Top 10 Metaverse Startups in India & USA


    The Metaverse is an expansive and ever-evolving world of virtual experiences. With its emergence, new startups have been created to explore the possibilities and opportunities of this new digital frontier. From augmented reality to virtual reality, these metaverse startups are pushing the boundaries of technology and creating incredible new experiences for users. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at 10 of the most innovative metaverse startups in the world today.

    Metaverse Startup Companies in India

    1. Imaginate
    2. GrayMeta
    3. Kaliartech
    4. Kreeti
    5. Trizbort

    Metaverse Startup in the United States

    1. Roblox
    2. Epic Games (Fortnite)
    3. Decentraland
    4. The Sandbox
    5. Somnium Space
    6. IMVU
    7. Cerulus Labs
    8. Unity Technologies

    1. NextMeet

    NextMeet is a metaverse startup created in India. It offers virtual meetings, events, and conferences. It is designed to replicate the physical experience of an in-person event while providing the convenience of an online platform.

    With NextMeet, users can create virtual worlds to host events, meetings, workshops, and more. It also allows users to customize their avatars to represent themselves, giving each individual a unique digital identity. 

    Additionally, with NextMeet’s advanced technology, Avatars can communicate and interact with one another seamlessly. The platform is great for hosting virtual conferences, meetings, conventions, and more. And the best part, you can do it all with the click of a button. Regarding Metaverse Startups in the USA, NextMeet is definitely at the top of the list.

    2. MetaMundo

    MetaMundo is one of the most prominent metaverse startups in the world. The company has developed a platform that allows users to build and explore virtual worlds. Through its robust software tools, MetaMundo enables creators to create immersive 3D experiences for gaming and non-gaming applications. 

    It allows architects and 3D artists to mint, sell, and license 3D Model NFT collectibles in one place.

    MetaMundo has become a popular platform for all 3D collectibles. It is one of the kinds of platforms that every NFT artist should visit. It has been featured in several major publications, such as Forbes and TechCrunch, and continues to innovate in this field. It is continuing to expand its presence in the United States, India, and China and is helping to shape the future of the Metaverse.

    3. GuildFi

    GuildFi is a metaverse startup and play and earn platform. Its mission is to augment your gaming experience. GuildFi is the Web3 infrastructure that connects games, NFTs, and communities to maximize player utility and enable interoperability in the Metaverse. The project solves discovery and access problems for players while increasing their performance and maximizing their rewards. 

    GuildFi has also expanded to India, with its promise to bring an ecosystem of many features to bring the best value to game players and investors in the Play-to-Earn market. With its presence worldwide, GuildFi is well-positioned to support the growing demand for virtual worlds and content.

    4. SuperSocial

    Supper Social operates a cutting-edge studio and a next-generation agency that helps develop, produce, and publish world-class games. It brings immersive experiences and brand worlds on Roblox, Web3, and other emerging platforms. Supper social creates and empowers digital communities to play, explore, socialize, and let them meaningfully express themselves in the next era of the internet. 

    It is one of the few Metaverse Startups in the USA to combine deep Roblox expertise with AAA experience and creative storytellers who design cutting-edge authentic experiences together.

    5. PolkaWar

    Yet another popular Metaverse startup, Polkawar, is a blockchain-based NFT gaming platform and marketplace. This startup can interest gamers as it is an NFT-based decentralized fighting game. Anyone who wishes to play the game can create and build their one character to have fun and earn profits in the game. 

    The game offers its players two arenas, individual and team. The game has a mission set and rewards on every level of your system to make it more engaging. Further, PolkaWar also includes an NFT marketplace. Players can use this marketplace to sell their items, weapons, and upgraded equipment for crypto. 

    If you wonder where this idea of this game and startup has come from, it is inspired by the recent crypto NFT and gaming narratives. PolkaWar aims to combine and synergize NFTs and games to build an attractive platform.

    6. Ikonz

    If you are willing to fall in love with the Suppandi NFT MINT, this is the next startup you need to check out. This startup is one of the most exciting startups on this list. Ikonz is a platform where you can bring your character to life and explore a new environment with IKONZ Studios. 

    With this platform, you can manage and monetize your digital experience, 

    Ikonz helps IP owners, artists, and other established icons to manage their digital assets. It has proved it is one of the best Metaverse startup companies in India to bring your Indian IP characters into the Metaverse. 

    7. Bolly Heroes

    If you want to see your favorite Bollywood personalities incarnated in the NFTs, this is a startup you should check out. The startup has a grand vision to create a parallel Bollywood metaverse for everyone. Here on the platform, users can create NFTs after collaborating with production houses, brands, and famous personalities. 

    The platform offers NFT users three primary NFTs: Legend, Hero, and Celeb. Using these NFTs, you can access various benefits of the platforms and even generate revenue. Without a doubt, it’s a one-of-a-kind project. Many celebs have already started to support the startup, so it’s not too far when this startup will emerge as one of the biggest business ventures in India. After it is unique, the world has seen nothing like it before.  

    8. OneRare

    Another startup from the Indian region, OneRare, has recently gained popularity because of the uniqueness of the idea running behind it. Indians are known to be foody, and this startup has taken this food love to the next level by bringing it into the Metaverse. Food NFT! This term is as existing as it seems. The startup is still in its pre-revenue range but has gathered a community of 3M people on social media platforms. 

    Four areas make up OneneRare’s Gaming Zone: the Farm, Farmer’s Market, Kitchen, and Playground. Users can select from six themed pools at the Farm, stake their tokens, and receive rewards from “ingredient NFTs” like onion, tomato, and lettuce. Now, these NFTs can either be used to prepare a dish in the kitchen or sold at the farmer’s market. One can sell goods to customers or purchase any ingredients for a dish at the farmer’s market. Additionally, once a player enters the kitchen, ingredients are taken away and replaced by the Dish NFT, which the player can then use to play games and contests.

    9. LOKA

    Yet another Metaverse startups in India, Loka is a Metaverse multiplayer game. It is one of the first few metaverse platforms in India. It is an exciting platform, one user enters it as an Avatar of their choice, and they can freely explore the area just like any other metaverse. But one special thing about this Metaverse is that it gives users access to apps like Amazon and Nykaa, which is pretty amazing. Imagine yourself walking through the Metaverse while also shopping on amazon as an Avatar can meet new people while wandering the Metaverse.

    LOKA is currently attempting to produce a gamified 3D representation of actual locations and cities like Manhattan in New York, Connaught Place in Delhi, and Oxford Street in London. Third-party apps like Netflix, Amazon, Deliveroo, and others enable concurrent and real-time experiences in which real people can participate. Also, the platform concentrates on recreating the atmosphere, heritage, and feel of a location or city by incorporating contextually relevant and culturally relatable elements. 

    10. Zippy

    ZippyFintess is currently building a metaverse for runners around the world. The startup aims to provide a platform where runners can connect with other runners around the world from the comfort of their homes while running in an on-demand, safe, immersive, and enjoyable environment that combines game technology and deep technology principles.

    Zippy is utilizing Metaverse to provide consumers with a free mindset to innovate, running as a category that can truly transform people’s lives. According to the founder, the sole goal of the startup focuses on boosting people’s physical and mental health by encouraging them to adopt fitness routines that hold them accountable and foster a sense of community. 

    The fitness and wellness sector has been booming for some time, with well-known companies like Fittr and Cult. Fitness is dominating the market. But Zippy has set out to change the course of this market with its unique approach, which also makes it an honorable mention in the names of metaverse startups. 

    Wrapping Up!

    Metaverse is in its nascent stages, and it’s unclear how much of a market will develop for these companies. Still, it seems likely that many of the metaverse startups on this list will provide more immersive, interactive experiences for gamers and consumers. 

    It’s only a matter of time before metaverses become mainstream and we spend more time fully immersed in virtual environments. The technologies required to build the Metaverse have gained popularity. Metaverse technology is already being used quite extensively, and the use of tech wouldn’t be as difficult. 

    The companies making money from Metaverse in the next couple of years will end up providing a service for people who can’t create it for themselves. In the meantime, we can explore the exciting virtual spaces that innovative new startups have created across the globe!

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