Top 10 Character AI Alternatives


    Discover the best AI alternatives for character generation with our Top 10 list. Enhance your storytelling and creativity today!

    Many people seek alternatives to Character AI despite its fantastic ability to chat with any character. The app frustrates some users by restricting access to explicit material, while others tire of the platform after exhausting its character pool and seeking alternatives.

    If you’re tired of Character AI or want to try something different, we’ll show you some great alternatives you can start using immediately. 

    Let’s get started!

    What Is Character AI?

    Use Character AI to create an artificially intelligent character and engage in conversations 

    with them. The LaMDA team’s two ex-Googlers created Character AI.

    The OpenAI API powers apps like ChatGPT, but the Character AI platform utilizes its internally trained language model.

    The Character AI team or users can create characters you can converse with.

    Some Popular Characters on C.AI

    • Billie Eilish
    • Super Mario
    • Loki
    • Elon Musk

    Top Character AI Alternatives To Try in 2023

    Character AI has with and without NSFW filter alternatives listed below. Choose the answer that suits your needs the best.

    1. Kajiwoto

    Kajiwoto offers similar features to Character AI, such as chatting with a unique personality, and is an excellent website. The bot allows unlimited chatting but limits individual messages to 200 characters.

    Kajiwoto offers free and paid options for those who enjoy chatting with an AI bot to develop ideas for their business and do other tasks. The same features, including a selection of AI model options, the Kajiwoto engine, the Babbage GPT3 Model, and an Unlimited AI voice usage cap, are accessible through both subscription tiers.

    Kajiwoto serves as an excellent alternative to Character AI.


    • Artificial intelligence with a great memory. 
    • NSFW content is allowed as per the country’s law.
    • You can use the app in many different ways.
    • You can customize the mood of your Kaji.


    • To develop ideas for your business, you must have a paid Premium subscription. 
    • Buying premium memberships is a costly undertaking.
    • Using the app is frustratingly difficult.

    Visit Website:

    2. Crushon.AI

    Crushon.AI was recently released. Those who prefer a less restrictive alternative to Character.AI should choose this as the best option. Crushon.AI enables direct conversations about NSFW topics without the need for Colab, installation, or backend configuration, bypassing filters.

    Crushon.AI could benefit greatly from choosing artificial intelligence as a superb option. It facilitates open communication between humans and computer-generated chatbots. You can use this service to express your feelings and engage in NSFW conversations without worrying about judgment.

    Crushon’s coolest feature is to design personas with artificial intelligence. Watch them come to life by changing their appearance and voice to suit your tastes!


    • There are no content restrictions, users can generate their characters, and there are more features.
    • The layout is easy to use.


    • May have fewer functionalities than other platforms it is still in its infancy.
    • The server is unstable; there will be downtime.

    Visit Website:

    3. Tavern AI

    Use Tavern AI, a platform for AI generation, to create text-based AI bots. AI chatbots can engage in textual conversations with you. You can tailor the chatbot’s personality and characteristics to your needs. You can make conversations more engaging and personalized to your preferences. 


    • Build AI chatbots
    • Modify personalities
    • No NSFW filters


    • Text-based may not be as interactive as other platforms
    • Need to download the app, can not chat online

    Visit Website:

    4. NovelAI

    NovelAI typically charges $15 monthly for its most popular subscription plan, but it is also available for free. You can use NovelAI to create your own stories, including characters, settings, and plots, or to read stories created by other users or the NovelAI developers.

    NovelAI allows you to play text-based adventures, where your decisions will have real-world repercussions.

    The intuitive UI, built-in AI image generation, and comparatively few content filters of NovelAI attract users.


    • Free of Cost
    • Can generate innovative ideas
    • Quality editing


    • People severely lack emotional intelligence.
    • Writing in an automated style.
    • The data may be out of date.

    5. LivePerson

    Businesses and individuals like LivePerson, a conversational AI platform for customer engagement.

    It facilitates real-time text, voice, and messaging between businesses and their customers as its primary function.

    Typically, companies reserve its use for customer interaction, although it shares some similarities with Character AI regarding Chatbots and conversational messaging.

    LivePerson offers features such as avatar-making tools and the ability to communicate with customers via social media and messaging apps.


    • Create avatars
    • Screen sharing
    • Real-time conversation


    • Paid platform

    Visit Website:

    6. Replika

    The creators built Replika as an AI-powered chatbot miming human conversation and your voice.

    The system can consistently generate new conversations using advanced machine learning, a complex neural network, and pre-written dialogue.

    With Replika, you can create your digital persona, just like with Character AI.

    Over 2 million active users use it.

    Additionally, the mood-tracking feature allows users to keep tabs on their feelings and receive tailored feedback and advice.

    Replika AI can create unique workouts, yoga sessions, and mindfulness meditations based on your feelings to help you feel better.


    • Tablets and smartphones are compatible with it.
    • The authors’ thought processes are facilitated for users’ comprehension by an excellent mode of expression.
    • Avoiding criticism in expression.


    • No repercussions may occur when users engage in risky behavior.
    • The full range of human emotion is not captured by it.
    • Individuals with severe mental illness should not use this product.

    Visit Website:

    7. Botify AI

    You can have conversations with your favorite fictional characters, whether real or fictitious, using Botify AI.

    You can access the NSFW characters, but their availability may vary by region.


    • The user can completely interact with the characters in an open-ended manner.
    • Expect explicit content on the site, as it is only for adults.
    • It is compatible with Android, iOS, and the Web.


    • It is impossible to create original characters.
    • They have only six Anime characters available at this time.

    Visit Website:

    8. Kuki

    Kuki has won numerous awards as a conversational artificial intelligence.

    This virtual assistant utilizes artificial intelligence to converse with users in a way that closely resembles real-life conversations, specifically designed for use as a Chatbot.

    Kuki constructs the knowledge base using semantic cues, similar to GPT technology.

    By separating phrases into their constituent “core” and “wild card” components, it amasses a vocabulary of thousands of distinct types, learning to understand speech.

    It can handle infinite questions and answers without repeating the same conversation twice.

    Teaching business Chatbots is also helped by it.


    • It’s very easy to communicate with.
    • People use it in a variety of contexts.


    • There are no graphical representations of the characters, making it a text-based experience.

    Visit Website:

    9. Cleverbot – Quirky and Unpredictable

    Artificial intelligence powers Cleverbot, which simulates human conversation using natural language processing and machine learning.

    One of the earliest Chatbots began life as an AI experiment in 1997.

    The system relies on a natural language processing model and retrieves past answers from a large database of conversation history to generate responses.

    Therefore, you can rely on its reliability and human-like responses.

    Furthermore, numerous platforms can integrate it to increase its accessibility.

    Observing human conversation allows the AI chatbot Cleverbot to pick up new information. It has earned a reputation for giving off-kilter and erratic responses because it has been around for a while.


    • Real people provide input, which is a benefit.
    • Reactions that are curious and erratic.


    • Actual work use may be hindered by potential inadequacy.
    • It suits those who are in search of lighthearted exchanges the most.

    Visit Website:

    10. Anima AI – Create Animated Virtual Assistants

    Anima serves as an intelligent robot friend and companion. Its artificially intelligent chatbot is for you if you’re looking for a friend or more. You can choose from preexisting artificially intelligent characters such as an AI girlfriend, boyfriend, virtual wife, or waifu, or create your own. Your AI friend and companion provide emotional support, roleplay, and general venting space.


    • Personal AI Roleplay Companion
    • Unique Appearance & Personality
    • Chatting Gamification


    • There are some issues with retaining context, 
    • The quality of the dialogue could be better.

    Visit Website:


    The NSFW filter in AI has turned Character.AI some potential users off. The options mentioned provide varying degrees of flexibility and features for creating content. Everyone can find a substitute, whether they desire private communication, content production, or a good time. Remember to use these sites responsibly and ethically, particularly when viewing material that may not be suitable for all audiences.

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