Top 10 3D Virtual Event Platforms – October, 2023


    Experience the future of immersive 3D virtual events with these cutting-edge platforms. Explore captivating 3D virtual tours and discover competitive pricing options for your next event. Transform your gatherings into unforgettable experiences with state-of-the-art 3D virtual event platforms.

    If you are looking to host and attend epic events like never before, virtual event platforms are the way to go. With these platforms, you can create unforgettable experiences that break down barriers and unite people from all corners of the globe. 

    Those platforms have their qualities, so some are perfect for training and team-building, while others excel at branding and customization. It’s on you to find which one suits your needs. But, With so many options, how do you choose the best one for your business or use case?

    To help you out, we have gathered a list of the top 10 3D virtual event platforms so that you can make an informed decision. So, let’s get you started!

    Top 10 List of virtual event platforms


    Price- 1200 USD to 11,900 USD.

    Use Cases- Best to host multiple in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. 

    Go beyond with InEvent! It is a powerful virtual event management software supporting multiple use cases. Once you have used it, you might not switch to any other platform. It’s not a direct 3D platform, but you can add 3D environments to the InEvent platform using embedded links and iframes from 3D platforms. 

    It lets you add events inside sessions or in the main Virtual Lobby.

    Other than this, the comprehensive platform offers a suite of features that can help you go beyond virtual and host better in-person and hybrid events as well.

    In addition to the standard networking and engagement capabilities like Q&A, chats, gamification, and quizzes you’ll find on other virtual event platforms, InEvent also gives you the power to brand and customize aspects of your event. This means you can tailor your event to your specific needs and make it unique.


    Price- Prices are different for the event that you are having. Also, there is no specific price; you will get the quote based on your budget.  

    Use Cases-   Virtual conference, product launch, virtual breakout, virtual exhibition, virtual career fair, and more.

    MootUp is an accessible 3D virtual and hybrid event platform that promotes knowledge sharing. With its immersion, where 3D avatars can interact with each other, this platform is a way to go for interactive and immersive event management.

    It lets you customize each virtual session to provide the best possible experience for attendees. However, its features are not coming to an end yet. It goes one step beyond and allows you to create a seamless integration between 10,000+ simultaneous users across all devices, including all major VR/AR headsets.

    Everything you do on this platform is protected with enterprise-level data privacy and security, so you only need to take care of the events. The platform will do the rest for you. So, if this is something that you are looking for, go ahead.


    Price- To know the price, please contact the Inverse sales team. 

    Use Cases– Inverse is best fitted for large-scale events such as product showcasing, award ceremonies, conferences, and trade shows in the metaverse. 

    Formerly known as Gamerjibe, Inverse is an innovative and cutting-edge virtual event platform. It specializes in hosting conferences and networking events in a 3D virtual space for hosts and guests. 

    One key feature that sets Inverse apart from other virtual event platforms is its customizable avatars and virtual destinations, which allow hosts to add a personal touch to their branded assets, such as logos, graphics, and 3D models.

    This feature also enables the integration of NFTs into the metaverse, showcasing brands uniquely and excitingly. In addition, Inverse offers a wide variety of social activities and environments such as fishing, theater, or exhibitions that enable networking and serve as icebreaker activities where people like you can connect. 

    Another advantage of Inverse is its advanced analytics, which you can use to optimize future events.Overall, With its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and advanced analytics, Inverse is an excellent choice for hosts looking to create engaging and interactive virtual events that leave an everlasting impression on attendees.

    Eve Virtual

    Price- $ 1,000 to $ 14,999

     Use Cases- Virtual events & exhibitions, virtual conferences, virtual retail shops, virtual education and more

    Eve Virtual is a multifaceted virtual event platform offering many features beyond just virtual event hosting. The platform offers extensive knowledge, innovation, and bespoke customization.

    On top of that, it makes up for an excellent choice for hosting in-person events, exhibitions, meetings, trade shows, or conferences in a virtual setting. One of the platform’s biggest strengths is its ability to provide customization options and 3D venues. To start your virtual event, select a template, and you are good to go. 

    Eve Virtual has dedicated itself to devising customizable 3D environments and easy-to-use navigation tools that leave a lasting impression on attendees and exhibitors alike. With this platform, you can expect a seamlessly tailored and immersive virtual event experience.


    Price- You need to contact its team to know about the pricing. 

    Use cases- Virtual job fairs, trade exhibits, seminars, and conferences.

    The virtual environment is at the core of vFairs, which takes priority over the virtual event itself. With a 3D lobby, you can direct event members to various areas of the event and navigate virtual venues just as they would in real life. 

    This makes it easier for attendees to connect with the right people and make the event successful. Another key feature that you don’t want to miss about this platform is its directory. The directory helps event attendees navigate to virtual venues such as exhibit halls, auditoriums, and networking rooms. 

    Furthermore, its leaderboards encourage attendees to participate in activities and earn rewards. Customizable registration forms and booth templates allow you to add any data-input field you need. Lastly, you can use an analytics dashboard to collect metrics such as event registrations and turnout. Overall the platform is good! 


    Price- No price is listed on the website, so you may talk to the Airmeet team to know the prices of plans like Premium Webinars, Virtual Events, and All in Suite.

    Use cases- Webinars and virtual events. 

    Suppose you want to say goodbye to the boring webinars that provide very little value, check out Airmeet. It lets you host premium webinars and online events that grow revenue and customer loyalty.

    This innovative 3D virtual event platform is designed to deliver visually stunning and highly immersive virtual events that produce meaningful outcomes. Given that attendees will be spending a significant amount of time on the platform, it is crucial to recreate the same experience they would have at an on-site event to make it truly memorable.

    Airmeet enables you to create a fully customizable interface with eye-catching 3D lobby designs and virtual exhibitor booths. One of the platform’s most notable features is its push notifications, which can be personalized to increase engagement and encourage participation. With Airmeet, hosting a successful virtual event has never been easier.


    Price- You must contact the sales team for the price of Starter, Business, and Pro Plans. 

    Use cases- Suitable for all the events happening in small to large businesses. 

    This platform is a one-stop destination for all small and large businesses. Whether you want to make virtual conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, and meetings, Hexafair’s 3D virtual event venue will make sure to help you stand out.

    From designing impressive 3D exhibitor booths to a dynamic auditorium and lobby, Hexafair outperforms the rest. Their highly adaptable platform integrates leading software tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SalesForce CRM, and Hubspot CRM.

    This virtual event platform is flexible and scalable, allowing for seamless live and on-demand events. What’s more? They can also help you increase attendance with outstanding event websites and corporate-branded emails.

    XTend Live

    Price- To know the price, you need to contact the XTend Live team. 

    Use Cases- Hybrid and virtual events.

    XTend Live is another 3D virtual platform offering you many features to ensure you and your attendees enjoy every moment of the virtual event. The best part about this platform is that you need no apps, no downloads. With a custom URL, You can access it on standard desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. 

    It offers a broad range of options to help elevate your brand to new heights. With its adaptable templates and customizable designs, the possibilities are endless. You have the freedom to add various functionalities to create immersive experiences for your audience.

    So, you can surprise and delight your audience with unique experiential moments that will leave a lasting impression. Don’t be afraid to be daring and adventurous in your approach. Let your imagination run wild and dare to dream big with XtendLive.


    Price- Connect with the Dreamcast team to know the prices. 

    Use Cases-Virtual Meetings, Virtual Shows And launches,

    Virtual Fairs, Virtual exhibitions, and more.

    Imagine creating an unforgettable virtual event experience that leaves a lasting impression on your attendees. That’s precisely what Dreamcast aims to achieve with its cutting-edge 3D virtual event platform. 

    Packed with multiple networking and engagement features, Dreamcast elevates your virtual events to the next level. From fully customizable interfaces to dynamic banners, animated lobbies, and impressive GIFs, the level of customization is endless. 

    And the best part? Dreamcast’s virtual booths are designed to resemble actual physical booths, providing an authentic event feel for seamless interaction and lead generation. 

    With this platform, you no more have to deal with static banners and boring backgrounds. It will surely become your one-stop solution for immersive and life-like virtual event experiences.


    Price- Does not listed on the website. 

    Use Cases- Virtual events and hybrid events.

    Last but not least, the Vmeets team is a group of professionals working tirelessly to create a truly immersive 3D virtual experience for its clients. It is one of the best platforms to get started if you haven’t experienced hosting a virtual event before. 

    With the help of powerful tools, you can easily connect with potential buyers, seize sales opportunities, and cultivate long-lasting relationships with your audience. And that’s not all – the platform can even craft custom landing pages for exhibitors, complete with detailed company descriptions and other pertinent details. Get ready to take your virtual events to the next level with Vmeets!

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