Top 10 Metaverse Marketing Agency in the USA


    It’s challenging to sell things in the Metaverse, whether you’re already doing so or hoping to start. Most companies need to be more knowledgeable about providing a customer-focused marketing experience in the Metaverse. The best metaverse marketing firms, however, already know this.

    You will want to experience the booming metaverse marketing industry, so pay close attention to these details.

    My name is Almira Lopez; I act like a CMO and think like a boss. I’m a Metaverse marketing strategist, and this is the best place for you to learn about Metaverse and how to market it all. So if that sounds good to you, you’re excited?

    So, let’s get started!

    Who Makes Use of the Metaverse?

    Numerous users number in the hundreds of millions in the Metaverse right now. Roblox, one of the most popular metaverse platforms, attracts 42 million daily users. Over 45.8 million people watched Travis Scott’s virtual concert.

    Using AR and VR technology is necessary to enter the Metaverse. More and more people are likely to spend time in the Metaverse, with an estimated 1.7 billion mobile augmented reality users worldwide by 2024.

    Most people who use the Metaverse today are members of Gen Z. 67% of Roblox’s 200 million monthly active users are under 16. Spending power among US Generation Z consumers is projected to reach $143 billion by 2030, surpassing that of Millennials and boomers.

    That’s why many companies vied to establish themselves in the online Metaverse as quickly as possible. In retail, brands create applications inside the Metaverse to better appeal to customers. The technology sector is building metaverse platforms where avatars can learn about their products. Facebook (now known as Meta) and Microsoft (through its acquisition of Activision Blizzard) have changed their names and logos to position themselves as frontrunners in the Metaverse.

    More rapidly than we imagine, the Metaverse will become the norm. It’s best to be prepared. 

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    Should You Advertise Your Brand in the Metaverse?

    It has been estimated that by 2024, the metaverse market will be worth $800 billion. During the second quarter of 2020 alone, Roblox users spent an astounding $319 million on virtual currency. Companies like Nike, Gucci, Hyundai, and Coca-Cola have developed apps, NFTs, and metaverse experiences to promote their products and bring in more money.

    Though it’s early days for the Metaverse, it’s already becoming the next best place for brands to be seen and heard.

    Metaverse Marketing Stats

    Key metaverse advertising figures to keep in mind as major corporations like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Roblox embrace metaverse marketing:

    • At a compound annual growth rate of 13.1%, the market for advertising in the Metaverse is forecast to soar to $783.3 billion by 2024.
    • By 2026, it’s predicted that one-quarter of the global population will spend at least one hour daily in virtual reality.
    • Thirty percent of businesses, according to forecasts, will be making sales in the Metaverse by 2026.
    • Currently, 33% of adults are considering purchasing the Metaverse.
    • By 2025, the gaming industry’s Metaverse will have grown to be a $400 billion market.
    • The fashion industry is projected to expand by $6.6 billion over the next four years, expanding at a CAGR of 36.47%.

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    Top 10 Metaverse Marketing Agency in the USA

    1. Metaverse of Things

    Businesses in the Metaverse can turn to the Metaverse of Things for help with planning, development, management, promotion, and monetization. It takes advantage of Web3 by letting users simultaneously interact with others online and in real life, allowing them to shop, meet new people, and make their products.

    It is claimed that they can bring in fresh customers worldwide, increase sales for existing businesses, and even increase foot traffic in online shops. There is no cookie-cutter advertising plan available for crypto companies. In its place, they’ll collaborate with you to create promotional strategies for the Metaverse that are unique to your business and target audience.

    2. Publicis.Poke

    Publicis.Poke is a frontrunner among metaverse marketing firms, having developed numerous successful campaigns for clients worldwide. The group has an insatiable appetite for metaverse exploration and is eager to assist customers in probing its many facets.

    3. Rumfoords

    Rumfoords is an established digital marketing firm with a focus on the Metaverse. They plan to dominate Metaverse by providing effective strategic and creative advice. Brand promotion in cryptography, NFTs, and blockchain technology is another area of expertise for the company. They help startups create digital products that can earn money as a group.

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    4. Ninja Promo

    Ninja Promo is among the most successful metaverse advertising agencies in the United States. They helped brands make more meaningful connections with customers online when they launched in 2017. Their expertise is in developing cutting-edge methods of advertising that lead to quantifiable, sustained expansion.

    Its strategic services can help your business reach new heights, including website creation, branding, content, email marketing, and full-stack blockchain development. With the help of this seasoned metaverse advertising agency, you can establish your brand as an industry thought leader. When you use Ninja Promo, you can engage and immerse your audience in previously impossible ways thanks to our use of cutting-edge technology.

    5. Metavision

    In this highly competitive field, Metavision stands out as one of the best advertising agencies for Metaverse. They focus on helping entertainment companies enhance their presence and approach within online games.

    Everyone on the team will be waiting for you once you enter the Metaverse. They’re capable of creating branded in-game worlds, experiences, and strategies. The company is a leader in the digital arts industry and will assist you in developing the best NFTs for your company. Their primary fields of expertise are in the administration of crypto artists, crypto consulting, the manufacture of collectible items, and the creation of Metaverses.

    6. Takeaway Reality

    Takeaway Reality offers cutting-edge, original metaverse advertising methods to all its customers. Takeaway Reality’s expert Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) components and metaverse marketing will bring your customers into your world. This metaverse advertising firm is built on innovative technological solutions and strategic thought leadership. Takeaway Reality offers ongoing development, education, and marketing services to help you learn about and implement effective metaverse marketing strategies for your business.

    7. Bemersive

    When defining, developing, and delivering audience-centric content and digital products, Metaservices is a brand’s best friend in the Metaverse. Bemersive can help you build an NFT collection as the cornerstone of your Metaverse and develop a marketing strategy to promote it, all within your budget and objectives. Any NFT (photos, movies, structures, furniture, characters, etc.) can be made. However, with the aid of this agency, your entire strategy will address audience needs and fill in market gaps.

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    8. Lunar Strategy

    The Lunar Strategy team has extensive experience in the metaverse, crypto, NFT, and blockchain industries, making them the ideal marketing agency for your business. Lunar Strategy will generate and spread social content to bolster your metaverse advertising campaign. Further, Lunar Strategy will assist you in developing a devoted online community and attract an ever-increasing number of members, aiming to increase customer retention and loyalty. To get you started on the right foot, Lunar Strategy will conduct comprehensive audience research to ensure precise targeting and create a comprehensive plan for promoting your business in the Metaverse.

    9. LookinLA

    LookinLA is an all-inclusive Los Angeles-based digital marketing firm. With a focus on data, the firm manages the entire marketing process across all sectors. For that reason, LookinLA puts a premium on state-of-the-art technology. Research and discovery are at the heart of its data-driven marketing strategy, which aims to monitor the customer’s progress throughout their experience and establish key performance indicators.

    This year, LookinLA decided to bring its knowledge of digital marketing into the virtual world by founding LookinMETA. The company offers various services, including the creation, listing, and sale of business NFTs and the implementation of an online marketing plan.

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    10. CryptoPR

    Established in 2013, CryptoPR is the UK’s premier crypto and metaverse marketing agency. In addition to public relations, they provide various other crypto marketing services, such as featured listings on tables, advertisements in telegram crypto investor channels, interviews, and cross-promotional elements on other websites.

    This human-run PR firm provides unique, adaptable, and curated content tailored to your company’s needs in exchange for guaranteed placement on major crypto news sites and brands.


    You must learn how to market in the Metaverse to make much money off selling digital products. You can create and market NFTs that customers will buy, reach a wider audience, and provide a more convincing demonstration of your products by partnering with one of the best metaverse marketing firms.

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