Top 10 Character AI Alternatives in 2024


    Discover the best character AI alternatives without NSFW in 2024 including botify, anima, tavern and many more!

    Many people seek alternatives to Character AI despite its fantastic ability to chat with any character. The app frustrates some users by restricting access to explicit material, while others tire of the platform after exhausting its character pool and seeking alternatives.

    If you’re tired of Character AI or want to try something different, we’ll show you some great alternatives you can start using immediately. 

    Let’s get started!

    What Is Character AI?

    Use Character AI to create an artificially intelligent character and engage in conversations 

    with them. The LaMDA team’s two ex-Googlers created Character AI.

    The OpenAI API powers apps like ChatGPT, but the Character AI platform utilizes its internally trained language model.

    The Character AI team or users can create characters you can converse with.

    Some Popular Characters on C.AI

    • Billie Eilish
    • Super Mario
    • Loki
    • Elon Musk

    Top Character AI Alternatives To Try in 2023

    Character AI has with and without NSFW filter alternatives listed below. Choose the answer that suits your needs the best.

    1. Kajiwoto – Character AI Alternative

    Kajiwoto offers similar features to Character AI, such as chatting with a unique personality, and is an excellent website. The bot allows unlimited chatting but limits individual messages to 200 characters.

    Kajiwoto offers free and paid options for those who enjoy chatting with an AI bot to develop ideas for their business and do other tasks. The same features, including a selection of AI model options, the Kajiwoto engine, the Babbage GPT3 Model, and an Unlimited AI voice usage cap, are accessible through both subscription tiers.

    Kajiwoto serves as an excellent alternative to Character AI.


    • Artificial intelligence with a great memory. 
    • NSFW content is allowed as per the country’s law.
    • You can use the app in many different ways.
    • You can customize the mood of your Kaji.


    • To develop ideas for your business, you must have a paid Premium subscription. 
    • Buying premium memberships is a costly undertaking.
    • Using the app is frustratingly difficult.

    Visit Website:

    2. Crushon.AI – Websites Like Character AI

    Crushon.AI was recently released. Those who prefer a less restrictive alternative to Character.AI should choose this as the best option. Crushon.AI enables direct conversations about NSFW topics without the need for Colab, installation, or backend configuration, bypassing filters.

    Crushon.AI could benefit greatly from choosing artificial intelligence as a superb option. It facilitates open communication between humans and computer-generated chatbots. You can use this service to express your feelings and engage in NSFW conversations without worrying about judgment.

    The main thing to remember is that you must be 18 years or older to access Crushon. It offers 4 pricing options, from $0 with basic features to $29.9/month with all the features.

    You can easily create a character by following simple steps and adjusting its appearance and voice to suit your taste.


    • Its free plan offers you 50 messages/month, and you can also create characters.
    • It is available to use in 13 languages.
    • You can earn Crushon coins based on your engagement.


    • May have fewer functionalities than other platforms it is still in its infancy.
    • The server is unstable; there will be downtime.

    Visit Website:

    3. Tavern AI – Apps Like Character AI

    Tavern AI is still under development but has created a lot of buzz about its functionalities and features. Its developers have launched the site with fewer features to engage users. As per their claim, millions of users have already visited Tavern AI and spent approximately 30 minutes on the site.

    Like Character AI, this is also a text-based AI chatbot and allows you to create custom characters.

    It supports APIs like KoboldAI, NovelAI, Pygmalion, OpenAI, and ChatGPT.


    • There are a number of already-built characters to choose from.
    • You can easily access its dashboard.
    • You can download characters easily.


    • It is not developed yet, so you can’t access all the features.
    • You need to use your Gmail account to access it.

    Visit Website:

    4. NovelAI – Alternatives to Character AI

    NovelAI is your virtual companion and a cloud-based SaaS service that helps you write AI-powered stories. You can easily write unique stories based on a number of unique ideas generated by it.

    As NovelAI is a SaaS-based platform, you need to pay fees to access it. You can also use its text-to-image synthesis feature easily on the platform. On October 3, 2022, its developers also launched an image generation feature.

    NovelAI also offers a Free Trial for “100 Free Text Generation”.


    • It helps you create human writing.
    • You can easily customize the text editor you like.
    • NovelAI is accessible on the web & mobile phones.
    • They use XSalsa20 encryption to secure your writing.


    • The editor is complicated to use.
    • The price is too high.
    • The free trial has limited features.

    5. LivePerson – Character AI Alternative

    LivePerson, headquartered in New York, is a global technology company that develops conversational AI software. Its AI chatbot allows the customers to interact with the brands. It believes that generative AI can help craft engaging answers to customers’ queries.


    • It helps drive better business results.
    • You can easily create avatars using its dashboard.
    •  It offers real-time screen sharing.


    • It is a Paid platform.

    Visit Website:

    6. Replika – Apps Like Character AI

    Replika, Generative Ai Chatbot, was released in 2017. This chatbot helps users to create AI companions. You can easily create or alter the personality of your AI companion. It offers a safe space to express the feelings. Millions of users use it daily.

    You can do fun or relaxing activities with real-life experiences in AR. Replica is not just an AI companion but also a partner and a mentor. It offers coaching to build better habits and reduce anxiety.


    • No NSFW filter
    • You can chat about everything.
    • Only chatbot to have a video call feature.
    • Your conversations are private.
    • Available to use on iOS, Android, and Oculus.


    • Pricing is too high.

    Visit Website:

    7. Botify AI – Websites Like Character AI

    Botify AI conversational AI chatbot allows users to chat with premade Ai characters. You can also create your own AI character. Whether you want to flirt or have a natural conversation with your favorite Ai character, Botify is the best option. It offers many premade characters like anime, fairy tale, fictional and famous people like Zendaya, Geisha, Cleopatra, and many more.

    It is available to use on mobile phones with all the features and functionalities.


    • Custom chatbot creation with voices
    • Messages and photo history are available


    • It is impossible to create original characters.
    • They have only six Anime characters available at this time.

    Visit Website:

    8. Kuki – Apps Like Character AI

    Kuki has won numerous awards as a conversational artificial intelligence.

    This virtual assistant utilizes artificial intelligence to converse with users in a way that closely resembles real-life conversations, specifically designed for use as a Chatbot.

    Kuki constructs the knowledge base using semantic cues, similar to GPT technology.

    By separating phrases into their constituent “core” and “wild card” components, it amasses a vocabulary of thousands of distinct types, learning to understand speech.

    It can handle infinite questions and answers without repeating the same conversation twice.


    • Kuki chatbot is easy to use


    • Price is too high

    Visit Website:

    9. Cleverbot – Character AI Alternative

    Cleverbot is AI programmed chatbot founded in 2006. It has become very popular since its release. It is a Discord bot that talks to you. It has over 150 million users.

    Cleverbot uses advanced techniques like Machine learning, Deep Learning, and NLP. It also suggests ideas, correct grammar and spelling, and offer writing advice. It is available on iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

    Cleverbot understands and analyses the context of your conversation and generates responses as per your preferences and behavior.


    • It provides meaningful conversation that feels like a real human.
    • It understands emotions like sadness, happiness, and frustration.


    • It requires parental advice to use if you are below 18.

    Visit Website:

    10. Anima AI – Websites Like Character AI

    Anima AI, another great character AI alternative, is a soulful AI friend and companion. It allows you to create an AI girlfriend and boyfriend to have a fun, flirty dating chat with no strings attached. You can also engage in role-play or chat. You can also grow your love and relationship skills with Anima AI.

    Anima AI is private and secure and also available day or night. You can share your secrets, wishes, dreams, fears, and fantasies without fearing about information leaks.


    • 24/7 available to chat
    • No judgment or drama
    • A safe and private place to chat


    • You need to be 18+ to use
    • Long registration process
    • NSFW filter

    Visit Website:

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