Top 5 Biggest Web3 Projects of 2023


    Ethereum 2.0, Polkadot, Solana are the 3 biggest project of the year [year]. Ethereum is the most popular Web3 project on blockchain.

    Blockchain technology, cryptos, and decentralized protocols are the future of the finance and economy industry, so Web3 projects are changing. 

    Nowadays, there is a promise of a more interconnected web, so Web3 initiatives could redefine different industries. In this article, you will learn about the top biggest projects that are poised to dominate the landscape in 2023.

    Ethereum 2.0, Polkadot, and Solana are the 3 biggest project of the year 2023. Ethereum is the most popular Web3 project on blockchain.

    Ethereum 2.0

    Many people are anticipating the upgrade to Ethereum 2.0, one of the most famous events in the crypto industry. The blockchain is transitioning from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake mechanism, so now it will improve sustainability and security.

    Free ethereum image“/ CC0 1.0 Ethereum

    At the same time, the upgrade will improve efficiency and strengthen Ethereum’s position as a fantastic platform for trading, smart contracts, and decentralized apps.

    Ethereum has an ever-growing developer community, NFTs, and diverse decentralized finance options. Therefore, it will continue to light the way for other Web3 projects.


    Another innovative Web3 project is Polkadot, with which interoperability between various blockchains is much less challenging. Therefore, you can quickly communicate and share data through it. 

    Polkadot: Web3 Interoperability
    Polkadot: Web3 Interoperability

    Polkadot has a unique architecture, which makes it stand out from other projects. If you use it, you can build customizable blockchains and connect them to the network, interacting with each other. 

    At the same time, Polkadot fosters a scalable and decentralized network, in which various blockchains can collaborate and exist. Overall, this Web3 project is one of the best ones in 2023.


    Many people know Solana due to its low fees and quick transaction speeds. Overall, it’s famous because it’s a high-performance platform.

    Solana is fantastic because it has different unique features, including a unique consensus mechanism, parallel transaction processing, and more. 

    Furthermore, Solana offers a fun and user-friendly experience, making it a convenient option for NFT marketplaces and DeFi projects. Since many people are interested in it, it’s also one of the most significant options in 2023.


    People can use Filecoin as a decentralized storage network since it allows them to explore different options relying on blockchain technology. 

    With Filecoin, you can rent out your excess storage space or buy more from others using the platform’s crypto, FIL.


    The last famous Web3 project that will probably rise in 2023 is Avalanche, which can empower you to make and launch customized blockchains.


    Also known as subnets, the customized blockchains seamlessly interact with each other. Avalanche’s algorithm works fantastically, so it allows you to perform transactions quickly and without any issues. 

    Furthermore, Avalanche also works with DeFi, digital identity solutions, and gaming features. It’s why it’s also one of the most significant Web3 projects in 2023.

    Other Web3 Projects that Could Also Change the Landscape in 2024

    Although the previously mentioned ones are the most popular ones, there are other projects and trading platforms similar to BGX AI that could gain popularity too. Check them out:

    Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

    It’s a product of Binance, the crypto exchange platform. Binance is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, so developers can quickly move their apps to the BSC network.

    BSC Web3 project
    BSC Web3 project

    Since BSC has very low fees and quick confirmation times regarding transactions, people with DeFi projects looking for cost-effective solutions consider it a fantastic alternative. It will keep expanding and attracting more developers, so it will likely maintain its position in 2023.

    ProjectDescriptionFunding/RaisedNotable Achievements/Innovations
    EthereumPlatform for decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts.N/APopularized smart contracts and ICOs.
    PolkadotNetwork connecting different blockchains to enable interoperability.Approx. $145MInterchain communication, parachains, and cross-blockchain
    ChainlinkProvides real-world data to smart contracts through decentralized oracles.Approx. $32MReliable data feeds for DeFi and DApps.
    FilecoinDecentralized storage network for renting and earning from unused storage.Approx. $257MDecentralized data storage and retrieval.
    SolanaHigh-performance blockchain platform for fast decentralized applications.Approx. $27MHigh throughput and low latency for DApps.
    AaveDecentralized lending and borrowing protocol for cryptocurrencies.Approx. $16MFlash loans and money market protocol.
    UniswapDecentralized exchange (DEX) protocol for swapping cryptocurrencies.N/AAutomated market maker (AMM) model.
    CompoundLending protocol for earning interest on cryptocurrencies or borrowing assets.Approx. $40MAlgorithmic interest rates and supply/demand mechanism.
    MakerDAOManages the DAI stablecoin through collateralized loans and governance.N/APioneered decentralized stablecoins.
    CryptoKittiesCollectible and tradable digital cats on the Ethereum blockchain.Approx. $12MFirst popular NFT-based game on Ethereum.
    Table of Biggest Web3 Projects


    With this platform, you’ll get a stable and sustainable infrastructure. It operates on a PoS (proof-of-stake) mechanism, so it’s immensely safe.

    Cardano focuses on academic research, fair governance, and interoperability. Therefore, it will probably dominate the Web3 space in 2023 too.

    Final Thoughts

    The Web3 revolution is changing the landscape when it comes to finance, and many of the Web3 projects are leaders. They’re reshaping the future of digital currencies. 

    Nowadays, cryptos and blockchain technologies have changed everything and innovated different industries. Therefore, these projects will continue to influence and change the decentralized economy in 2023.

    Since Web3 projects have so much potential, this is an exciting time for you and any other person who wants to get involved. Developers, investors, and users can come together and witness how the internet becomes a more transparent, inclusive, and decentralized place. Even though there are still challenges to overcome, the future looks bright and appears to have a lot of options.

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