Top 10 Caktus AI Alternative & Competitors


    Discover the top 10 Caktus AI alternatives in 2023 for your AI needs. Compare features, pricing, and performance to find the perfect alternative to Caktus AI

    Discover the top 10 Caktus AI alternatives in 2023 for your AI needs. Compare features, pricing, and performance to find the perfect alternative to Caktus AI

    Google Bard, ChatGPT, and Microsoft Bing is the best alternative to Caktus AI.

    If you’re a developer, researcher, or someone interested in the future of AI, you’ve probably heard of CaKtus AI. CaKtus AI offers a wealth of information and tools at an affordable price. Sometimes, you need to find an alternative to Caktus AI because of its limitations in features or cost, even though it is a powerful AI tool. Okay, don’t worry, we will cover you.

    Caktus AI has rounded up some of its top competitors and alternatives, including WriteCream, EdgeWriter,, and AssistXApp.

    But first, let us understand what Caktus AI Is?

    10 Best Caktus AI Alternatives

    • ChatGPT
    • Gradescope
    • Jasper AI
    • Frase
    • AI Writer
    • Hyperwrite
    • INK
    • Rytr
    • Long Shot

    What Is Caktus AI or Caktus AI?

    Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang created Caktus AI, a generative AI platform, to change how people think about and practice writing. Caktus AI offers a more sophisticated and natural alternative to other AI platforms, enabling users to create anything from course plans to love letters. Caktus, an AI tool for the classroom, helps students by relieving them of tedious schoolwork, allowing them to spend more time doing what they enjoy. It provides AI-driven services such as Essay Writer, Paragraph Generator, Discussion Questions, Personal Statement Writer, YouTube to Essay, Text Summarizer, and various coding writers for Python, Java, C#, Javascript, and Go.

    Top 10 Alternatives to Caktus AI

    1. WriteCream

    Writecream is the best alternative to Caktus AI. WriteCream simplifies the process of creating content like articles/blogs, digital ads, social media posts, and copywriting. This tool allows users to access robust AI features without leaving their editing space. Sophisticated autocomplete features are available for users to take advantage of, allowing them to access a variety of commands quickly. 

    More About WriteCream

    • Price: $29/month
    • Languages: Supports 75 languages

    Features Of WriteCream

    • GPT-3 + Proprietary
    • 24×7 Support
    • Mobile App Available
    • Multilingual
    • Long-Form Editor
    • Browser Extension
    • Plagiarism Checker

    2. EdgeWriter

    EdgeWriter is another popular alternative to CaKtus AI. It improves the writing process by employing cutting-edge GPT technology. Storing, modifying, and copying data for later use is central to its usefulness and efficiency. You can access EdgeWriter’s features from within your browser, making it convenient whenever you need it. EdgeWriter’s major selling point is its ability to store, edit, and copy AI-generated content while giving users control and direction.

    Adjust the pitch and font filters to obtain outputs perfect for your needs. In EdgeWriter, you can quickly filter prompts to focus on specific topics for content creation. The tool offers both free and paid versions, with simple, low, and non-binding pricing for advanced users.

    More About EdgeWriter


    • $0/month includes 5 free AI creations, unique prompts
    • $12/month includes Unlimited content creation, unique prompts

    Features Of EdgeWriter

    • A portable web extension is available.
    • You can easily save, edit, and copy.
    • You can easily tweak the tone and type.
    • Various filters available for your command.

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    3. streamlines the process of producing high-quality content for its users using AI-driven technology. The platform, a great alternative to CaKtus AI, offers more than sixty different articles, blog posts, ads, eCommerce, social media, and website templates you can personalize.

    When making content, users can select from various languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and more. Users tailor their content to their specific needs by providing detailed instructions on their requirements, filling out forms, and choosing content templates.

    More About

    • Price: Three pricing plans are available free, monthly or yearly.

    Features Of

    • AI Document Templates
    • Speech to Text
    • AI Chat
    • AI Code

    4. AssistXApp

    AssistXApp facilitates the simple and rapid creation of content and visuals using AI technology. You can design blog posts, advertisements, email newsletters, and website content quickly and easily with the help of the available templates.

    To quickly and easily get started, users should select a suitable template and provide a thorough brief for the content they want to generate.

    Then, the AI will generate unique, high-quality content that is plagiarism-free and usable in any context. AssistXApp offers over 60+ templates, covering content types such as articles and blogs, ads and marketing tools, general writing, eCommerce, social media, and more.

    More About AssistXApp

    • Price: Three pricing plans are available free, monthly or yearly.

    Features Of AssistXApp

    • AI Document Templates
    • Speech to Text
    • AI Chat
    • AI Code
    • AI Chat Bots


    TextGPT integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT into your favourite text editors and web apps as an add-on for Chrome and Firefox, adding cutting-edge AI features.

    TextGPT can improve your writing, communication, and work efficiency. The software can assist in various situations, such as helping users write compelling job applications and cover letters, tweeting useful information to increase their Twitter following, and posting polished, professional updates on LinkedIn to impress prospective employers and customers. The first steps toward integrating TextGPT’s full capabilities are installing the Chrome add-on and creating an OpenAI API key.

    More About

    • Price: Free

    Features Of

    • Smarter Text Input
    • Customizable Activation
    • Automatic Key Generation
    • OpenAI API Integration
    • User-Friendly Settings
    • Save and Sync Options

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    6. Supreme AI Writer

    The Divi add-on Supreme AI Writer can quickly and easily produce high-quality, engaging content using OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It offers more than 20 colour options, 19+ writing modes, and temperature regulation to foster individual expression.

    The tool’s Content Fields are compatible with all of the Native Divi and Divi Supreme Modules and the Third-Party Modules. Users can control the output volume and iterate on their creations as much as they desire.

    They can also generate code easily using the tool. Supreme AI Writer instantly enhances text by automatically rewriting and optimizing it for clarity, accuracy, and readability. It corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure mistakes.

    More About Supreme AI Writer

    • Price: $29/Year

    Features Of Supreme AI Writer

    • Use in Any Module’s Content Field
    • 20+ Unique Tones to Enhance Your Content
    • 19+ Writing Styles to Elevate Your Craft
    • Temperature Control for More Creativity
    • Custom Maximum Word Output

    7. Writery

    The Writery AI Writing Generator is a free tool that you can use to generate unique, well-written content optimized for search engines. Entering keywords or a topic allows users to generate unique, search-engine-optimized content. The tool’s four task types – blog outline, blog introduction, blog headline, and blog ideas – help users tailor their content.

    More About Writery

    • Price: Free

    Features Of Writery

    • No Sign-up or registration process required.
    • Generates high quality content in minutes.
    • Generates SEO friendly content.

    8. AIPower

    The WordPress plugin GPT AI Power can generate individualized content, images, and forms using cutting-edge tools like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and DaVinci.

    The plugin enables users to localize their content for 40 languages, optimize it for search engines, and experiment with GPT models in the editor. Artificial intelligence powers the GPT AI Power suite, which includes the Content Writer, Image Generator, ChatGPT (for making chatbots), Embeddings, and more.

    To get GPT AI Power up and running and ready, enter the OpenAI API key on the plugin settings page. The plugin’s minimalistic and well-organized user interface allows users to access all of the plugin’s settings with a single click.

    More About AIpower

    • Price: There are two pricing options available.

    Features Of AIpower

    • Content Generation from Google Sheets
    • Fully Customizable AI Forms
    • Integrated AI Assistant
    • Content Generation from RSS

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    9. ContGpt

    Users of the desktop program ContGpt can quickly generate numerous articles with the help of AI. The software claims it can generate a 250,000-word article in about an hour using your input.

    The license does not limit the number of articles that can be created. ContGpt’s API integration with WordPress is one of its most appealing qualities, as it simplifies the process for users to publish the generated articles on WordPress blogs.

    The system gives users the option to select categories and publish content at a later date. Users can also generate unlimited 60-character headlines based on selected keywords using the software. The software’s intuitive interface and lightning-fast processing speed guarantee the streamlined and effective generation of articles.

    More About ContGpt

    • Price: Different pricing options are available.

    Features Of ContGpt

    • ContGpt works at high speed.
    • 24/7 Customer support.
    • Regular updates
    • User Friendly

    10. Conch

    Conch promises to boost productivity by enabling users to write 10 times faster than they could without it. It is an AI-driven writing assistant.

    The free, downloadable Chrome extension can be used in any web browser. The AI Bypasser feature allows users to write without worrying about detection algorithms like GPTZero flagging their work.

    Conch’s unique algorithm can rewrite users’ essays until they are plagiarism-free. The software can predict the user’s next sentence based on what they’ve already written, so they never have to worry about switching gears, which is a bonus.

    Conch supports various languages, offers free usage, and provides a paid “Pro” version with additional features. Many students recommend Conch because it guarantees its AI rewriter will not be discovered.

    More About Conch

    • Price: Different pricing options are available

    Features Of Conch

    • Comes with Chrome extension
    • Offers various templates

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