can begin staking tokens. There is a limit of seven times they can level up a piece of land, and each level increases the potential staking rewards by a certain amount.

    6. Polkacity

    Polkacity is a revolutionary new take on the video game genre. The game mashes up numerous subgenres, such as horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. More than 50 unique worlds, each with its style and set of challenges, ensure that no two games are alike.

    How to Make Money in Polkacity

    You can make money in PolkaCity by purchasing in-game assets, which will increase in value as the game becomes more popular. PolkaCity, like most blockchain-based play-to-earn games, necessitates a beginning capital outlay.

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    7. My Neighbor Alice

    Popular with players, this multiplayer construction game has also introduced blockchain technology to an instant global audience. You can buy and develop your virtual island, discover and interact with fascinating new objects, and even meet new people. In-My Neighbor Alice time can be monetized so that you can earn money while playing.

    How to Make Money in My Neighbor Alice

    Trade Your Animals: You can buy and sell animals in the game and even keep them on land rented from another player. You can outsource your skills to other players to use something different than your animals.

    Complete Other Players’ Jobs: If you still need to get animals or land, you can still make some money by applying for jobs advertised by landowners. They may require you to help them with their crops or their livestock.

    Export Resources: This dynamic allows you to act as a merchant by exporting resources and subsequently buying and selling goods worldwide for a profit.

    8. Illuviam

    Illuvium is an additional play-to-earn NFT creature collector and auto battler game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. With Illuvium, you’ll feel full control over your virtual possessions. After a successful Illuvial capture, farming session, or finished frame, a new NFT is created and added to your cryptocurrency wallet. The Ethereum blockchain can be used to prove ownership of a particular NFT. Having physical possession of your NFTs grants you the discretionary ability to buy, sell, and trade them on exchanges as you see fit.

    How to Make Money in Illuviam

    Option 1: One possibility is to assemble a well-planned Illuvial team and then use the arena or tournaments to find suitable opponents. ILV tokens will serve as the prize for the victor.

    Option 2: As an alternative to actually engaging in the combat mode, you can use your ILV tokens to bet on the results of the fights. You will receive ILV tokens as a reward if you correctly predict an upcoming event. However, if you guess correctly, you will retain your tokens.

    Option 3: You can increase your earnings by a large margin by being the first to trade newly discovered and rare Illuvials registered on Illuviary.

    9. Star Atlas

    Star Atlas is an original strategy game set in space research, allowing players to take one of three possible stances. On this short list, this is the first Metaverse app built primarily with Solana blockchain technology. The game must be finished, but it’s already become a Solana network’s virtual reality community staple.

    How to Make Money in Star Atlas

    Enlisting Ships: Ships must be purchased before being enrolled in the fleet. It’s okay to invest a large sum of money into Star Atlas before you can begin making a profit. You only need twenty dollars.

    Trading POLIS: The POLIS token, used in the Star Atlas board game, can be traded with other players. The Star Atlas crew can take orders from those in possession of POLIS. That makes it a token used for voting and other administrative purposes.

    Flipping Ships: Other people bought ships at the launch price and then flipped them for nearly twice as much. Because of this, there are only 24 ships for sale as of this writing.

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    10. Mobox

    The best free-to-play games worldwide are available in one convenient location: the Mobox Metaverse. It’s currently available in beta and lets players make their worlds, dress up their avatars however they like, and meet other players.

    How to Make Money in Mobox

    Staking MBOX tokens in NFT Farmer’s CRATES yields MOMOs for the player. When a player stakes MBOX, they receive KEY tokens that can be used to open boxes. A new MOMO is created and “minted” on the BSC blockchain when a BOX is opened. With MOBOX, you can make and publish your own NFTs in the MOMOverse.


    This article’s list of metaverse games with cryptocurrency rewards is incomplete. That’s because plenty of other metaverse games can help you make some extra cash, such as Decentraland, Sorare, Metastrike, etc. Please do your due diligence before making any investment decisions based on this list, as it has been compiled solely for educational purposes. Any advice, including but not limited to investment, legal, financial, and other types, is not intended to be conveyed by the information in this article.


    What Exactly Are Metaverse Games?

    Simply put, a metaverse game is a video game or gaming platform that places a premium on providing an impressive visual experience and a fully immersive, interactive 3D virtual reality environment for its players.

    Interoperability and cross-platform compatibility are two unique aspects of metaverse gaming.

    What Are the Rules for Playing Games in the Metaverse?

    Anyone can join the fun of metaverse gaming by signing up for an account on one of the many available sites. After learning the gaming hub’s ins and outs, players can take advantage of the many available challenges and quests.

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