Top 10 Jasper AI Alternatives (Free & Paid)


    Find the best Jasper AI alternatives for your content creation needs with this list of options, including their best features.

    Marketers and professionals use Jasper AI as a text generation platform because it is dedicated to brand voice and produces high-quality output. However, other AI-based writing aids are also available.

    So, you’re considering researching alternatives to Jasper AI. We have compiled a list of free and paid services for your convenience. Learn about Jasper AI’s competitors’ features, pricing, and user reviews to find the best replacement.

    What is Jasper AI?

    Jasper AI, formerly known as Jarvis, is one of the many AI writing tools that can assist you in creating content with a voice and style consistent with your brand. The product set includes:

    • Writing aids.
    • A brand voice hub.
    • A campaign briefing.
    • A template library.
    • A Jasper Chat chat feature.

    This AI tool excels at providing businesses with pre-made templates for things like Google ad copy, blog post headlines, and more, both in long- and short-form content. Jasper AI uses several different AI models to ensure consistent, high-quality results, including a built-in plagiarism checker and the ability to execute repeatable workflows.

    Therefore, marketing groups and agencies who want to produce top-notch content that flows naturally from one medium to another find it perfect.

    5 Best Jasper AI Alternatives For Your Next Project

    In this article, we’ll explore five viable alternatives to Jasper AI.

    1. Frase AI

    Consider Frase AI as a viable option if you want to boost the search engine rankings of your blog posts with an SEO-friendly content optimization tool. Using the built-in SEO data and the AI writer together can save you time and money compared to signing up for an AI writing tool and an SEO tool separately. Frase AI is a solid option if you need an AI writing tool that helps with SEO.

    You can write about any subject, including NSFW writing, since Frase does not employ Open AI’s GPT3 model.

    Frase proves to be an invaluable tool when it comes to simple content creation and optimization. If you want a one-stop shop for SEO-friendly writing, choose Frase AI as the best choice. 


    • Frase combines Jasper AI and Surfer SEO’s best features into one convenient package.
    • Frase AI is a long-form content-writing tool designed with search engine optimization in mind.
    • Frase outperforms Jasper AI because it integrates SEO data and an AI writer.
    • offers a more flexible alternative to Jasper AI for creating AI writing templates.
    • The total cost is significantly reduced since you don’t need to subscribe to an AI writing tool and an SEO tool.
    • Frase’s integration with Google Search Console and content analytics proves invaluable when generating ideas for publishing content.

    2. Narrato

    If you’re trying to streamline your content production and promotion processes without breaking the bank, look no further than Narrato Workspace. Narrato unifies the previously disparate tools in your content workflow as artificial intelligence (AI)-powered content workspace. Narrato’s many tools are ideal for managing content workflows, including content planning, creation, and collaboration. Narrato’s AI content assistant includes features such as an AI writer, AI topic generator, AI-generated SEO content briefs, and AI-generated images.

    Additionally, Narrato streamlines content workflow management with its custom workflow builder and workflow automation features. The platform stores content in a centralized repository, and users can organize it into Projects and Folders for easy access and management through the content calendar. Narrato’s ability to create AI content and centralize content management functions make it an excellent Jasper AI alternative.


    • Use this helpful tool to check your grammar, receive suggestions on how to make your writing more readable, and look for instances of plagiarism.
    • Just a few words of instruction can be used to create unique, high-quality images and graphics.
    • You can automate publishing to WordPress and other platforms using custom integrations.

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    3. Writer prioritizes safety and individualization when it comes to AI-driven content creation. The full-stack platform encourages collaboration between departments to help businesses grow. The platform combines language models, NLP, and ML in a novel way, distinguishing itself as one of the strongest rivals to Jasper AI. employs its Palmyra family of open and transparent LLMs to guarantee efficiency, transparency, and command. helps you write and provides tools to ensure that your content follows all applicable brand, legal, and regulatory standards. The company’s dedicated customer success team helps you reap the full potential of AI in your content strategy by providing ongoing support, training, and guidance.


    • Secure, self-hosted models that place a premium on data privacy.
    • Tool develops custom content to meet the needs of any organization.
    • Users have convenient, on-the-job access to in-depth research analysis.
    • The tools adhere to norms in branding, law, and regulation.
    • Programs like Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Figma offer painless integrations with just a click.

    4. Wordtune

    Wordtune, an AI-powered tool, analyzes your writing and suggests ways to improve it. Wordtune allows you to quickly and easily rewrite your text, making it more coherent, interesting, and easy to read. Wordtune’s ability to grasp the context and select the most appropriate words, tone, and style makes it unparalleled among other Jasper AI alternatives that offer a rewrite function.


    • Wordtune is the best option for you, whether you are searching for a specific word or needing a complete rewrite. You will experience unprecedented precision and command.
    • You can use it to rewrite anything from a single sentence to an entire article. 
    • Altering the length of a sentence does not have a significant effect on its meaning. 
    • Working with premade design templates or writing microcopy is a big help.
    • When using Wordtune, you don’t have to worry about running out of credits because the service provides unlimited document credits.
    • Many other programs, including Grammarly, Frase, Gmail, and many more, are compatible with the Wordtune Chrome extension.

    5. Shortly AI

    Another popular Jasper AI alternative is Shortly AI, in addition to Jasper. When writers run out of words, Shortly helps them by suggesting alternative phrases so they can continue writing in their preferred tone and voice. You can use Shortly’s AI writing tool to generate engaging and result-driven content, whether you’re writing a blog post or landing pages for your website.


    • The tool allows you to lengthen, change, or shorten your text as you see fit.
    • Artificial intelligence helps you come up with ideas and write better essays.

    More Jasper AI Alternatives Worth Considering

    Although we have already discussed the top 5 alternatives to Jasper AI and why should you consider them, let’s consider a few more options.

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    6. Copy AI

    Copy AI is another great alternative to Japer AI. It has one of the best interfaces, builds on GPT-3, and provides a pleasant workflow. If you struggle with getting started writing and you’re searching for a copywriting tool that can help you get going, Copy AI is the best choice for you. It offers an extensive library of premade templates and a user-friendly interface.

    7. applies GPT-3 technology to generate any content. Well-known companies like DREAM11, Spotify, and CRED use this tool. This system is well-suited for articles that are several thousand words in length, such as blogs, emails, landing pages, and rewriting existing content.

    8. ClickUp AI

    ClickUp AI enables you to spend less time on repetitive tasks and allocate more time to the things that truly matter to you. You can ask the tool for help instead of spending hours thinking of a clever subject line for an email or a catchy slogan for an upcoming event. ClickUp AI enables you to enhance the already fantastic features of ClickUp. Rewrite your internal documents using the software to make them clearer, or rewrite your client reports to make them more interesting to read.

    9. Writesonic

    Writesonic is a web-based software designed to create promotional content such as articles and product descriptions. Users can generate SEO-friendly content in any language and format quickly and easily. Writesonic’s AI-powered features include automated text creation from pre-made templates and word/phrase suggestions based on user input. The program also includes a rich text editor and can integrate with other document creation programs through plugins, such as Microsoft Word, Dropbox Paper, and Zoho Docs. 

    10. Notion AI

    Notion AI, an AI content generation tool, can be a powerful alternative to Jasper AI. The Notion AI program streamlines the process of producing and distributing content and other business operations. It facilitates content optimization in workplace communication, creativity, and more by summarizing notes, generating action items from notes, highlighting key takeaways, and more.

    Notion AI has no learning curve thanks to its intuitive interface and straightforward drag-and-drop editor. Integrating Notion AI with your other apps can keep your files, notes, and projects in one place.

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    Wrap Up

    Many people can find suitable Jasper AI-free alternatives; choosing the right one depends on personal preference. While some prefer taking a backseat in the creative process, others enjoy getting their hands dirty. Some people excel at writing SEO content, while others prefer marketing copy without SEO techniques. We have covered the top Jasper alternatives.


    Which is the best AI-powered content creation service?

    The best AI writing tools include Frase AI, Narrato, Writer, Wordtune, and many more.

    Is Jasper AI worth it?

    Jasper can be invaluable in ideation, outlining, and full-fledged article writing. Its ability to generate long-form content can benefit writers working on in-depth articles or reports.

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