What is a Decentralized Server and List of Top 10 Decentralized Web Hosting


    Decentralized server = blockchain web hosting. Discover top 10 decentralized web hosting services for improved security, privacy, and control.

    A web server is responsible for delivering the website’s files to visitors in a typical network configuration for hosting sites. This undermines the Internet’s original promise by empowering powerful institutions like governments to control what information is available online. As a result, decentralized web hosting emerged as a new method of website hosting in which files for websites are distributed across multiple nodes or computers rather than a single server.

    Security, redundancy, and resistance to censorship are all improved with decentralized web hosting. Decentralized web hosting utilizes blockchain technology, peer-to-peer networks, and other distributed systems to ensure that website files are always accessible, even in network outages or other disruptions. Those concerned about censorship, privacy, and the consolidation of the web hosting industry will find this topic of great interest.

    Web3, also known as decentralized hosting, is significant because it introduces a new standard for hosting and distributing content on the World Wide Web. Several things could be improved with the current model of web hosting. These include the possibility of downtime, security flaws, and censorship or control by intermediaries.

    In addition to improved safety, robustness, and resistance to censorship, Web3 hosting also enables new business models and revenue streams like micropayments and decentralized content distribution networks.

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    Why Use Decentralized Hosting?

    Blockchain hosting will unquestionably make IT-centric businesses even more innovative and trustworthy. This encrypted hosting is the perfect way for companies to enter the digital world and succeed without worrying too much about the risks of hacking or data loss.

    Decentralized hosting beats the current framework, which is constantly being improved to meet the ever-changing, rapid global demand. It relies on something other than costly server setups that are prone to failure or hacking for its infrastructure.

    With decentralized hosting, data processing and storage are distributed among many nodes in different parts of the world. Decentralized hosting is light years ahead of traditional web hosting due to its flexibility and creativity.

    What Are The Benefits Of Decentralized Storage Networks?

    Many advantages can be gained from using a decentralized storage network. The primary benefit of using a decentralized network for storage is financial for an organization. Distributed data storage systems match needing storage with spare space to rent out. This means that the cost of that storage is typically low.

    Data immutability, increased privacy, and improved security are advantages of decentralized storage networks based on blockchain or similar technologies. Because there is no central location for data storage, decentralized networks are highly reliable.

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    List of Top 10 Decentralized Web Hosting

    1. Arweave

    Arweave is built with data longevity in mind, unlike other decentralized data storage solutions’ privacy or censorship resistance priorities.

    Arweave is a blockchain-like P2P storage protocol that uses the excess space on computers running the Arweave client software to store data. Permaweb is the program’s name for long-term data preservation and other features. Web pages and data types like static files can be preserved indefinitely in the permaweb. A one-time fee paid in AR tokens, which can be purchased on most cryptocurrency exchanges, is required of those who wish to store data.

    Developed and maintained entirely by volunteers, Arweave is compatible with Linux only.

    2. Web3Host

    Web3Host is a distributed cloud web host. Since IPFS stores files, there is no need for a centralized server; instead, everything is kept locally or in the cloud, depending on the user’s preference. Dutch software engineers Dirk Poot and Tim Verax established Web3Host in 2018. The company provides a free plan for individual use, a program starting at €1 per month, and a plan starting at $10 per month.

    3. Cybercon

    Cybercon is an industry pioneer in Big Data solutions, data center colocation, Web 3.0 hosting, and dedicated servers in the cloud. Using our cutting-edge data center hosting facilities and broad base Cloud Computing and Big Data expertise, they aim to provide businesses worldwide with the best solutions for their Cloud Computing and Big Data infrastructure and service requirements at the lowest possible cost.

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    4. BitTorrent

    BitTorrent is a well-known example of a decentralized network for storing data. BitTorrent has existed since 2001 and first rose to prominence to disseminate illegal media copies. However, BitTorrent has developed into a family of products over time and now includes the BitTorrent File System. (BTFS).

    To lower storage costs, increase fault tolerance, and circumvent government censorship, BTFS is a scalable decentralized storage system. BTFS, like other DSNs, is dependent on client nodes to function. BitTorrent stands out from competing networks because it has over 100 million active user nodes. Moreover, BTFS operates on the TRON blockchain network. The number of complete TRON nodes exceeds a thousand.

    BTFS, based on IPFS, can be used to store and send data between computers. However, BTFS is different from other decentralized data storage options in that it is built in a way that allows users to delete content that violates copyright laws.

    5. Filecoin

    The initial coin offering (ICO) for Filecoin, which raised $257 million in 2017, is widely considered the largest ICO ever. Filecoin is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network providing cloud storage via the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

    All financial dealings can be made using the FIL cryptocurrency. The “miners,” or storage nodes, are compensated in FIL by users for storing their files. The blockchain ledger documents all exchanges and verifies that the miners are safely archiving data. Filecoin is based on IPFS, a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that aims to solve some problems using HTTP as a distributed file system.

    6. Unstoppable Domains

    The blockchain handles the registration and other cryptocurrency functions of Unstoppable Domains. You can host censorship-resistant websites and make payments with cryptocurrencies easily. Unstoppable Domains’ goal is to provide a unique online identifier to every person on Earth. To achieve this goal, they are developing web3 domains that restore your authority over your information. 

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    7. MaidSafe and the Safe Network

    The Safe Network is an autonomous global network composed of storage nodes, and MaidSafe is a small team of people working to create it. The software centrally controls the network’s storage space, ensuring the safe transfer of information and messages between all connected devices. The information stored on nodes is managed by groups of nodes working together. There is no need for a central server, agents, or human intervention in the sectioning off and moving data.

    Anyone can store data or access publicly available information on the network, and anyone can join the network anonymously as a provider, subject to a resource test. The Safe project also includes an application programming interface (API) for direct network interaction by programmers. 

    8. Fleek

    Fleek is a web host that doesn’t rely on a central server. You should give Fleek a try if you need a website builder that is dependable, secure, and inexpensive.

    Because of their 24/7/365 availability (including holidays and weekends), Fleek is among the best-decentralized web hosts available. Whatever happens on their end (i.e., if there’s an issue with your site), someone will be able to help fix it quickly so that you can get back online as soon as possible because the team behind Fleek has years of experience in handling large amounts of traffic from all over the world.

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    9. Decentralized Web Services

    DWS provides a full suite of infrastructure and application services, letting you deploy any application to the distributed cloud, from business software and big data initiatives to social games and mobile software. They provide application hosting, web applications, backup, and storage, high-performing computing, database, and more. 

    10. Host Engine

    Host Engine offers a decentralized alternative to traditional web hosting through blockchain and IPFS. There are no server-related problems in a decentralized web host. Without a centralized content delivery network, the peer-to-peer architecture ensures that your website will continue to be served even if the main node goes down (CDN).

    • As a distributed file system and Ethereum blockchain, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is used to ensure the security of your hashes.
    • All of this functionality is built into the Chromium browser extension.

    Distributed Web Hosting: The Wave of the Future

    By eliminating the privacy and security risks associated with traditional centralized hosting, decentralized platforms help build a more open and democratic web. 

    Several trends and developments, including the rise of blockchain technology, the maturation of decentralized infrastructure, the proliferation of peer-to-peer networking, the increase in the need for privacy and security, and the emergence of decentralized social media platforms, influence the future of decentralized web hosting.

    Many people associate blockchain technology, which provides a secure and decentralized method of data storage, with decentralized web hosting. As blockchain technology is popular, more industries may adopt decentralized web hosting options.

    Developers are building more complex decentralized infrastructure to support distributed web hosting. Databases, CDNs, and DNSs are all examples of decentralized systems.

    Decentralized web hosting is based on peer-to-peer networking, which allows users to share files and data without relying on a central server. As peer-to-peer networking increases in reliability and efficiency, users can anticipate new applications for decentralized web hosting.

    More people are looking for alternatives to centralized hosting because they’re concerned about their personal information being compromised. Customers appreciate decentralized web hosting for its security and anonymity when storing and sharing data.

    Some users feel that social media sites are too controlling regarding their data and posts. Social media platforms that are more democratic and decentralized and that give users more control over their data and content are made possible by decentralized web hosting.

    However, decentralized hosting will likely grow in popularity in the coming years due to its enhanced security, dependability, and data control.

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